Change address name on

Once you update Hotmail to new you have the chance to chance your mail name . To begin, go to your inbox and click on ¨More setup mail options¨. Then click on ¨Change your mail address name¨. When you enter to this option you can change your [email protected] to the new [email protected] or change your address to another format. You can also keep your old address. Via: outlook-correo Incoming search terms: out…

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  • Resend Email · Enter Code · Change Email Address

Error message when attaching hotmail files

…otmail cuts the chain to preserve other´s Hotmail accounts, so you are not able to send attached files from your hotmail account. But sometimes, it is not a virus that stops you to send an attached file on Hotmail. The most common cause that happens when an error message appears attaching hotmail files (and it´s not a virus) is the extension of the file you are attaching. It might happen that Hotmail does not recognise the format or extension of…

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  • cannot see onedrive files Hotmail of Paraguay

Instead of many Latin domains where Hotmail is available using the ccTLD of the country, the case of Paraguay is different. Unluckly we can´t use or to access to Hotmail. We must do it by the official site in worldwide. This means nothing for many users although to others might represent a problem, especially if you are trying to sign in a Hotmail session behind a fir…

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How to Export Contacts on Hotmail

If you are a Hotmail user or even more you have more than one Hotmail account, it is comnon that the number of contacts you have is huge. For that reason, Hotmail created a tool to import and export contacts from Hotmail to another mail account or Hotmail account, and from another mail account or hotmail account to your Hotmail one. Microsoft Excel is the program you need to have installed in order to open the files of exporting contacts which w…

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Windows Live Help Center. Hotmail´s Technical service

…that is shown as a Windows Live support. To enter to this technical service you just need your Hotmail account. Hotmail unblock Windows Live so you can enter to Hotmail tech service to erase doubts. Hotmail tech service is Windows Live Help Center and you can enter by clicking on the following link: Reasons to enter to Hotmail service are: ·         What to do if my Hotmail account has been blocked ·         Why is my blocke…

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Storing messages on my Hotmail account

…ite an Email¨, you will see a submenu called ¨Store sent messages¨. On this site, you have to choose between a Hotmail storing option that will be available, or the erase of this Hotmail tool. After selecting one choice, click on ¨Save¨ and every change will be kept. Incoming search terms: yhs-psafe_br_001 hOhotmail E2 80 8f where is skype history on a kendall stored recover outlook email account with a code Put OneDrive icon on iphone…

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How to contact Hotmail by phone

Many Hotmail accounts have been blocked by spam or fraud, so users need to recover their Hotmail accounts or unblock them. Sometimes, the process can be very hard and difficult. For that reasons, many users want to know Hotmail pone or Hotmail online help center to get in touch with a company employee. You can contact Hotmail by phone using Hotmail help Center by phone. According to the country you are calli…

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Hotmail online Help

…ion of different subjects about problems of Hotmail that might allow you to solve common problems about  signing Hotmail, or what to do in case you can´t enter your Hotmail account password. These tutorials and online help want to serve as Hotmail help when you have to give answers about Hotmail. With your help we can have more answers to Hotmail questions. Incoming search terms: hotmail outlook 2013 setting problems with hotmail Hotmail Problem…

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How to setup Hotmail on Mozilla Thunderbird

There are many programs you can link to your Hotmail account. This is a tutorial of how to setup Hotmail on Mozilla Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird is free choice of eMail to other clients like Microsoft Outlook. These are the steps to setup Hotmail on Mozilla Thunderbird: 1.      Download ¨Thunderbird¨ program from Mozilla page. Once you have installed it you can setup Thunderbird so you can send and receive mails to your Hotmail account…

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