Message: Page Cannot Be Displayed

When you want to enter hotmail and the message¨page cannot be displayed¨ appears you are living a failed web connection attempt. This happens when you do not have a powerful web service connection and also when there are web browser problems. Also this message is very common to appear when a virus is on our system. To sum it up, this message consists on an error of web connection. So the solution is very simple, just try to conn…

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Hotmail as a Start Page on Chrome Web Browser

…use this chat and communication service. But sometimes people don´t like to start their Hotmail session from the beginning. They prefer to have it as a Start Page on Chrome Web Browser, assuming the have Chrome already installed. Here´s a tutorial to make Hotmail as a Start Page on Chrome Web Browser: Enter to Google Chrome On the upper right side of the screen, there´s an icon with the shape of a tool key. Click on it and a slide menu will be…

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Google new page

Google, the most used search engine all over the world, hasn´t sill made a change on it´s design. This is gonna be different on the short term. A new google design and even a new logo is in a beta phase. Also a new apps box is studied. This is not official, but new Google page will be able for all the planet. However, this update will be able at first time for Mac users OS X which means that Windows or Linux users won´t be able to see the new d…

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Images2PDF. Convert images in PDF files

…sers to create the size of the screen for PDF file. You also have options to change the backgroud colour and the page, create borders, and also exclude duplicated images. All uploaded images are displayed on the left side of the main window where you can make individual adjustments for each one of them. Images are displayed in alphabetical order, however, user has the chance to save them according his preferences. The PDF program can be custome…

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How to delete Search History on Windows 8

A search History is always made on Windows 8 so users can get easier to different pages on future sessions. But sometimes happens that you want to avoid others to know where have you been on internet or what pages have you visited. Here´s a tutorial that shows you how to delete Search History on Windows 8. Enter to the bar by click on Win+C or move the cursor to the buttom right corner of the screen. Select ¨Setup¨ on the lower side of the…

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10 steps to manage Hotmail Calendar and Pending Tasks

…ts you manage Hotmail Calendar and Pending Tasks. This last one can be adjusted by date and priority in order to be warned before the event happens, up to two minutes before. If you wish to use and manage  Hotmail Calendar, follow this tutorial. Here are 10 steps to manage Calendar and Pending tasks Enter to your hotmail account with your name and password On the main page, go to Windows Live logo on the upper left corner A list will be display…

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How to Export Contacts on Hotmail

…e is a combination of letters and numbers that can be only read by a PC. Don´t panic if your contacts file can´t be opened or it is opened indedd but appears strange symbols. Here´s a tutorial that shows you how to Export Hotmail contacts: Open your Hotmail account with your user name and password On the main page, go to the upper right side of the screen on ¨Options¨. Click there. A list will be displayed on which you must select ¨More Op…

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How to setup Hotmail on Mozilla Thunderbird

…mail account already setup. 3.      Open Thunderbird and on the upper bar click on ¨Tools¨ so a tools list will be displayed. Click on ¨Accounts setup¨.  4.      On the active view go to the low part and click on ¨Account operations¨. Now you will see a slide menu. Click on ¨Add Hotmail account¨. 5.      A setup Window is displayed. Enter the data of your Hotmail account. Accept and you will have set up your new Hotmail account on Thunderbir…

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10 steps to use Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods

…d Methods you must follow this tutorial: Access to Hotmail account with your username and password. On the main page go to the upper side on ¨Hotmail¨. Then go to the upper right side where options menu is located. Select ¨More Options¨ . A list will be displayed with many options related to Hotmail services included. On the category ¨Custom Hotmail¨, go to  the option ¨Keyboard Brief Methods¨. Select it and a menu of options with boxes on the s…

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Outlook Sign In

…Hotmail now turns into This is not an automatic change, but on the current year, some improves will be made. If you want to start just follow the guide which is below this page. This is a brief history about Outlook: It starts on 1990 with Office Package. However, it was removed two years later. Since it begun, Outlook was accepted by users for the reason that they could manage their mail accounts with no need to enter t…

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