VLC Media Player for Windows 8

…more time than expected, however, on last october, developers launched a Micrsoft beta for certificates, which has been aproved, althouhg audio is not available yet. VLC Media Player for Windows 8 will be arriving to Windows app store on the short term depending lattest adjusts to the app. Some images are published of VLC Media Player for Windows 8. Developers mentioned that many additional changes are made but we still have no information about…

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Right Click Manager: Add files and tools to context menu

Right Click Manager is a Windows app which allows to manage elements to be added on contextual menu by a right click of your mouse. In this case we are talking about an app that lets you add different elements like files, web link pages, folders or anything you think it is important. With Right Click Manager users can add elements to contextual menu of the desktop or any other menu as folder´s ones as well. Basic operations are also available…

Telegram: One of the best apps of the year

…ecting people with text. Now you have the chance to send images, videos, files, etc. When you need to choose an app it is very important consider Speed. Especially when you have to share video and audio, you should select an app that combines Speed and Simplicity. Telegram is an excellent option. This app entered on August 2013 and the number of users is raising because of safety, privacy and features that make Telegram one of the best apps of…

Pixlr Express image editor

…ou can add to a photo. More than 600 filters are included. Effects and edition choices are also added so you can change a photo and modifty light effects, contrast, colours, lines, shadows, etc. With Pixlr Express you can create art works with no need to purchase a professional camera. Just show your talent and imagination with Pixlr Express. Here´s a link to download Pixlr Express. It is a free app and you can download it for your smartphone…

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Bit Torrent Sync 1.3 for Windows Phone 8

…kups of all storaged images on the phone camera and transfer them to the pc via remote. All files will remain cripted and highly protected with passwords which allow friends to enter to those files on the pc with the desktop app. Even better, there´s no limit with files size so you can sync them between PC and Smartphones with Windows Phone 8. This version of Bit Torrent Sync is 1.3 and can be downloaded for free via apps store of the platform….

FlyakiteOSX. Get Mac Interface on Windows

Many Windows users admire Mac interface. Apps offer the chance to modify the interface into a Mac one. FlyakiteOSX makes you get Mac appearance on Windows. FlyakiteOSX is a free app which lets you replace user´s interface for Mac OS. The installer has the function to automatize the replace process for users who get rounds, visual styles, etc. It also lets you make register adjustments. FlyakiteOSX hasn´t any kind of Spyware or adware, so you…

Install Skype on Windows 8

Here are the steps to install Skype on Windows 8: From Windows 8 Start screen, click on ¨Store¨ to enter to the app store Open a Window by click on your right button or Windows key + C On browsing bar, write Skype and the Click on Skype to enter to the description mode where you can see all the features like download size Use¨Install¨ and then click to start downloading Skype on Windows 8 A message on the upper right side of the screen will be…

KaraFun Player. Karaoke player for Windows

KaraFun Player is a free app that works as a Karaoke player for Windows. Many features are included on KaraFun Player like songs lyrics, playlists, and karaoke music. KaraFun Player works with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. KaraFun Player has a user´s interface based on flanges which let you enter to main functions from the left corner. Default window gives access to online site where you can play more tan 16.000 songs anytime. However,…

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Collbee. Rename audio and video files on Windows

If you have a large multimedia files collection, you might need an app to manage your content so it is very simple to find the file you are looking for. Collbee offers the chance to do this and also a scan function of the system so you can rename music and video files. Once you download and install Collbee, the app runs and recognise stored films on your PC and changes the folder´s name and files. Also subtitles changes are made. With Collbee…

Free Apps for Android, Windows Live Messengers and other chats

…ablets and smartphones users that work under Android System will have the chance of downloading many apps. Apps that are ideal for games, Communications channels, programs, etc are basically searched by people. Many of these apps are for free or at a low price. In this case we take care of apps that can be installed on Hotmail Chat, weather Windows Live Messenger on it´s Android version or other compatible versions of MSN protocol. Messenger…

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OneDrive updates for Windows Phone

…an be uploaded on Smartphones and offers the chance to see photos, videos and many files at the same time. OneDrive for Windows Phone has a new view to manage images files. OneDrive for Windows Phone can be opened from other apps and files and folders can be managed very easy. Service also includes performance improves and correction of previous mistakes. OneDrive for Windows Phone has a better interface, especially for Nokia Lumia phones like…

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Microsoft launches new Bing version for Firefox OS

…ox OS will let users to do searchs with no need to use a web browser. The app will be available on Firefox apps store. Users will have the chance to join Bing and also Bing for desktop where images options are available. Finally, on Internet Bing page, you can preview results on the upper side of the screen. Incoming search terms: huawei ucun whatsapp yukle…

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