Link Facebook to Windows Live

Windows Live features are so many that also brings you the chance to connect it to Facebook. For that reason, you can´t miss this opportunity to have everything in one place. You can also link Windows Live with Twitter or Flickr. This tutorial is to teach you how to link a Windows Live account with Facebook in one place: Enter to your Hotmail account Go to the upper right corner of your screen and click on ¨Profile¨ On the left side…

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Windows Live Hotmail on Movistar

Movistar cellphone users now can operate with every Windows Live APKS from the cellphone. Windows Live has many services and the onliest rule is to have a Hotmail account. You can use Messenger, video chat, Chatting and everything involved with communications one to one or mutliple users to many others. On the other hand, you can manage your Hotmail account looking for new mails that are incoming and also writing and sending new ones as also…

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How to uninstall Windows Live Messenger

To uninstall Windows Live Messenger you need to follow these steps: 1.      Identify which system are you using 2.      If you have Windows 7, go to Start, then Programs and Features and locate Windows Live Messenger entrance. 3.      Search for the Uninstall button and follow the uninstalling steps 4.      On Windows XPit´s quite similar, just locate programes and accesories from the ¨Start¨ button and then go to the installed programes wh…

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Windows Live Help Center. Hotmail´s Technical service

Hotmail Technical Service is available with a web page that is shown as a Windows Live support. To enter to this technical service you just need your Hotmail account. Hotmail unblock Windows Live so you can enter to Hotmail tech service to erase doubts. Hotmail tech service is Windows Live Help Center and you can enter by clicking on the following link: Reasons to enter to Hotmail service are: ·         What to do if my Hot…

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More than 200.000 apps for Windows Phone

Company says that Windows 8 apps on Windows Store represents 12 millions of apps transactions per day. This information reveals after Microsoft announced that 1.7 millions of daily downloads happened on October. Microsoft reveals that Windows Phone apps have been improved and developers are working on them to publish work before Christmas. Microsoft also gives knowledge about useful information for developers and the chance for them to be publi…

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Windows Phone averages 10% of European Market

Windows Phone is always growing up, especially on Nokia Lumia Smartphones. Windows Phone has reached more than 10% of European Market. According to Kantar World Report, Windows Phone  averages 10% of European Market: Spain, Germany, UK, France and Italy. Company also reveals that platform in Italy reached 16,1% over iOS Apple. Nokia Smartphones are the reason of this phenomenon. In UK, almost 75% of Nokia smartphones sells come from Lumia 520 o…

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Free Calls with Windows Live Messenger

…but everything will be focus on making free calls using Windows Live Messenger. You can make free calls with Windows Live Messenger from PC to PC for example to comunícate with friends or Business Partners that also have Messenger. Just open Messenger and click on the phone icon next to the contact. Incoming search terms: www hotmaiI com windows 8 1 sync theme chat in Outlook 2013 skype for windows 8 1 not working skype 6 14 outlook not worki…

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Windows Live Hotmail Alerts on your cellphone

It´s possible to make from your Hotmail account arrive alerts to your cellphone about new emails you receive on your inbox. Also you can setup this service to receive alerts about incoming mails from certain contacts. To start using this service you should log in Windows Live Mobile. It´s about a free service, however the message send by this cannel might have a charge from cellphone companies of each country. It´s always a good advice to log…

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Album Flow. Music App for Windows 8

There are many music players apps for Windows 7 and Windows XP, however, there are not so many for Windows 8. Here´s Album Flow, which is a music player for Windows 8 with some interesting features. One of the most important differences is the auto recognition music files. The app only plays music located on music folder of the OS. Album Flow also previews push notifications of songs that are already playing on the screen. User´s interface is a…

Hiddex hides any apk or program on Windows

Many users work with very important data related with finnacial details, personal Communications or confidencial data. This information is always very cared for these users so they want it private. One interesting way to avoid other people watch whatever you are doing is Hiddex apk which hides any program or app on Windows using the mouse or keyboard. Hiddex hides any Windows, document, media player, web browser and more with no need to close t…

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Free Apps for Android, Windows Live Messengers and other chats

…OS. You can send and receive images and multimedia files as also direct access to Hotmail. Also it is available on different languages. Yahoo! Messenger also has a version for Android apps, although a couple of functions on beta phase, like voice and video. You can also chat with your contacts that have Windows Live Mail accounts. Traditional eBuddy is a multinet platform that accepts MySpace accounts, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, Facebook and AIM am…

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How to delete Search History on Windows 8

A search History is always made on Windows 8 so users can get easier to different pages on future sessions. But sometimes happens that you want to avoid others to know where have you been on internet or what pages have you visited. Here´s a tutorial that shows you how to delete Search History on Windows 8. Enter to the bar by click on Win+C or move the cursor to the buttom right corner of the screen. Select ¨Setup¨ on the lower side of the…

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