Install Skype on Windows 8

…Here are the steps to install Skype on Windows 8: From Windows 8 Start screen, click on ¨Store¨ to enter to the app store Open a Window by click on your right button or Windows key + C On browsing bar, write Skype and the Click on Skype to enter to the description mode where you can see all the features like download size Use¨Install¨ and then click to start downloading Skype on Windows 8 A message on the upper right side of the screen will be di…

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KaraFun Player. Karaoke player for Windows

KaraFun Player is a free app that works as a Karaoke player for Windows. Many features are included on KaraFun Player like songs lyrics, playlists, and karaoke music. KaraFun Player works with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. KaraFun Player has a user´s interface based on flanges which let you enter to main functions from the left corner. Default window gives access to online site where you can play more tan 16.000 songs anytime. However, fr…

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FlyakiteOSX. Get Mac Interface on Windows

Many Windows users admire Mac interface. Apps offer the chance to modify the interface into a Mac one. FlyakiteOSX makes you get Mac appearance on Windows. FlyakiteOSX is a free app which lets you replace user´s interface for Mac  OS. The installer has the function to automatize the replace process for users who get rounds, visual styles, etc. It also lets you make register adjustments. FlyakiteOSX hasn´t any kind of Spyware or adware, so you ca…

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Collbee. Rename audio and video files on Windows

If you have a large multimedia files collection, you might need an app to manage your content so it is very simple to find the file you are looking for. Collbee offers the chance to do this and also a scan function of the system so you can rename music and video files. Once you download and install Collbee, the app runs and recognise stored films on your PC and changes the folder´s name and files. Also subtitles changes are made. With Collbee yo…

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Free Apps for Android, Windows Live Messengers and other chats

…nd AIM among others. Compatibility grade with different versions of Android and cellphones is quite good. Yahoo Mesenger works very nice on different equipments. BlueBerry Messenger accepts different social Networks, share audio and video files. However, interface is not quite good, so if you like visual styles there are other apps that are above BlueBerry Messenger. Incoming search terms: hotmail comsignin how to move onedrive to sd card save on…

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Microsoft launches new Bing version for Firefox OS

…OS designed for users that work with this platform. If you enter to the official Bing site, Microsoft says this app for Firefox OS will let users to do searchs with no need to use a web browser. The app will be available on Firefox apps store. Users will have the chance to join Bing and also Bing for desktop where images options are available. Finally, on Internet Bing page, you can preview results on the upper side of the screen. Incoming search…

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Enpass Password. Save passwords on Windows Phone

Enpass Password is an app that let Windows Phone users store and make backups of all the passwords and important information contained on the devices. Enpass Password has a password which is customed by users so they can create safer passwords that can be used with no problems. Enpass Password has a renewed user´s interface and adds aditional improves compared to previous versions. Developers say that militar encoded is introduced so they can br…

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Sticky Notes HD available for Windows Phone

Sticky Notes HD available for iOS users, Sticky Notes HD can be used on Windows Phone platform. This is an app to create notes from the phone similar for OneNote or Evernote but with not so many options. Sticky Notes HD has many features and the chance to setup multiple sections, support and block back screen. It also brings you the chance to setup options and share friend´s notes, create backups on OneDrive, search notes and protection with pas…

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Viber Messenger

Viber is a free app that allows people to get intouch with sms, multimedia messages, voice calls and many other ways. Viber Messenger is an ideal app for Smartphone or tablet. Let´s start with Viber Messenger advantages:      Free: for sending messages, make calls  and other functions are always for free. You can send as many messages you want for free with no limits and also insert images on them.    Free calls: Viber does not charge you for ca…

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OneDrive updates for Windows Phone

…iously known as SkyDrive, OneDrive is Microsoft´s cloud storage service also available for Windows Phone users. App has received an update with many improves and new features. OneDrive for Windows Phone can be uploaded on Smartphones and offers the chance to see photos, videos and many files at the same time. OneDrive for Windows Phone has a new view to manage images files. OneDrive for Windows Phone can be opened from other apps and files and fo…

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Moviejax. Create and edit videos on Windows Phone

Moviejax is a free app for Windows Phone which allows users to create and edit videos, adding images, text and customed audio. Moviejax only works with Windows Phone 8.1 and it is very useful for video editing. Moviejax has a function to record videos so users can have the videoclip, music fragments and slide show images. There´s also a radio panel where you can make adjustments or select different resolutions and video quality. If you want to a…

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File Managers for Windows Phone

…manager for windows phone that lets you read and write on storage cards which means that users can move files and folder from internal memory of the phone to micro SD card. Pocket Explorer and Aerize are free download and excelent options to manage and organize phone contents. Incoming search terms: surface pro 3 ssd speed OneDrive Missing from Explorer whatsapp notification solution for windows phone 8 1 windows phone 8 whatsapp notification…

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