VoiceMaster add voice effects on Skype

…saging. However, many of them want to joke with friends by changing the tone of the voice. VoiceMaster is a free app that let us add voice effects during conversations on Skype. VoiceMaster is a funny choice to share with friends and it is designed to run with Skype so you can use it with the messaging app too.  User´s interface is simple and easy to use. It includes a main window where you can view the frecuency of the fake voice thanks to a s…

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How to Setup an Outlook.com account on iPhone or iPad

…i. Just avoid this alert and click on ¨Continue¨. How to access to Outlook.com on your iPhone or iPad with Mail app: Web version is not the ideal one. The best thing to do is custom your Mail app. To do that just follow these steps: Enter to Adjustments Search for Mail, contacts, calendar Click on ¨Add an account¨ Select ¨Hotmail¨ Fill in the fields with your mail address and password To end, select the information you want to sync…

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Bluetooth File Transfer for Windows

Bluetooth File Transfer for Windows is an app that works as a file manager transfered via Bluetooth allowing the user to do many operations like download, upload files, web and create files and folders, etc. All very easy and online. To use this app it is necessary that your Windows pc has bluetooth tech, otherwise it won´t be possible to benefit with those features. Bluetooth File Transfer offers an interface similar to Windows Explorer and Wi…

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YouTube choices for Windows Phone 8

…ith many features that include video download for later view and the chance of getting TubePro for free from the app store. In any case, meanwhile it is considered if an official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 will exist, alternatives or choices must be known. Even though, the total amount of features that YouTube has are very difficult to achieve, users would be very surprised with these choices to play videos. Incoming search terms: gmail wind…

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How to protect pendrive from viruses on Windows

…s and malware. To protect a PenDrive on Windows you can use programs like Ntfs Drive Protection. This is a free app that keeps away this threatens from your pendrive. Once you install the app you will find a user´s interface with many options available. When you conect a USB memory to the pc, the device will show the program interface on section ¨Target Drive¨ , although there´s an option that lets you preview USB units that are currently connec…

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Microsoft updates Office Web Apps

Microsoft has added recently new features to Office Web Apps including the co-author function online for three apps: Word, Excel and Power Point. Office Web Apps also includes a new automatic save function previously announced. Another news is that users can insert headlines, page buttons among others. This Office Web Apps update is important because you can enter from the web with no need to have installed the soft. Microsoft has announced als…

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How to read e-books on Windows 8

e-Books reading never was so fun and simple like now. e-book is the new format and it´s incorporated to Tablets and smartphones. You can also enter to e-books using Martivew app which allow user´s to read any e-book from any device. Users can read full screen e-books with an animated background. Reading becomes more joiable and simple. A free soft that works with PDF and MART offers many features and functions. After you installed on the system…

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Windows Live Gallery Has Been Removed

…ace, you are invited to enter to Windows Live Developer Preview. There, you need a bit of previous experience on apps creation and also a space to download media content. With Windows Live Developer Preview you can find anything to get a wonderful experience on downloads and app development. Also Windows Live Developer Preview is very useful for hotmail users. 27 million users per month was the number of visits that gallery.live.com had till t…

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Skype update for Android cellphones

…ndroid Tablets so Android Smartphones can download this 4,5 Skype version and continue watching a message to run apps. Microsoft says that this is a mistake to be corrected on future Skype versions. Video instant messaging will be able for Hudl Tablets. Skype version for Android tablets and Smartphones are available on Google Play app store. Incoming search terms: whatsapp for huawei w1 beta version download wp 8 1 mail app wp8 1 skype contact li…

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Hiddex hides any apk or program on Windows

Many users work with very important data related with finnacial details, personal Communications or confidencial data. This information is always very cared for these users so they want it private. One interesting way to avoid other people watch whatever you are doing is Hiddex apk which hides any program or app on Windows using the mouse or keyboard. Hiddex hides any Windows, document, media player, web browser and more with no need to close t…

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Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1

Recently, Microsoft had introduced a new update of Fresh Paint app for preview users of Windows 8.1. Now the company announced that a new Fresh Paint version with new features will be available for Windows 8.1 Micrsosoft said that this update will be part of new features that users will have the chance to enjoy on Microsoft Windows 8.1. It includes a new interface, new pencil, and new ways to create giant paints to hung on walls or office. As a…

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PowerSuite 2012. Recover data and improve my pc

PowerSuite 2014 is an appthat works as a recovery data and improve of your pc. Above results, recovery tools and maintenance, PowerSuite 2014 offers the chance to manage passwords. In case users have delete any file or photo, they can use the option Data Recovery to make the recover of the file. Then you can pick between the option Undelete in case the files were deleted accidentally, or Unformat, in case the file was deleted for wrong format….

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