8 steps to Avoid Password steal on Outlook.com

It is probably you have changed your old hotmail account to the new Outlook.com Microsoft´s mail service. If you have done that, remember to change your Outlook.com password very often in order to keep your Outlook.com account safe. You can program the duration of your Outlook.com password: Here are 8 steps to avoid password steal on Outlook.com: Sign in Outlook.com. Enter to www.outlook.com Click on the gear icon Click on ¨More setup m…

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Outlook.com reaches over 60 million users

…ampaigns have been launched. According to these numbers, Microsoft says that Outlook.com is even better than old Hotmail. Also remember that transition process is available. If you are a Hotmail user and want to start using Outlook.com, you can select the option ¨Change to Outlook.com¨,  with no need to create a new address or a new contact list. Enjoy Outlook.com. We´ll be in touch with lattest Outlook.com news. Incoming search term…

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Hotmail and Outlook.com Differences

New Outlook.com was launched to the market .Many differences between Outlook.com and Hotmail can be told. Here are the most important we could test during this lapse of time Outlook.com is available: Hotmail and Outlook.com are different products. In fact Microsoft put all the effort to make this difference. The tech is the keyword. The speed and simplicity of functions are probably what makes Outlook.com a very competitive product with gmail a…

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Microsoft Calendar updates on Outlook.com

…one of the most interesting features was the new user´s interface for Outlook.com mail. The calendar hasn´t been updated till now and you still couldn´t remove Hotmail theme. However, Microsoft updated the Calendar for Outlook.com, which means that user´s information is placed on the center and visual notes are shown on second place. As it happened with updating  Hotmail to Outlook.com, new Outlook.com calendar has many colours and a minimalist…

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Get Back to Hotmail from Outlook.com

…m is on the market and users can test it in order to keep a new mail service from Microsoft or continue with old Hotmail. We suggest to create a new Outlook.com account if you already don´t have one yet or turn from your Hotmail account to an Outlook.com one. However, here we explain how to get back to Hotmail from Outlook.com: Go to the gear icon on your Outlook.com inbox (upper right corner) Click on ¨Back to Hotmail¨ You can also add a comme…

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Outlook Sign In

Outlook Sign In is a tutorial that wants to show you everything about Outlook.com. The new Hotmail now turns into Outlook.com. This is not an automatic change, but on the current year, some improves will be made. If you want to start Outlook.com just follow the guide which is below this page. This is a brief history about Outlook: It starts on 1990 with Office Package. However, it was removed two years later. Since it begun, Outlook was accepte…

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Outlook.com Inbox features

New Outlook.com mail is available since a few months ago. If you haven´t changed yet from your Hotmail account to an Outlook.com one, the process is very simple. Just go to the gear symbol on the top of your Hotmail account and select ¨Change to Outlook.com¨. . You have side and top functions which are located on your screen with the difference of more speed when you click on them. With these functions you will be able to mark mails and do diff…

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How to Update to Outlook.com

On this tutorial are the steps to update to Outlook.com: You can enter to Outlook.com very fast and easy. Just access to Outlook.com and start Hotmail, Live or Msn and enter your password. Automatic Domain change can´t be done. If you wish to make your old @hotmail.com change to an @outlook.com you must program it manual. To do this step go to Options¨/ ¨More mail options setup¨. You can change the name of your address mail. You are able to ch…

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Hotmail Sign In

Here are the steps to Sign into your Hotmail account: First of all you need to enter to www.hotmail.com You have to fill a form and complete with your data   2)    You must create a name for your Hotmail account 3)    After you filled the form, just click on ¨I Agree¨ and that´s all. You have created your own Hotmail account. 4)    Then you can go to Hotmail inbox and check your e-mails, create new ones, delete them and use many Tools th…

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How to Setup an Outlook.com account on Android

…certificates) or SSL (accept all certificates) SMTP server: smtp.live.com Port: 587 Security type: None Ask for sign up: Disabled If you want your mails be erased from Android app, you must tell it to the field ¨ Delete server email¨  so you must open Outlook.com and go to Setup/Manage your account/ POP and deleting downloaded messages. Select ¨Do what the other program requieres: if messages are requiered to be deleted, do it¨ Once you fill in…

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