New Outlook design based on Windows 10 will have a new design based on Windows 10 and the Sway tool will be incorporated as an app launcher. Recently, a new image design apps launcher will add a bigger live tile where you can see the last activity of your account. Contacts icons, Calendar and OneDrive will be modified. Office apps will leave the word Online. Also name will be changed to Outlook Mail. Sway will be also added. New Office tool will…

How to Start session on

…want to do it. Just follow this tutorial to start session on Enter from your browser to Access your mail address and password Click on the blue button to finish Once you did it you had entered to inbox. You can enter to from a Smartphone or Tablet. Microsoft ensures that if you use Hotmail, SkyDrive, Xbox Live or Windows Phone you have already made a Microsoft account and you can start session…

How to Setup an account on iPhone or iPad

… from Microsoft. Now you can enter to from any device even if you are an Apple user or have an iOS device including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is a tutorial that shows you how to enter and setup from your iOS device: How to enter to from your iPhone or iPad usingthe web: Desk version is available to enter to from any iOS device. If you are using iPhone to enter to an…

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Add info to my profile

…com profile. There you can add the name of the company you work for, what you do there, and fax or phone numbers. All this info can be seen by any contact you have. Here are the steps to add info to your profile: Sign in and then: Click on your name or account name. Then select Modify Profile Select Messenger Profile Click on ¨Modify¨and as you can see there are two kinds of info: Contact information and Work information….

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Add or remove Birthdays on

…ndar. If users never added birthday date to contact info, it will also join to Calendar. Then you can Able, Disable and Remove Birthday Calendar. You can also disable inbox invitations. To enter to Birthday Calendar you must sign in Then select the apps launcher and click on Calendar. Once you are on Calendar, click on the setup wheel to enter to all calendars. Calendars are marked. To disable invitations, click on ¨Options¨. A new…

How to create a Calendar on

…essages and alerts so you can replace your traditional one. This option was also available on Hotmail and now you can create different calendars to manage your appointments This tutorial shows you how to create a Calendar on Start session Once you are on Outlook mail you can display options which are pasted to logo on the upper left side of the screen. Select ¨Calendar¨ and there you can upload events. To…

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  • Adding iCloud to Outlook 2013 reaches 60 million users

…more than 500 million images and Office docs. Something important to consider is that is on preview phase (beta) however, the company announced a definitive relaunch for this Mail service. According to Microsoft, numbers average Hotmail ones and migration to is going to be automatic. So users won´t have to worry about their contacts and messages because everything is going to be saved on the new…