New Hotmail reaches 10 million users

…ese two steps: Go to ¨Options¨ Click on ¨Update to Outlook¨. That´s all, your Hotmail account has been changed into an Outlook account, which from now on will stand by you every day you check it. Enjoy Incoming search terms: export outlook calendar to skydrive calendar publish exchange calendar to onedrive Clear OneDrive from lumia does one drive for business have an outlook plugin? new security measure to sign into hotmail email…

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Hotmail updates automatically to

From next week on, Hotmail updates automatically to This news is spread by mail to all Hotmail users. But Microsoft is working and has updated many Hotmail accounts, so you can be using from now on. You can notice that because the aspect is different and also the first time you try, a features screen is displayed with all functions and tools. Microsoft is trying to get everyone on ser…

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Setup my Gmail account to resend emails to

One of the most important features offered by is the chance to receive emails from another platforms like Gmail. This function allows to receive emails on our Outlook account in an easy way.  To do this, you must setup your Gmail account following these steps: 1.      Start sessions on and Gmail accounts 2.      On Gmail: Click on SetUp 3.      Click on Resend and mail POP/IMAP and then add a resend addressç 4.      Writ…

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Change from Hotmail to

Microsoft has launched in replacement of the classic Hotmail. Many users have done the migration process in order to keep their old hotmail accounts (now turned into ones) or creating new ones to stay in tune with the web planet. Here is a tutorial that explains in 5 simple steps how to change from Hotmail to Enter on Enter you hotmail password. When you done this, mails, contacts and folder…

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Microsoft launches

Using Metro interface and bringing the lattest tech of sending and receiving mails process, Microsoft launches Renewed and upgraded. You can use weather if you have or not a hotmail account. Creating an account is very easy and you just need to fill a simple form in order to be part of the most important mailing platform of the web planet. integrates SkyDrive, Facebook and Skype and when you ente…

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Outlook .com offers many ways to keep dialogues with chat. A huge change on Gates company was the purchase of Skype for 9 million dollars on 2011 which happened to be one of the most important operations of that year (the cost was so cheap). This fact also made a remove of the classic chat messenger. also integrates with social network Facebook and privacy policy of Google were not an obstacle for Microsoft in order to addopt Google…

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What have changed from Hotmail to

Microsoft has officialy said goodbye to old Hotmail and welcome new Here´s what have changed from Hotmail to Cleaner space, especially on Outlook inbox. You will be able to read messages in an easier way and even more pleasant. The head side of the screen has 60% less of pixels so you can display 30% more of messages. Search boxes are smaller and Microsoft has compromised to keep free of advertising Outlook inbox and…

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Microsoft is giving it´s best to advantage Gmail. With new has introduced many changes and the service also captured many users. However, Google mail has 288 million users vs 286 million of Microsoft according to Consultant Service Comscore. Gmail is ahead Microsoft in these days. Nowadays we have Google Mail on the first place, with 286 million and then comes Yahoo! With 282 million. However, on the United States Yahoo…

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