Xbox Music Update for Windows 8.1

…es for important apks on the system. One of them is Xbox Music apk which recently has received a new update for Windows 8.1. In fact, with this new update, beta version is left behind and new edition now is part of the system. Features included are related to brwsing improves and many user´s interface elements which according to Microsoft will make a better experience for users of this apk. Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 offers a play bar control whi…

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Dell confirms that Windows 8 Apps will run on Xbox One

Previously, Microsoft had announced that apps for Windows 8 could be run on next Xbox One, however, there was nothing else said about features of ways developers would achieve this. Dell seems to confirm that Windows 8 Apps will run on Xbox One. Dell manufacturer also published a list with of features of the station, including an image of Windows 8 system and also a Smartphone with Windows Phone 8 and a Tablet that might be Dell Latitud 10 which…

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Windows Media Player on Windows 8

Although Windows Media Player is included on Windows 8, you can´t find media player on the Start Screen or on the task side bar of the desktop. This means that users must find the app first and then setup it to use. You must follow these steps to setup windows media player: From the Start screen, write ¨wpm¨ and the app icon will be displayed Right click on the icon and select the option to fix it on the task side bar You can also do the steps b…

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Windows 7 won´t last more as Windows XP

…oft launched many campaigns pro new Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is also launched for companies in a high level above Windows 7 and Windows 8. The company made many changes and improves in this new version of Windows OS. What we know is that standard support for Windows 7 will finish next January 13 th 2015 with a probable extended support till 2020 just for corrections and security updates. Microsoft always encourages users to update their OS and don´…

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Installing Windows 7 on a PC with XP

…sions of 64 Bits Graphic device DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 or upper. If your PC with Windows XP is compatible with Windows 7 the soft will start to analyse soft and hardware already installed. If hardware of your pc is compatible with Windows 7 a message will be displayed. Remember that you can update windows xp to windows 7 but apps already installed will need to be restored.   Incoming search terms: Delete Outlook Profile Windows 8 1 changing…

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Windows 8.1 free download

After a long wait and a preview launched by Microsoft a couple of months ago, finally, Windows 8.1 has arrived and users can enter to new tech of this popular version of OS Microsoft. Windows 8,1 is available free download only for those who have used windows 8 which means that new users must find a paid version. On this case, users can enter to the official web and download any of Windows 8,1 updates or Windows 8,1 Pro for 119,99 dollars the fi…

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Happy Retirement for Windows XP

Many times we said that Microsoft will stop offering official support for Windows XP OS on April 2014. However, many users still continue using this OS. For that reason, the company has been announcing several adds to update to Windows 7 and Windows 8. Microsoft shows a retirement for Windows XP and explains some of the reasons why users and companies have to update to Windows 8. Microsoft is looking to take benefits to use this OS even on an US…

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Xbox Music pass available on the Web

…ubscription costs U$s 9,99 per month or you can get an anual subscription for U$s 99. New users have the chance to get a free shareware of 30 days and then you can get the whole package. Xbox Music is another way to listen to music via streaming like many other services available on the web. Download Xbox Music Pass Incoming search terms: 80860006 windows 8 1 play to xbox force xbox music to update collection xbox music onedrive 80860005 windows…

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Windows to go. Windows 8 runs from a USB device

…ecover your Desk or some important files. This new function is especially designed for proffessionals that need to recover their files in a few seconds. Windows 8 is capable of creating a desk copy and in a couple of minutes you can always take with you your best memories and files. Windows 8 has central functions that are compatible with Hotmail. Via: iniciar sesion hotmail Incoming search terms: delete email account windows 8 1 windows 8 1 chan…

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5 tools to custom Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 interface is not the ideal for many users. New changes arrived when Microsoft launched Windows 8, especially with user´s interface. Therefore we want to bring you 10 tools to custom and adjust your Windows 8.1. 1. Windows 8.1 Boot Screen Logo Charger. This app changes the default logo for any image you choose.  2. Start Button Changer. Although Start button has a nice aspect, this app lets you improve the aspect even replacing the de…

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