New Hotmail plugin for Outlook

There is a new tool that allows you to connect your inbox mails of Hotmail to Outlook. This is a must proposed by Microsoft in order to use your hotmail accounts through Outlook. However, this new step had some technical problems. One of the most important was that the trash or spam filter was not connected. For that reason, many mails that were selected as safe ones, were really trash mails (spams). There were also blocked…

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Sign up Outlook

Here are the steps to Sign up Click on ¨Register¨ on the left side of the page with the title ¨Register on¨. Fill the blocks with: Name, Birth date, Genere, Name of Microsoft´s account, Create a password, rewrite the password, Phone number, alternative mail address, country or región, zip code and finally write the characters you see on the screen. Click on ¨I accept¨ and cookies and privacy declare will appear on Micro…

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Disable Messenger History Messages on

Sometimes you want to disable Messenger History Messages on You can disable them just by following this brief tutorial on which we explain the whole process in 5 simple steps. Enter from your browser to Click on the gear icon on the upper right corner next to the name Click on More Mail Setup Options On Managing my account, click on History Messages Click on ¨No, Thanks¨ and then click on ¨Save¨ Remember that conv…

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WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone

There are many apps for mobile devices that are popular on the market. WhatsApp is probably the main one. This beta version was launched recently and here are the main features. Now you have a new setup screen for apps adjustsments so users will be surprised by the clearing and speed of this version of WhatsApp. New aspect and interface are also displayed. New background themes are included for chat notifications so users can enter to Chat adju…

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Install Outlook on a Netbook

Have a new netbook? You will find that it has not a CD/DVD drive. So follow this tutorial to install Outlook on a Netbook. Much easier is to install Outlook on a Netbook than on a PC. Use custom installation and Office parts will only go installed. You can install for example Outlook, Excel and Word from Office Pro. You can setup SD card or USB stick as an extra memory to install Outlook. If you have anotherPC with CD drive, just follow this tu…

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Faster with IE10

Internet  Explorer 10 incorporates HTML5 and CSS3 leaving appart menues and complements bars. Also you can use the whole screen to web and browse with templates that are included . New interface and design are also introduced. You can also see the official site of Redmond company which explains new Microsoft browser features also added on mail is a free service which competes with Gmail and now has as a tool new Web IE 1…

Migrate to Gmail has no more Exchange Active Sync

…support doesn´t affect current accounts, many companies or educational areas, Microsoft is offering a change to ¨If you want a better mail service, especially on smartphones and tablets¨ Redmond people explain that with a simple change and a guide to do it, it will be possible to migrate Gmail contacts to platform. Incoming search terms: sync calendar app with outlook 2013 windows 8 1 gmail agenda win8 1 Windows 8 1 Outl…

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How to resend an e-mail on (tutorial + video)

This is a tutorial with a video that shows you how to resend an e-mail on You must follow these simple steps and keep in mind that the option of Resend is quite a little bit hided on the interface. Enter to the e-mail you want to resend Click on ¨Actions¨( below the line that divides the issue text from mail info) Click on ¨Resend¨ Enter the e-mail address/es you wish to resend the message, message data, etc. Click on ¨Send¨ That´…

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Outlook on Blackberry

Blackberry Smartphones are well known by simplicity when   it´s time to setup email reception. Otherwise, Microsoft and Blackberry are joined together ñto offer services on Blackberry Business Cloud. users on Blackberry are allowed to watch attached files with no need to download them. Blackberry also add up to 10 mail accounts with push tech. Also gives the chance to send attached voice messages on mails. To do this, just pick the…

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How to print from Outlook to PDF

If you need to convert your Outlook mails to PDF you can consider a fantastic tool to do that. With MessengerExport for Outlook you can convert your e-mails on Outlook to formats like PDF, MBOX, MHT, HTML, MSG and many others in a quick and simple way. You can convert mail by mail or prepare folders with a name and date which will be stored with a mail address or the name of the sender. If you have an e-mail with an attached file you have t…

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Download SkyDrive Apps on

SkyDrive is upgrading constantly with Microsoft Cloud SkyDrive is the competition of Google Drive. To enter to this service you just need to have an account which is the same account with access to the storage service on the left upper side of your inbox webmail. SkyDrive has renewed with an interface that syncs many devices. Here are some downloads for different systems:  Skydrive  for Windows Desk SkyDrive for Mac Sky…

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