5 tools to custom Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 interface is not the ideal for many users. New changes arrived when Microsoft launched Windows 8, especially with user´s interface. Therefore we want to bring you 10 tools to custom and adjust your Windows 8.1. 1. Windows 8.1 Boot Screen Logo Charger. This app changes the default logo for any image you choose. 2. Start Button Changer. Although Start button has a nice aspect, this app lets you improve the aspect even replacing the…

How to send photos with Hotmail

…s. With hotmail is very easy to send photos. In fact what we do is creating a virtual photo album which can be shared with any contact whenever you want. Photos will be kept forever on your hotmail. Steps to send photos with hotmail: 1. Sign in your hotmail account 2. Click on ¨New¨ 3. Enter your hotmail address 4. Enter the ¨issue¨ 5. Enter the text 6. Click on ¨attached files¨ and then you can select any photo you want. You can also send…

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How to see Hotmail messages in a quick way

…ow these steps: Enter to your hotmail account (user name and password) Click on ¨Hotmail¨. You are resent to Hotmail inbox On the left corner, click on ¨Quick Views¨ Select Messages by categories Now you can see messages for example with photos: click your left mouse button Follow steps 1 to 5 in order to pass all Hotmail categories ¨Quick Views¨ Category named ¨Favorites¨ is also a Hotmail chance to see Hotmail messages in a quick way. Incoming…

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Error message when attaching hotmail files

…ed on Hotmail engine to prevent virus action when attaching Hotmail files. If an error message appears when you are trying to send an attached file, is because you can be a victim of spam action. This case is very common and Hotmail cuts the chain to preserve other´s Hotmail accounts, so you are not able to send attached files from your hotmail account. But sometimes, it is not a virus that stops you to send an attached file on Hotmail. The most…

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Windows Live Hotmail on Movistar

Movistar cellphone users now can operate with every Windows Live APKS from the cellphone. Windows Live has many services and the onliest rule is to have a Hotmail account. You can use Messenger, video chat, Chatting and everything involved with communications one to one or mutliple users to many others. On the other hand, you can manage your Hotmail account looking for new mails that are incoming and also writing and sending new ones as also…

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How to Program Hotmail Calendar

…ding/receiving process of mailing. Appart from the common Hotmail activities, you can also: · Chat on line from your Hotmail inbox · Edit Word files on line from your Hotmail inbox · E mails recognition · E mails managment · Hotmail Calendar Speaking of Hotmail Calendar, we can say that it´s a powerful tool that allows you to: · Edit information · Add new contacts · Schedule activities · Schedule meetings · Schedule your working day To use…

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How to clean Spam Mails on Hotmail

If you are a Hotmail user, it is very common to have Spams everyday. You can clean it daily or use Hotmail tools to make a complete process that includes how to clean spam mails on Hotmail. New Hotmail update shows you this tutorial in order to make your Hotmail Inbox a simple, fast and clear space on which only your income and important messages are located. Follow this tutorial to clean spam Mails on Hotmail: Click on the ¨Clean¨ option on…

10 steps to Import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account

…l, Windows Live, etc. Also it is very common that if you are a Hotmail user you need to import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account. Here are 10 steps import facebook contacts to Hotmail. Follow this tutorial: Access to Hotmail page Write your Windows Live ID or user name and password On your Hotmail inbox, go to ¨Options¨ on the upper right side of the screen On the shown list, select ¨More Options¨ On the category ¨Custom contacts¨ click…

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