Xbox Music Update for Windows 8.1

Microsoft has available since a couple of weeks, preview of Windows 8.1 although lattest version is not already finished. However, the company has added updates for important apks on the system. One of them is Xbox Music apk which recently has received a new update for Windows 8.1. In fact, with this new update, beta version is left behind and new edition now is part of the system. Features included are related to brwsing improves and many user…

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Xbox Music pass available on the Web

…subscription costs U$s 9,99 per month or you can get an anual subscription for U$s 99. New users have the chance to get a free shareware of 30 days and then you can get the whole package. Xbox Music is another way to listen to music via streaming like many other services available on the web. Download Xbox Music Pass Incoming search terms: 80860006 windows 8 1 play to xbox change phone language wp8 1 clear xbox music search history si…

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Dell confirms that Windows 8 Apps will run on Xbox One

Previously, Microsoft had announced that apps for Windows 8 could be run on next Xbox One, however, there was nothing else said about features of ways developers would achieve this. Dell seems to confirm that Windows 8 Apps will run on Xbox One. Dell manufacturer also published a list with of features of the station, including an image of Windows 8 system and also a Smartphone with Windows Phone 8 and a Tablet that might be Dell Latitud 10 whic…

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Windows Media Player on Windows 8

…st choice. Now you can start using Windows Media Player to play media files stored on the pc. It is important to remind that this new OS has deleted support for native playing of DVD records which means that you can´t play this format as you used to do it on Windows 7. However, Windows Media Player allows users to play, copy and record CD´s. Incoming search terms: how to reset skydrive wm8 1 ozi windows 8 1 hotmail not updating add exchange ac…

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Windows 7 won´t last more as Windows XP

…oft launched many campaigns pro new Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is also launched for companies in a high level above Windows 7 and Windows 8. The company made many changes and improves in this new version of Windows OS. What we know is that standard support for Windows 7 will finish next January 13 th 2015 with a probable extended support till 2020 just for corrections and security updates. Microsoft always encourages users to update their OS and do…

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How to save Xbox One games on SkyDrive

Sony has launched lattest PS4, so now, expectations are focused on new Xbox One. To add more interest, Microsoft made a tutorial video that shows how to save Xbox One games on SkyDrive. In fact, Microsoft has announced new Xbox One and among many improves, it can work with external capture devices, which means that users can capture images of the games they actually play on the station. However, the company also reffers to users who can enter t…

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Installing Windows 7 on a PC with XP

…ons of 64 Bits Graphic device DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 or upper. If your PC with Windows XP is compatible with Windows 7 the soft will start to analyse soft and hardware already installed. If hardware of your pc is compatible with Windows 7 a message will be displayed. Remember that you can update windows xp to windows 7 but apps already installed will need to be restored.   Incoming search terms: windows phone 8 1 lost Facebook contacts f…

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Windows 8.1 free download

After a long wait and a preview launched by Microsoft a couple of months ago, finally, Windows 8.1 has arrived and users can enter to new tech of this popular version of OS Microsoft. Windows 8,1 is available free download only for those who have used windows 8 which means that new users must find a paid version. On this case, users can enter to the official web and download any of Windows 8,1 updates or Windows 8,1 Pro for 119,99 dollars the f…

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Happy Retirement for Windows XP

…indows 8. Even though, Windows 7 is not out of the list especially for the reason of the Start button. According to Net Applications statistics, Windows XP is still current on more than 37% of pc in the world. This means that the company must do more to achieve users to update to Windows 7 or Windows 8. In fact, company has announced that the main aim is to achieve a 10% of Windows XP users by this year. Incoming search terms: windows phone 8 1 g…

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Windows to go. Windows 8 runs from a USB device

Windows has been reduced by Micrsoft in order to be capable of storage from a hard disk up to a USB device. For that reason, Windows 8 can be run from a USB device.  Windows to go is one of the new functions of Windows 8. This one allows you as an equipment manager, create backup units of the OS System. When an equipment crash can be run with windows 8, you can recover your Desk or some important files. This new function is especially de…

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