Holiday dates on Hotmail Calendar

…agendas and also with Windows and Microsoft like Outlook and Outlook Express. You can also add Holiday Dates to Hotmail Calendar considering country and language. You go to Microsoft page and download the calendar you want. You can download the setup of holiday dates you like most and addapt it to your needs. Incoming search terms: outlook com calendar update mail vicoza com…

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Automatic sending mails from Gmail to Hotmail

It might be possible we are using Hotmail to select our mail and find out why we need to use a Gmail account. Maybe at work you need to use a Gmail account but you have a personal Hotmial one. If you want to keep on working with Hotmail you can make received mails on Gmail redirect to Hotmail so you don´t need to be modifying accounts. Just enter to your Gmail account and with the data you had chosen click on the wheel that appears on the up…

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Plugin for Apple Mail: httpmail

An Apple Mail plugin is available. The name is httpmail and it makes you combine mail service with another (like Hotmail with Gmail) and you can see it from Apple Mail.   Once you have installed this plugin you can make any movement related with emailing like erase or send messages from your mail account or just use Apple Mail app instead of open several times your browser. To download httppmail just click HERE Incoming search ter…

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Webmail Notifier: App to have control of your mail accounts

Many people use multiple mails account. First of all, it is important to log in Hotmail because you can have Windows Live Mail and also many applications that are really useful, like SkyDrive, Messenger, Writer and many more. Also you can add extra services like Gmail or Yahoo!. For that reason, you need to check each inbox mail of all these services vry quick, easy and fast with no need to go to mail managers that consume a lot of resour…

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Newmail, new Hotmail mail

Hotmail is the new name for Microsoft´s public and awarded Hotmail. Windows 8 launch on October plus other Microsoft´s news are followed by this lattest name for Hotmail: Newmail. NewMail will have more compatibility with phones OS and improve a huge number of changes like addapting your mail account to NewMail. Social Network will be included on NewMail. But a few months we will have to wait for this new Hotmail mail. Differences of appearance…

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How to Export Contacts on Hotmail

If you are a Hotmail user or even more you have more than one Hotmail account, it is comnon that the number of contacts you have is huge. For that reason, Hotmail created a tool to import and export contacts from Hotmail to another mail account or Hotmail account, and from another mail account or hotmail account to your Hotmail one. Microsoft Excel is the program you need to have installed in order to open the files of exporting contacts which w…

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Hotmail security

If you use Hotmail currently, or changed to, you must keep safe your mail account from hackers and spam. For that reason here are some tips to take a look so you can keep safe your Hotmail account. Follow this hotmail tips to keep safe your Hotmail account: Don´t click on the box ¨remind me my account¨ even if you trying to access to your account from your PC. This is a useful tip specially if your pc is hacked or stolen. Updat…

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