How to order your Contacts List on Hotmail

As long as you are adding new Hotmail contacts, there will be a lot of hotmail addresses added in your Hotmail account, so it might be difficult to find an specific contact as well. What you need to do is to order your Contacts List on Hotmail so the task of finding contacts will be easier. Just start Hotmail session and enter on Hotmail ¨Options¨, click on it and after that on ¨More Options¨. On the right end of the screen you wi…

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Error message when attaching hotmail files

Antispam system of Hotmail is a useful tool included on Hotmail engine to prevent virus action when attaching Hotmail files. If an error message appears when you are trying to send an attached file, is because you can be a victim of spam action. This case is very common and Hotmail cuts the chain to preserve other´s Hotmail accounts, so you are not able to send attached files from your hotmail account. But sometimes, it is not a virus that stop…

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About MSN Travel and Trips

MSN is near people for work rehaznos, parents or those who must be travelling for different parts of the World. For that reason, MSN has a special section dedicated to Trips and Travels. For that reason you must g oto: 1. 2.      click on ¨Travels¨ 3.      You can find ¨links¨ on the upper side of the screen and access to ¨Travels¨ MSN Trips and Travels is divided in 8 sections which are¨ 1.      Start : Like any menu you…

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Enter to MSN Sports

To keep in touch of MSN Sports just enter to and click on ¨Sports¨. You will find this option on the upper side of the menu. Enter to the ¨Sports¨ site and there you will be able to find : Start : Basic news World and Sports Soccer, Basketball, F1, Tennis, Cycling, and other Sports with the lattest news and statistics. Local leagues, International ones and also World Cups of different Sports. Everything detailed and with the l…

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Hotmail security

If you use Hotmail currently, or changed to, you must keep safe your mail account from hackers and spam. For that reason here are some tips to take a look so you can keep safe your Hotmail account. Follow this hotmail tips to keep safe your Hotmail account: Don´t click on the box ¨remind me my account¨ even if you trying to access to your account from your PC. This is a useful tip specially if your pc is hacked or stolen. Updat…

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Edit work information on Hotmail Profile

You can add work information to your Hotmail profile. This is very useful if you want to be know by web community. Many Hotmail functions allow to add work information to your Profile. You must be very carefull to select from your Hotmail contacts list, who are allowed to watch private data about yourself. Just follow these steps that show how to edit work information on Hotmail Profile: Enter to (Sign in Hotmail with your user na…

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Popular Hotmail Functions

Hotmail has many functions, but three of them are the most popular. Here we show which are they and what do they do. The first place is for Hotmail Filter composed by two parts: An automatic one when you are connected or not on your accounts (Smartscreen works to stop Spam and other enemies) and the other part are the users who create folders and categories to tide their hotmial inbox. Second place is for Office Web Apps which helps you to edit…

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Change Hotmail in English to Spanish

…Live is introduced by default in English, you have the chance to modify this language into the one you are more comfortable speaking. On this case we are focus on change Hotmail in English to Spanish. The reason is very simple, a huge number of latinamerican people live in USA and all over the world, so native language is always searched. To change Hotmail from English to Spanish, follow these steps: Enter to and log in. Complete…

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How to setup Hotmail on PSP

Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) have incorporated Hotmail features to add more social functions to the classic games board. So videogames fans now have the chance to share game experience and messages as well. Here are the steps to setup Hotmail on your PSP:   Enter to Windows Live Hotmail Mobile page:            2.      Complete the form with your personal information            3.      Setup Internet bases on your PSP            …

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How to open Hotmail from my Wii

You can enter to your Hotmail account from your Nintendo Wii. Just follow these simple steps and you can check all your mails with no need to leave your game board. Open the browser  from your Nintendo Wii. You can enter there because the game you are playing always has the chance of access to the MSN page. Select the link to Hotmail ( Enter your personal data: user name and password. Now you are at your Hotmail account from your…

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Skype 5.11 (beta) integrates Facebook and Messenger

…ds ·       You can receive and send messages from contacts ·       Skype 5.11 beta integrates also with Xbox and Hotmail. ·       Users can enter to Skype 5.11 from their Facebook account. ·       New 6 languages are incorporated ·    New Skype 5.11 aspect is introduced with new design and aspect. ·       You can modify your profile photo by selecting previous ones you had already uploaded before. Via: hotmail-correo…