How to recover my password

…p which is start your session. When the web tells you that you had made a wrong enter, select receiving your password on your cellphone. There you go, now you can recover your password. If you don´t have  setup a cellphone  on your mail, we suggest you to do it because it´s a very useful method to recover your password. Incoming search terms: overlook email sign in outlook not syncing all emails How…

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New Outlook App for Android and iOS

…one or more of these options: Device account and profile data Calendar Use calendar info Contacts Use contacts info Photos/ Media / Files Use one or more of these options: External device storage or files device like images, videos and audio files.  Device ID and calls info You can detect the phone number, device ID´s and remote number of the incoming call. Incoming search terms: oxfffffe70 imo for microsoft 535 Outlook App Sign in What is focus…

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How to Update to

On this tutorial are the steps to update to You can enter to very fast and easy. Just access to and start Hotmail, Live or Msn and enter your password. Automatic Domain change can´t be done. If you wish to make your old change to an you must program it manual. To do this step go to Options¨/ ¨More mail options setup¨. You can change the name of your address mail. You are able to chan…

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…even better than old Hotmail. Also remember that transition process is available. If you are a Hotmail user and want to start using, you can select the option ¨Change to¨,  with no need to create a new address or a new contact list. Enjoy We´ll be in touch with lattest news. Incoming search terms: resend email outlook 2013 how to create imo account of lumia 730 outlook 360 email sign in images…

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Creating an Calendar

Now you can create an calendar as you used to do it on your old Hotmail account as well. gives you the chance to create many calendars for different activities or special occations. For example birthdays, special dates to remember, anniversaries, schedules, work calendars, romantic dates, etc. Just follow these steps to create an calendar: Sign up On inbox, click on the arrow that says…

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Using Common questions about new microsoft´s service.

…m, so many questions have been asked. Here are the most common: 1.      Does my old Hotmail dissapear? When new interface is displayed , select ¨Upgrade to¨ (upper right corner of your inbox on menu options) 2.      How can I create a new address? Just follow this simple tutorial: ·         Enter to ·         Click on ¨Sign Up¨ ·         Fill in the form ·         Complete all the fields ·         Click on ¨I a…

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New mail is available since a few months ago. If you haven´t changed yet from your Hotmail account to an one, the process is very simple. Just go to the gear symbol on the top of your Hotmail account and select ¨Change to¨. . You have side and top functions which are located on your screen with the difference of more speed when you click on them. With these functions you will be able to mark mails and do diffe…

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How to send an email on

If you are an user, just remember that many changes and new features were introduced on this mail client. One of the most important is the way you send an email on It´s quite different from Hotmail but it is faster and friendly. Enjoy!! and read this following tips we show about how to send an email on Send an email is the main task of a mail client platform. So Microsoft focused on that and crea…

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How to Setup an account on Android

…a POP3  one. You must enter your username and password and start  manual setup, select POP3 and enter the following information Username: Enter your username [email protected] Password: Enter the password POP3 server: Port: 995 Security Type: SSL/TLS (accept all certificates) or SSL (accept all certificates) SMTP server: Port: 587 Security type: None Ask for sign up: Disabled If you want your mails be erased from Androi…

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Safe Outlook. New security measures for

Phishing attacks are really threatened by Microsoft new security measures. 2 systems have been developed as users are increasing every day. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) and EV Certificates (Extended Validation) will be working for Microsoft with the aim of protecting of phishing attacks. DMARC works by saving mail services and keep them safe with reports and constant alerts to D…

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