Change Hotmail in English to Spanish

Although Windows Live is introduced by default in English, you have the chance to modify this language into the one you are more comfortable speaking. On this case we are focus on change Hotmail in English to Spanish. The reason is very simple, a huge number of latinamerican people live in USA and all over the world, so native language is always searched. To change Hotmail from English to Spanish, follow these steps: Enter to and…

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How to chat from hotmail with facebook friends

For those who have accounts on Hotmail and Facebook, you have the chance to chat from facebook just by starting session on Hotmail. You can learn more if you enter to this site: InsideHotmail, MSN y SkyDrive To chat from hotmail to facebook friends you must follow these steps: Enter to Hotmail account. On windows Live go to ¨Connect your services¨. Click on ¨Facebook¨. Be sure that checkbox ¨Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenge…

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Holiday dates on Hotmail Calendar

Hotmail calendar or Windows Live are useful tools to keep an organized agenda. Using Calendar on the Cloud you can have an organized list of dates and birthdays of your contacts or companies clients. Otherwise calendar offers more sync options with other agendas and also with Windows and Microsoft like Outlook and Outlook Express. You can also add Holiday Dates to Hotmail Calendar considering country and language. You go to Microsoft page and…

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10 steps to manage Hotmail Calendar and Pending Tasks

Hotmail lets you manage Hotmail Calendar and Pending Tasks. This last one can be adjusted by date and priority in order to be warned before the event happens, up to two minutes before. If you wish to use and manage  Hotmail Calendar, follow this tutorial. Here are 10 steps to manage Calendar and Pending tasks Enter to your hotmail account with your name and password On the main page, go to Windows Live logo on the upper left corner A list will…

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Windows to go. Windows 8 runs from a USB device

…This new function is especially designed for proffessionals that need to recover their files in a few seconds. Windows 8 is capable of creating a desk copy and in a couple of minutes you can always take with you your best memories and files. Windows 8 has central functions that are compatible with Hotmail. Via: iniciar sesion hotmail Incoming search terms: delete email account windows 8 1 google calendar windows 8 1 windows 8 1 google calend…

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How to setup Hotmail on PSP

…SP is a device that lets you play any ps game wherever you are and nowadays is introducing social functions like Hotmail so you can also be in touch with your friends and relatives at the same time you are enjoying a game experience. That´s all you need to know about Sony PSP mailing setup. Enjoy it ! Via: Incoming search terms: hotmail contacts set up mac force windows phone 8 1 backup want a hotmail account to sign in psp st…

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Windows Live Hotmail on Movistar

Movistar cellphone users now can operate with every Windows Live APKS from the cellphone. Windows Live has many services and the onliest rule is to have a Hotmail account. You can use Messenger, video chat, Chatting and everything involved with communications one to one or mutliple users to many others. On the other hand, you can manage your Hotmail account looking for new mails that are incoming and also writing and sending new ones as also…

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Windows Live Hotmail Alerts on your cellphone

It´s possible to make from your Hotmail account arrive alerts to your cellphone about new emails you receive on your inbox. Also you can setup this service to receive alerts about incoming mails from certain contacts. To start using this service you should log in Windows Live Mobile. It´s about a free service, however the message send by this cannel might have a charge from cellphone companies of each country. It´s always a good advice to log…

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Windows 7 won´t last more as Windows XP

Although many PC works with OS Windows 7, Microsoft has just revealed that this OS won´t last more as Windows XP. This means that the company will leave the support. Windows XP support will finished next April 2014 after more than 12 years of activity in millions of PC´s. Microsoft launched many campaigns pro new Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is also launched for companies in a high level above Windows 7 and Windows 8. The company made many changes a…

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Microsoft is improving Hotmail service

Microsoft is looking for a change on Hotmail performance. To achieve this aim first of all changed the user´s opinion about Hotmail. How did it happen? Microsoft added new Windows Live Hotmail apps until turning it into the best mail service on for cellphone users or tablets ones. Nowadays, Microsoft has announced a new change for it´s platform of Windows Live. Sooner, Microsoft will leave Myspace support because of the action of Twitter and…

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About Free Hotmail

If you don´t know the advantages of having a Hotmail account we can Lumber them as it follows: 1.      Enter to to create a free Hotmail account 2.      This account allows you to use MSN, one of the free APKS that is offered by Microsoft and let  you talk by chat or voice using videoconference for free. 3.      You can select oter free APKS like Outlook or Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Live Writer for free. 4.    …

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