Beats Music Apk for Windows Phone

Beats Music apk is available for Windows Phone users through apks store. Beats Music is a streaming service offered by Beats company, responsable of the creation of the headphones. Apk was launched for Android and iOS last week. Now it is available for Windows Phone. Beats Music apk allow users to listen to a musical library that include more than 20 millions of streaming songs. You can download them and play with no need of a connec…

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New Skype features for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has revealed that a new version of Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 will be launched.  This version includes:          Cortada digital assistant          Chat via phone with Skype contacts          New voice commanders related to Cortada          Update a video conversation           Enter to Skype from start screen or normal desk           Chance to setup task bar           New improves on user´s interface           New window chat New…

Free Morz Image Converter for Windows

…, TIFF, PXM, PCX,TGA, and also PSD Photoshop format as well. Also PDF is included. Free Morz Image Converter for Windows lets users to custom quality images level so they can convert more than one image at the same time. Once you´ve installed Morz Image Converter for Windows , the option ¨Convert images¨ is added to the menu so you just need to right click on it and then select the option you previously have chosen. A new window will be opened wi…

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Disable Messenger History Messages on

Sometimes you want to disable Messenger History Messages on You can disable them just by following this brief tutorial on which we explain the whole process in 5 simple steps. Enter from your browser to Click on the gear icon on the upper right corner next to the name Click on More Mail Setup Options On Managing my account, click on History Messages Click on ¨No, Thanks¨ and then click on ¨Save¨ Remember that conv…

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Anvir Task Manager for Windows

Anvir Task Manager for Windows includes many functions and features to make team operations. All the functions are available from one user´s interface and therefore, you can save time at controlling system process, windows programs, user´s managment, etc. You can even combat virus and malware. It is very important to make sure not to install additional soft added by default. Once you did this, and with Anvir Task Manager installed on your syste…

How to setup on a tablet with Windows 8 (tutorial video)

…new mail replaces old Hotmail. Here´s a tutorial video that shows you how to setup on a tablet with Windows 8. Here you will see how to make correct adjusts in order to setup your tablet and enter to Video setup of on a tablet with Windows 8: Incoming search terms: windows 8 1 share to outlook outlook for windows 8 tablet can you put outlook on windows tablet outlook com setup in outlook 2013 tablet problem…

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Dexclock: Virtual Clock and wallpapers for Windows

Dexclock is an apk designed for Windows which customs your desktop adding a virtual clock and wallpapers. You have 4 virtual clocks and an elegant design of wallpaper. Also there´s an option that lets you download more wallpapers from the official website. The main concept of Dexclock combines a virtual clock on the desktop with wallpapers. Once you start Dexclock, an icon is placed on the inbox of the system. You can enter to main functions by…

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PNotes. Adhesive notes for Windows desk

There´s no doubt for those who use PC, to take notes about any particular information. There are many apps that emule traditional adhesive notes that we use at home and place on the fridge. PNotes is one of those apps and although it is not a notes bloc, it is a useful way to create notes. PNotes is very simple to use. Just create a note and click on the adhesive note icon which is placed on the Windows tasks bar. An adhesive note will appear o…

Zero Install. Using Windows programs with no installing

Many users don´t like to download software or Internet apks, especially because they don´t like installing process. To avoid this, there´s an apk called Zero Install which allows you to use Windows programs with no installing on the system. With Zero Install users can enjoy softwares from the web with no need to be installed . Zero Install stores the soft when it is downloaded for the first time from the web and executes it from the cache memor…

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Download Pocket File Manager for Windows Phone

For your operative system of your cellphone, it is very useful to count on with a file manager to enter and organize your folders and files on the device. In case of Windows Phone users, there´s an interesting app which works really good named Pocket File Manager. As the name says, this is a file manager that let users to do an effective managment of the stored content of their smartphones. Pocket File Manager includes FTP support with active a…

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