Webmail Notifier: App to have control of your mail accounts

…lot of resources of our PC. The answer is a Mozilla addon. This addon is called Webmail Notifier and you can download the lattest version from this link:  Webmail Notifier Web MailNotifier is very easy to download and install, exactly the same way as you do when you install a Mozilla plug in. To set up each account you go to ¨Accounts¨. There you select client (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or a Pop3 service, hmong others). You enter the user…

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Convert 3GP files in AVI on Windows

…wever, they can´t be shown on many devices so sometimes you must convert them to another format like AVI. Pazera Free 3GP to AVI is a free video converter for Windows. You can also convert to MPEG format and the program doesn´t need to be installed on the system and it can be run from an USB memory. It allows users to setup many parameters that include for example video resolution, audio codecs, volume, and frames per second. Videos can be added…

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Dexclock: Virtual Clock and wallpapers for Windows

Dexclock is an apk designed for Windows which customs your desktop adding a virtual clock and wallpapers. You have 4 virtual clocks and an elegant design of wallpaper. Also there´s an option that lets you download more wallpapers from the official website. The main concept of Dexclock combines a virtual clock on the desktop with wallpapers. Once you start Dexclock, an icon is placed on the inbox of the system. You can enter to main functions by…

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Ultraedit. Text editor for Windows

Ultraedit is one of the most popular text editor for Windows. You can pick the theme you want and then you can also change this option from a View flange with tool bars that incluye original editor design. Main interface of the app gives access to key functions, however users can create their own command secuencies to run another app function. Users can also view the results online. You can write HTML code and then see the results of work on th…

Pixlr Express image editor

Pixlr Express is the best choice you can find to edit images. This app is developed by AutoDesk who also made Autocad, Sketchbook and many other suites and apps that you can find on the design world for pc´s and smartphones. Pixlr Express has many features and changes you can add to a photo. More than 600 filters are included. Effects and edition choices are also added so you can change a photo and modifty light effects, contrast, colours, line…

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5 tools to remove malware on Windows

Malware is a kina of virus designed with the intention of ssteal personal data or financial ones. It is commonly used to hijack the pc and ask for money amounts in exchange of not removing stored message and return control of it. Safe measures are always needed and therefore we show you 5 tools to remove malware from Windows: Spybot Search&Destroy: This is one of the best known softs anti malware on the web site. The program includes a bot…

Download 8Stack Launcher for Windows 8

Apks launchers are excelent Choice to access to common programes and files. On Windows 8 these Tools are very useful especially for user´s interface. 8Stack shows as a modern lancer of apks on Windows 8 using system interface. It is very important to mention that this apk has no many custom options, Truth is that only incorporates a defined group of programs like CCleaner, Firefox, PhotoShop and many others. One of the most important advantages…

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Download SilverLight 5

New version of SilverLight 5 is available to download from your PC. New features of Silverlight 5 are:  · New capabilities such as video hardware deco · Better quality improved image · New Trickplay function to correct audio differences on HD video playing · Better XAML for interrupting points · Data templates for GPU compatible with XNA 3D · Low beats on sound effects · Multiscree…

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Windows 8.1 available on preview

…hange your backscreen image just with a click.  Microsoft has left available a Windows 8.1 preview and you can download it for free from the web so any person has the chance to bring it to the PC and test new functions and features. This update can be considered as a new restart for Windows 8 OS, especially for those unsatisfied users. This update is also a way to encourage and make easier the migration from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Remember tha…

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Radio+ Listen to Free Radio on Windows 8

Podcast are apps which let you listen to radio on Internet, but they are not popular for many users because they enjoy listening to radio while working on the PC. In that sense, Radio+ is a Windows 8 app that gives you access to a huge number of radio stations to listen to them on line. One of the most important pros is that you can add your own stations, which means that you can have a customed Collection of radios  can listen to your favorite…

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File Managers for Windows Phone

…nt features is the chance to setup files and folders on the start screen with no need to browse them. App can be downloaded for free and there´s also a Pro version of U$S 190 with extra features.   Aerize Explorer: This is also a file manager for windows phone which let manage folders and files very easy. It is the first file manager for windows phone that lets you read and write on storage cards which means that users can move files and folder…

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Top 5. Programs to recover Windows files

Many times you can lose files of your hard drive. You must know that when you delete files from trashbox, it is possible to recover them using special tools designed for this task. The main thing to consider is the time you let pass since you deleted the file. Here are 5 programs to recover Windows files: Recuva: Most popular soft of this kind. You can recover different format files like text, images, videos, files, and also files stored and d…

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