Start Menu Reviver for Windows 8

…However, Windows 8 came out with no Start button, so users had to enter to favorite sections of Windows 8. Many apps appeared to cover this hole. This post is about how to add the Start button on Windows 8.  Start Menu Reviver is the name of the app that creates a Start button like previous Windows versions. When you install Start Menu Reviver, you have access to web pages, different links, folders and sections of Windows 8. Start Menu Reviver…

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Moviejax. Create and edit videos on Windows Phone

Moviejax is a free app for Windows Phone which allows users to create and edit videos, adding images, text and customed audio. Moviejax only works with Windows Phone 8.1 and it is very useful for video editing. Moviejax has a function to record videos so users can have the videoclip, music fragments and slide show images. There´s also a radio panel where you can make adjustments or select different resolutions and video quality. If you want to…

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How to send emails from Android devices

… emails from an android device is that you need for Android installed. You can download this app for free from Google Play Store. Once you have installed the app, start session on to log in to the inbox. You can see all incoming messages and on the lower side of the screen, many options are displayed so you can enter to edition section. Click on this option and fields are displayed to enter the mail address of the…

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Sticky Notes HD available for Windows Phone

Sticky Notes HD available for iOS users, Sticky Notes HD can be used on Windows Phone platform. This is an app to create notes from the phone similar for OneNote or Evernote but with not so many options. Sticky Notes HD has many features and the chance to setup multiple sections, support and block back screen. It also brings you the chance to setup options and share friend´s notes, create backups on OneDrive, search notes and protection with pa…

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ES File Explorer. Share Files between Android and Windows

It is very common that many Windows users own an Android Smartphone. So, there are millions of cases in which Android and Windows must be shared with no need to use an USB cable. Here´s a powerful app named ES File Explorer that lets you do that: ES File Explorer is one of the best file managers that the platform has. Many functions like LAN support, makes possible to share files between Android and Windows. Here´s a tutorial to install and use…

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Bluetooth File Transfer for Windows

Bluetooth File Transfer for Windows is an app that works as a file manager transfered via Bluetooth allowing the user to do many operations like download, upload files, web and create files and folders, etc. All very easy and online. To use this app it is necessary that your Windows pc has bluetooth tech, otherwise it won´t be possible to benefit with those features. Bluetooth File Transfer offers an interface similar to Windows Explorer and Wi…

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How to disable TouchPad on a Laptop with Windows 7

Many laptop users have Touchpad in replace of the mouse, however many of them are not used to it because it may cause unnecessary moves like deleting files or open an app with no need. For that reason, today we are learning how to disable TouchPad on Laptop with Windows 7. To disable TouchPad, first thing you must do is enter to Control Panel and search for the TouchPad element which need to be shown every time you have connected this internal…

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VoiceMaster add voice effects on Skype

…saging. However, many of them want to joke with friends by changing the tone of the voice. VoiceMaster is a free app that let us add voice effects during conversations on Skype. VoiceMaster is a funny choice to share with friends and it is designed to run with Skype so you can use it with the messaging app too.  User´s interface is simple and easy to use. It includes a main window where you can view the frecuency of the fake voice thanks to a s…

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How to Setup an account on iPhone or iPad

…i. Just avoid this alert and click on ¨Continue¨. How to access to on your iPhone or iPad with Mail app: Web version is not the ideal one. The best thing to do is custom your Mail app. To do that just follow these steps: Enter to Adjustments Search for Mail, contacts, calendar Click on ¨Add an account¨ Select ¨Hotmail¨ Fill in the fields with your mail address and password To end, select the information you want to sync…

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Microsoft updates Office Web Apps

Microsoft has added recently new features to Office Web Apps including the co-author function online for three apps: Word, Excel and Power Point. Office Web Apps also includes a new automatic save function previously announced. Another news is that users can insert headlines, page buttons among others. This Office Web Apps update is important because you can enter from the web with no need to have installed the soft. Microsoft has announced als…

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YouTube choices for Windows Phone 8

…ith many features that include video download for later view and the chance of getting TubePro for free from the app store. In any case, meanwhile it is considered if an official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 will exist, alternatives or choices must be known. Even though, the total amount of features that YouTube has are very difficult to achieve, users would be very surprised with these choices to play videos. Incoming search terms: gmail wind…

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