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SkyDrive is upgrading constantly with Microsoft Cloud SkyDrive is the competition of Google Drive. To enter to this service you just need to have an account which is the same account with access to the storage service on the left upper side of your inbox webmail. SkyDrive has renewed with an interface that syncs many devices. Here are some downloads for different systems:  Skydrive  for Windows Desk SkyDrive f…

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How to resend an e-mail on (tutorial + video)

This is a tutorial with a video that shows you how to resend an e-mail on You must follow these simple steps and keep in mind that the option of Resend is quite a little bit hided on the interface. Enter to the e-mail you want to resend Click on ¨Actions¨( below the line that divides the issue text from mail info) Click on ¨Resend¨ Enter the e-mail address/es you wish to resend the message, message data, etc. Click on ¨Send¨ That´…

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TrueSwitch. How to import old Gmail messages

Now that you have setup Gmail to resend all your future messages to your account, might happen that you wish to import all your past and present messages. offers a very simple method to do that with a free service called TrueSwitch. You can copy an entire mail in a free and easy way. We are saying ¨Copy¨, which means that you don´t delete your Gmail messages, just copy them on your account so you can manage….

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Sanebox app. Improve productivity of Outlook Mail

Outlook mail is an electronic messenger client very productive. However, many messages options are limited. Although they can be improved with additional tools to make filters better when it´s time to clasify messages. Sanebox is a web app focused on improve the clasification of your messages on Outlook mail creating parameters of them so you can reorganize automatically on your inbox mail. Sanebox service offers support with many messenger cli…

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Microsoft let spy on, SkyDrive and Skype

…nowden, could have helped this agency to avoid code system and protecting messages and chat between users, using It is been said that the company also might colaborated with FBI and NSA giving total Access to information stored on SkyDrive cloud. In the case of Skype, Microsoft might let other secret agencies from USA intercept video chat and calls.  Microsoft expressed that only gives information of clients to USA Government in cas…

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BananaTag follows sent messages on

BananaTag is an apk that lets you know if your mails have been received by your contacts. Windows, Linux and Mac are the OS that allows you to do that with statistics of opened mails. BananaTag has many features which include: Available for Mobile devices You can follow any mail sent from Microsoft Reports of sent mails and statistics of those which have been received. Option to receive notifications of sent mails Chance to select…

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How to setup Outlook Express accounts

Before you setup your Outlook Express account, you must create new accounts on mail service (ex Hotmail). After you execute ¨Outlook Express¨mail, follow this tutorial: To setup your Outlook account, go to ¨Tools¨ and select ¨Accounts¨ Select ¨Add¨ then ¨Mails¨ Now enter the name you want for your mail account Enter your mail address On the fields ¨Incoming mail server¨ and ¨outgoing mail server¨ write your (exa…

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Sign up Outlook

Here are the steps to Sign up Click on ¨Register¨ on the left side of the page with the title ¨Register on¨. Fill the blocks with: Name, Birth date, Genere, Name of Microsoft´s account, Create a password, rewrite the password, Phone number, alternative mail address, country or región, zip code and finally write the characters you see on the screen. Click on ¨I accept¨ and cookies and privacy declare will appear on Micro…

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Outlook on Blackberry

…ffer services on Blackberry Business Cloud. users on Blackberry are allowed to watch attached files with no need to download them. Blackberry also add up to 10 mail accounts with push tech. Also gives the chance to send attached voice messages on mails. To do this, just pick the option ¨voice note¨ , save the message and send it as an attached file on an email message. Incoming search terms: add business contact list to outlook 201…

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