Outlook.com reaches 60 million users

Things couldn´t go better for Microsoft. The company announced that Outlook.com reched 60 million users since it was born on July 2012. From Microsoft it is been said that this mail service is the fasttest on growing up and 33% of new users are coming from Gmail. Arround 12 million users are enjoying cleaning options and similar tools to manage Outlook.com inbox. 25 million users have started to use SkyDrive to share more than 500 million image…

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How to create a Calendar on Outlook.com

Among Outlook.com services, you can create a calendar which works as a digital Schedule and you can also include messages and alerts so you can replace your traditional one. This option was also available on Hotmail and now you can create different calendars to manage your appointments This tutorial shows you how to create a Calendar on Outlook.com.   Start Outlook.com session Once you are on Outlook mail you can display options which are past…

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Setup Messenger Privacy options on Outlook.com

To setup Messenger Privacy options on Outlook.com, follow these steps: First of all, you must sign in Outlook.com and then: On Outlook.com inbox, click on yur name or account name and then select ¨Modify Profile¨ Then click on ¨Messenger Profile¨ A new flange will be opened. Click on ¨Modify¨ To enter to Messenger Privacy Setup, click on ¨Shared with:…¨ On Privacy options you can select who are allowed to see your Profile and who can get in to…

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New Hotmail Outlook.com reaches 10 million users

Only in two weeks since Outlook was born, we have the pleasure to tell you that the number of 10 million users has been reached. This incredible success has an explanation according to Microsoft´s CEOS, and the main reason is that the new Outlook has a tidy and clear platform where you can web and manage your mail with no inconvenients like advertising or banners. Also you can keep in touch with Facebook or Twitter with no need to leave your Out…

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Hotmail and Outlook.com Differences

New Outlook.com was launched to the market .Many differences between Outlook.com and Hotmail can be told. Here are the most important we could test during this lapse of time Outlook.com is available: Hotmail and Outlook.com are different products. In fact Microsoft put all the effort to make this difference. The tech is the keyword. The speed and simplicity of functions are probably what makes Outlook.com a very competitive product with gmail a…

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Hotmail updates automatically to Outlook.com

…on the short term, but till then, you still have the chance to return to Hotmail. But remember this: When your Hotmail account is automatically updated to an Outlook.com one, you won´t be able to return to Hotmail service. Luckily, Microsoft put many Hotmail features on new Outlook.com mail service. Incoming search terms: www hotmail com/sign in update hotmail to outlook hotmail updates hotmail update to outlook Automatically Sign in to Hotmail…

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Create an Outlook.com limited list

…We often add new contacts to Outlook.com account with no reason at all. All of them will enter to your profile information (personal and work info). You can create an Outlook.com limited list where unknown addresses can be added. These contacts will be able to send us mails, but can´t see your profile information. To create an Outlook.com limited list on Messenger, first of all you must sign it Outlook.com and then follow these steps: On your…

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Outlook.com troubles made in China

…ble to enter to their accounts but they were adviced by a message that said:¨Server identity can´t be checked¨. Outlook.com pages and Login-live.com didn´t suffer many inconvenients. Gmail service also received a similar attack not so long ago, but it was blocked by Chinesse government. Journalists suspects that Oultook.com could have the same luck. Remember that although many inconvenients were registered to sign in Outlook.com, there weren´t se…

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Setup my Gmail account to resend emails to Outlook.com

…etup confirmation message from Gmail. Click on the link to confirm 6.      On Gmail, update the Setup page clicking on ¨Refresh¨ 7.      Select Resend an incoming mail copy and then click on ¨Save¨. That´s all, now you have sync your accounts. This operation allows to save time and effort on email reading from different platforms. Incoming search terms: outlook en español Go to Gmail Log in outlook email en espanol Sign to My Gmail Email onedriv…

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Setup Active Views on Outlook.com

…n any of them and an Active View is opened. If you click on Play, the presentation starts. You can stop it clicking on Pause. On the upper side of the Active View, you have the browse command which lets you download the image to your PC and you also have the Full Screen command. Setup Active Views on Outlook.com Sign in your Outlook.com account and then click on the setup wheel. Then select ¨Options¨ Select the ¨Show Previews¨ option and click o…