PearlMountain. Change images size on Windows

…achieve better results without losing quality, you can your PearlMountain which allows to change images size on Windows. Just doing a few clicks. Main advantage of PearlMountain is that you can change size and rename many images at the same time, which means that you can have all your photos on your wished size. PearlMountain works with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. You just need 5MB to install and RAM of 256 MB. PearlMountain has suppo…

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Twitter app for Windows Phone

Among Skype updates for Android and iOS , Twitter has updated it´s app too. Smartphone´s users with Windows Phone are privileged with this Twitter update which shows new features and adjusts compared to previous versions. Windows Store Apps has this Twitter update which include user´s options to select a dark theme or change the background. You have also the chance to custom notifications which now they are compatible with available users on Wi…

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YouTube Upload for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia phones are designed with Windows Phone as OS. Nokia has been introducing these devices for Lumia designs. YouTube allows users to share videos using the site. What is aweksome and rare is that Google and Microsoft still don´t have an agreement to launch an official apk of Youtube for Windows Phone, meanwhile Nokia decided to launch YouTube for Nokia Lumia phones. Official name for this apk is YouTube Upload, available as free downl…

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Tablet Panasonic ToughPad

Announced on January 2013 new Panasonic Tablet ToughPad with 20´screen and Windows 8 has been presented. According to first reports, Tablet Panasonic ToughPad comes with Windows 8 installed and will be on sale by november 2013. The most important features of Panasonic ToughPad are: Amazing resolution: 3840 x 2560 pixeles. Ratio: 15:10 Digital pen known as Anoto Live Pen designed for better control and precission at writing and drawing on th…

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FlyakiteOSX. Get Mac Interface on Windows

Many Windows users admire Mac interface. Apps offer the chance to modify the interface into a Mac one. FlyakiteOSX makes you get Mac appearance on Windows. FlyakiteOSX is a free app which lets you replace user´s interface for Mac  OS. The installer has the function to automatize the replace process for users who get rounds, visual styles, etc. It also lets you make register adjustments. FlyakiteOSX hasn´t any kind of Spyware or adware, so you c…

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File Managers for Windows Phone

…there´s also a Pro version of U$S 190 with extra features.   Aerize Explorer: This is also a file manager for windows phone which let manage folders and files very easy. It is the first file manager for windows phone that lets you read and write on storage cards which means that users can move files and folder from internal memory of the phone to micro SD card. Pocket Explorer and Aerize are free download and excelent options to manage and…

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WindowBlinds: Custom Windows interface

WindowBlinds is a Windows app which transforms Windows desktop interface from the Start Panel, task bar, control buttons, windows frames and more. Users may also custom interface themes to reach a customed appearance. The program allows multiple selection of themes or included skins on the app or in case enter to the oficial web to download some of the thousand skins currently available. You can also changing the type of letter or adjust transp…

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Remove IT Pro: Delete hidden Windows viruses

…In this case, we can talk about RemoveIT Pro, a protection soft that is in charge of deleting hidden virases on Windows. Remove IT Pro is compatible with Windows XP         up to Windows 8. It can be installed very easy. A user´s interface is displayed with functions and instructions included on the app. Once the searching virus process is done, a list with possible threatens is displayed. Also options to save files are shown. Users can see de…

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Active Hotmail contacts selector

With new Windows Live Hotmail version, you can active contacts info with Hotmail Tools. Hotmail users will be able to decide if they want their contacts addresses to be shown on autocomplete options when they are creating an email. Here´s a tutorial to active Hotmail contacts selector: Enter to Windows Live Hotmail with Windows id and password Once you are on the main page of your account, select ¨Options¨. Then click on ¨More Options¨. Now yo…

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FileMenu Tools. Custom my Windows 8 Main Menu

…use. FileMenu Tools also allows you to add commands, a submenu or move an element. FileMenu Tools lets you sync Windows folders and also rename many files at the same time, just by selecting them. There´s also an option that lets you delete a file or folder with no need to send them to the trash. With FileMenu Tools you can change the folders icon showed on Windows Explorer, at the same time that you have the functions of cut, copy, move, paste,…

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Download Windows Phone Games

Windows Phone appeared by the end of last year on the market and it is evolving. Now users are claiming for more games, with better graphics, more adventures and more resources consume. Electronic Arts and Microsoft have taken the opportunity for these new games generation. Here´s a video that shows you the new Windows Phone games of 2012 Just remember that you can know everything of Hotmail by entering into the oficial web site: www.h…

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