FlyakiteOSX. Get Mac Interface on Windows

Many Windows users admire Mac interface. Apps offer the chance to modify the interface into a Mac one. FlyakiteOSX makes you get Mac appearance on Windows. FlyakiteOSX is a free app which lets you replace user´s interface for Mac  OS. The installer has the function to automatize the replace process for users who get rounds, visual styles, etc. It also lets you make register adjustments. FlyakiteOSX hasn´t any kind of Spyware or adware…

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Free Apps for Android, Windows Live Messengers and other chats

…nd AIM among others. Compatibility grade with different versions of Android and cellphones is quite good. Yahoo Mesenger works very nice on different equipments. BlueBerry Messenger accepts different social Networks, share audio and video files. However, interface is not quite good, so if you like visual styles there are other apps that are above BlueBerry Messenger. Incoming search terms: hotmail comsignin send docs from kindle to ho…

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File Managers for Windows Phone

…there are for Android or Ios, however, new file managers are introduced these days: Pocket Explorer: It´s an app that let users to read, copy and move their files from a place to another. One of the most important features is the chance to setup files and folders on the start screen with no need to browse them. App can be downloaded for free and there´s also a Pro version of U$S 190 with extra features.   Aerize Explorer: This is also a file…

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Kiwig PhoneTunes. Free Music Manager

Kiwig PhoneTunes is a free app for Windows which allows users to manage stored music on their smartphones very easy and fast. Once you enter to Kiwig PhoneTunes a user´s interface is displayed in three panels:       On the upper left side of the screen where folders of Hard Drive are displayed.       Central panel which shows the content of the selected element       Right panel which access to folders of the connected smartphone. Kiwig Phone…

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Telegram Messenger

…August 2013. Alpha version for Android was launched oficial on 20th October 2013. It is one of the most safest app of comunication and it has been growing up since Facebook bought Whatsapp. Many users start doubting about Whatsapp and migrated to russian Telegram Messenger. Telegram Messenger is available for iPhones, iPads and iPods (IOS 6 or upper) and Android (2.2 or upper). No oficial clients are also included and a web version and desk app…

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PhrozenSoft Safe USB. Avoid viruses on USB memories

…important files and also programs. These kind of devices are very exposed to viruses. Therefore, many tools and apps are created to avoid them. PhrozenSoft Safe USB: This is an example of an app against viruses. Although, it is not 100% effective, it gives great perform reducing malware. Once you install the app on the PC, you will find it on your inbox system, where you can enter to main functions. From main menu, users can select all USB memo…

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Improve your PC images with Picasa

Picasa is an excelent app from Google. It is created to display images and also face recognition. You can enter the data of the photo, example name, age, etc and Picasa stores them. So when you later publish a photo, Picasa creates a folder with all the photos of this person ordered by age. Picasa also syncs photos with social networks, especially with Google +. You can edit photos and improve effects so you can enjoy this app like a graphic e…

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Viber Messenger

Viber is a free app that allows people to get intouch with sms, multimedia messages, voice calls and many other ways. Viber Messenger is an ideal app for Smartphone or tablet. Let´s start with Viber Messenger advantages:      Free: for sending messages, make calls  and other functions are always for free. You can send as many messages you want for free with no limits and also insert images on them.    Free calls: Viber does not charge you fo…

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Moviejax. Create and edit videos on Windows Phone

…on the phone to use it as a background. At the moment,  Moviejax doesn´t have options to edit images from the app, so you can only control the during time of displayed images on the final video. However, this is a good choice to edit videos on Windows Phone considering the limited offer. Download | Moviejax   Incoming search terms: wp8 1 language sync ie favoirtes with windows phone windows phone 8 1 WhatsApp grayed out won\t open windows pho…

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How to send emails from Android devices

… emails from an android device is that you need for Android installed. You can download this app for free from Google Play Store. Once you have installed the app, start session on to log in to the inbox. You can see all incoming messages and on the lower side of the screen, many options are displayed so you can enter to edition section. Click on this option and fields are displayed to enter the mail address of the c…

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Plex. Multimedia online file manager

Plex is a web app that allows users to manage media files from any device on one place. It´s  an online service which offers a platform where users can manage and enter to media files already stored on devices with no need to copy them individually. You just need to download Plex on a device and then manage all files like photos, videos, music and more. Plex offers many features. It has a modern user´s interface which is very easy to use. Users…

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