Access problems for SkyDrive users

At the beginning of the week, many SkyDrive users had problems to access to their accounts. Microsoft´s storing service couldn´t display or modify the content stored on the folders. Not only SkyDrive was affected  but also there was a message that said that users might not be able to watch, load, modify or delete files. The causes were not explained. On August, the company also had the same problems with many of their services (Outloo…

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Microsoft launches Office Online with new interface

Microsoft was planning a new version of OfficeWeb Apps. Now it is oficial, new Office Online will be launched these days. These changes are thought to improve user´s experience . They will be able to find, share and colaborate with docs. Service image is also improved and Office Web Apps appearance will be joined with OneDrive, Calendar, Contacts and Users can open, create or make a new doc using Work, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNot…

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Web Excel apk update

As you know, users have the chance to edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs from web apks that you can find on or SkyDrive. Recently, Microsoft has update Web Excel apk with new features that have been requested by users for a while. Now users can view all the titles of the columns on one page (upper side) all the time, instead of going up or down as usual on previous version. New update also adds a way to manage data which are not o…

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How to order your Contacts List on Hotmail

As long as you are adding new Hotmail contacts, there will be a lot of hotmail addresses added in your Hotmail account, so it might be difficult to find an specific contact as well. What you need to do is to order your Contacts List on Hotmail so the task of finding contacts will be easier. Just start Hotmail session and enter on Hotmail ¨Options¨, click on it and after that on ¨More Options¨. On the right end of the screen you will find th…

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How to share photos on Hotmail

We have seen how to share a link on Hotmail and also how to share a document on Hotmail. Now we are seeing how it is possible to share a Photo on Hotmail using ¨share option of Hotmail¨.  We must click on the box that says share or ¨Include a Message¨. After you started Hotmail session, select ¨Photo¨. A box will be oponed to select a file and you will able to find it on your system. There you can accept changes and share a Photo with MSN co…

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Error message when attaching hotmail files

Antispam system of Hotmail is a useful tool included on Hotmail engine to prevent virus action when attaching Hotmail files. If an error message appears when you are trying to send an attached file, is because you can be a victim of spam action. This case is very common and Hotmail cuts the chain to preserve other´s Hotmail accounts, so you are not able to send attached files from your hotmail account. But sometimes, it is not a virus that stop…

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Enter to MSN Sports

To keep in touch of MSN Sports just enter to and click on ¨Sports¨. You will find this option on the upper side of the menu. Enter to the ¨Sports¨ site and there you will be able to find : Start : Basic news World and Sports Soccer, Basketball, F1, Tennis, Cycling, and other Sports with the lattest news and statistics. Local leagues, International ones and also World Cups of different Sports. Everything detailed and with the l…

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About MSN Travel and Trips

MSN is near people for work rehaznos, parents or those who must be travelling for different parts of the World. For that reason, MSN has a special section dedicated to Trips and Travels. For that reason you must g oto: 1. 2.      click on ¨Travels¨ 3.      You can find ¨links¨ on the upper side of the screen and access to ¨Travels¨ MSN Trips and Travels is divided in 8 sections which are¨ 1.      Start : Like any menu you…

10 steps to Delete a Hotmail Calendar

Here are the steps to delete a Hotmail Calendar. If you have more than one Hotmail Calendar and don´t use many of them, you can select which ones are going to be deleted. Just follow this tutorial to delete a Calendar on Hotmail. Enter your name and password to access to your Hotmail Account Go to ¨Hotmail¨ on the top of your display. Go to ¨Calendar¨ Choose from the Calendars List which is going to be deleted New screen to setup a Calendar is…

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Popular Hotmail Functions

Hotmail has many functions, but three of them are the most popular. Here we show which are they and what do they do. The first place is for Hotmail Filter composed by two parts: An automatic one when you are connected or not on your accounts (Smartscreen works to stop Spam and other enemies) and the other part are the users who create folders and categories to tide their hotmial inbox. Second place is for Office Web Apps which helps you to edit…

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About Microsoft Answers. Hotmail Forum

Microsoft Answers is the official Hotmail site to evacuate your doubts about any Microsoft´s product like Messenger, SkyDrive, etc. With Microsoft Answers any question or information you want to bring up can be published on this Microsoft´s official site for Hotmail users. Hotmail forums are displayed on Microsoft Answers and you can have access to any of them according to the theme or subject you want to be solved. Just enter your problem or d…

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