Bluetooth File Transfer for Windows

Bluetooth File Transfer for Windows is an app that works as a file manager transfered via Bluetooth allowing the user to do many operations like download, upload files, web and create files and folders, etc. All very easy and online. To use this app it is necessary that your Windows pc has bluetooth tech, otherwise it won´t be possible to benefit with those features. Bluetooth File Transfer offers an interface similar to Windows Explo…

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About Windows Live People

One of MSN Network services is Windows Live People which allows you to manage contacts from your Hotmail account. You can Group them and see who has invited you  among many other options. Windows Live People is a Windows service that works as a contact platform or a block of notes based on people. Windows Live People is the result of joining Hotmail contacts with MSN Live Messenger and other Microsoft and Windows services like Outlook Expres…

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Microsoft explains what happened with MSN last week

Microsoft explains what happened with MSN service last week when hotmail, SkyDrive, Office 365 and other Live services fell down. Microsoft details what happened and the reasons of the service interruption last 8th September. ¨A tool that helps to establish the web traffic was upgrading and in the middle of the process it fell down of the system and started to work wrong¨. These were the statements of Arthur De Haan, Tests Chief of Win…

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Bit Torrent Sync 1.3 for Windows Phone 8

Bit Torrent is a platform to share files via web. It is also a pc app for users who sync files via remote so they can enter to them from mobile devices. Recently, developer of this soft has launched a Bit Torrent Sync version for Windows Phone 8. Bit Torrent let users to sync files with the pc with no need to connect to a storage server on the cloud. Users also can make backups of all storaged images on the phone camera and transfer them to the…

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Download SkyDrive Apps on

SkyDrive is upgrading constantly with Microsoft Cloud SkyDrive is the competition of Google Drive. To enter to this service you just need to have an account which is the same account with access to the storage service on the left upper side of your inbox webmail. SkyDrive has renewed with an interface that syncs many devices. Here are some downloads for different systems:  Skydrive  for Windows Desk SkyDrive for Mac Sky…

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Sanebox app. Improve productivity of Outlook Mail

Outlook mail is an electronic messenger client very productive. However, many messages options are limited. Although they can be improved with additional tools to make filters better when it´s time to clasify messages. Sanebox is a web app focused on improve the clasification of your messages on Outlook mail creating parameters of them so you can reorganize automatically on your inbox mail. Sanebox service offers support with many messenger cli…

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5DFly Photo Design. Edit images on Windows

5DFly Photo Design is a free apk that allows you to edit images on Windows. It´s an editor soft of photos that also offers the chance of creating collages, albums and photo calendars. You can also make congratulation cards, invitations and any other event you have. 5DFly Photo Design has many templates that can be used to create and custom your photos. Users can also create their own templates and also brings support for images skins and prog…

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How to use many Skype accounts at the same time

Skype official version allow us to connect with many accounts of Skype at the same time. Here are the steps: You might have many Skype accounts for different uses like job, friends, family, studies, friends, etc. Go to SkyMI which is an apk like A-Patch or similar. This apk allow us to connect with many Windows Live Messenger accounts at the same time. It´s an apk with a very intuitive interface and easy to use. It works under OS Windows. Wi…

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Steganography for Windows. Hide files on images

Steganograpy is a free apk available for Windows which allows users to hide important files on images so nobody suspects that there´s more than a simple photo. One of the most important features of the apk is that you can also hide files on formats ZIP and RAR. User´s interface of apk is quite simple. Two sides for creation of a new file and open hidden ones. First thing you must do is create a JPEG image and then select the file you wish to hi…

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Beats Music Apk for Windows Phone

…ic apk allow users to listen to a musical library that include more than 20 millions of streaming songs. You can download them and play with no need of a connection. Beats Music lets users to explore and discover new music just by entering a couple of words or a phrase. Beats Music for Windows Phone include play lists and also albums. You can share them with your friends at Facebook, Twitter or on the same apk. The service is free charge for e…

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ImBatch: Rename images at once

ImBatch is a process apk of images available on free download for OS windows. User´s interface allows to rename many pages at once. Also the apk offers options to convert, rotate and change images size by one operation. Apk offers support for many images formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TIFF, TGA, etc and also many plugins have been included so admited formats can be added. In fact, soft develper says that when all the plugins are i…

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