Windows to go. Windows 8 runs from a USB device

Windows has been reduced by Micrsoft in order to be capable of storage from a hard disk up to a USB device. For that reason, Windows 8 can be run from a USB device.  Windows to go is one of the new functions of Windows 8. This one allows you as an equipment manager, create backup units of the OS System. When an equipment crash can be run with windows 8, you can recover your Desk or some important files. This new function is esp…

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New Skype update for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft announced a new Skype Update for Windows Phone 8. Now users can press any instant message and then select the option ¨Copy¨ and then ¨Paste¨ anywhere. This new Skype update for Windows Phone 8 also includes features and improves related to upload time from Live Tittle on the cellphones. Skype Update for Windows Phone 8 has a high contrast level that is able automatically each time that a Windows Phone screen is setup as high contrast…

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5 tools to custom Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 interface is not the ideal for many users. New changes arrived when Microsoft launched Windows 8, especially with user´s interface. Therefore we want to bring you 10 tools to custom and adjust your Windows 8.1. 1. Windows 8.1 Boot Screen Logo Charger. This app changes the default logo for any image you choose.  2. Start Button Changer. Although Start button has a nice aspect, this app lets you improve the aspect even replacing the d…

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Bye Bye MSN Messenger next 15th March

Next 15th March, Msn Messenger will disappear as Microsoft announced. This change has been announced from 2012 and all msn users must use Skype instead. So the question is how can you be updated with Microsoft´s services. First of all: contacts on MSN, Live or Hotmail will be kept as originals. Just download the lattest Skype 6.0 version to continue with the service. Skype 6.0 offers an interface that looks like an hybrid between MSN Messenger…

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Turn Windows Live Hotmail to Spanish

If you want to change Hotmail´s language inftroduction just follow these simple stops:  1.      Start Hotmail session 2.      Go to ¨Options¨, and then ¨More Options¨ 3.      Go to ¨Customizing Hotmail¨ 4.      Click on ¨Language¨ A box will be oponed with many languages you can translate your interface. 5.      Select the language you want  and click on ¨Save¨ That´s all you must know about changing Windows Live Hotmail. Incoming s…

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Windows 8.1 available on preview

During a conference in San Francisco, Microsoft announced the launch of a preview of Windows 8.1, lattest update free of it´s OS which will give many solutions to those cons that users have expressed. Windows 8.1 will bring a huge number of new features to the platform including an option which let users start from their desk. Also a restart button is included so you can go back to the system after many requests. Starting screen has also been m…

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How to turn off my pc on Windows 8

With the new welcome of start button on Windows 8.1, the preview of this Microsoft apk update is very easy and Fast when it happens to turn off the pc. Place on the start button and then right click. A user menu will show up with multiple options. One of these is about how to turn off your PC on Windows 8. This Windows 8.1 advanced user menu is also available with Windows keys  + X. Then you just select the option you want to use for example: r…

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How to share a link using Messenger Companion

…ink about a certain web page If you want to share an online link, you can enter to the page and click on the Messenger Companion icon so you can enter comments The link created by MSN could be seen by your friends. You can create your opinions or give some info to the rest of the people You can install MSN Companion. The process is fast and easy. MSN Companion is by far one of the most useful tools of Windows Live. With MSN Com…

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5 apps to manage emails for Windows

…Gmail accounts, Outlook and Yahoo Mail. It is also compatible with Skype. Zimbra: Nice option to manage mails on Windows with no need to enter to web browser. It can work with no internet connection. You can read mails from POP or IMAP accounts of Outlook and AOL. It brings support for 20 different languages and user interface based on flanges and support for Facebook and Twitter. Windows Live Mail: Users can add different mail accounts. It has a…

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Youtube for Windows Phone

…hat work with Windows Phone 7,5 and also has a compatibility with Windows Phone 8. It is interesting to say that Windows Phone description indicates that this is a Microsoft apk and has no relation with Google. However, Microsoft launched a report in which grates Google support to guarantee users to have a better experience in YouTube. Youtube for Windows Phone features are: You can add videos and playlists search on Live Tiles manage video…

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How to use Dropbox on Windows 8

Dropbox, one of the most popular storage services, has a desk version for Windows 8. To use Dropbox on Windows 8 you must download and install the app from Windows 8 App Store. Just click on the icon from the app store and on the browsing box write ¨Dropbox¨. There, you will enter to start section of Dropbox where you can create and account. After sign in Dropbox for Windows 8, you will be able to look at every files folder contained on the app….

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