Save Chat history on

It can be very useful saving chat history on your account. Among the advantages you have by doing this, here are the most important: If you save chat history you can recover an old address You can also recover an old phone number You can bring up an old chat you had made a long time ago. To save Chat History on, follow this tutorial Enter to Select ¨More Options¨ Click on ¨Messeges History¨ on ¨…

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Block a contact on

New has many options to custom your inbox so you must follow a setup process which is very simple. Here´s a common problem that many people have,  about the reception of many e-mails from unknown contacts. The solution is very simple: you have to block a contact on Just follow these steps: Can you block a contact on The answer is very easy and positive. Spam also known as trash mail is a common example of b…

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How to setup on a tablet with Windows 8 (tutorial video), the new mail service of Microsoft is already installed on the web. This new mail replaces old Hotmail. Here´s a tutorial video that shows you how to setup on a tablet with Windows 8. Here you will see how to make correct adjusts in order to setup your tablet and enter to Video setup of on a tablet with Windows 8: Incoming search terms: windows 8 1 share to outlook how to sync outlook to outlook…

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How to setup on iOS devices

Many accunts have been created since Microsoft launched in replacement of classic Hotmail. But what happens if you want to custom or setup for your iOS device? This is a tutorial that helps you to do the process: Open iOS adjustments and go to ¨Mails, Contacts and Calendars¨ Click on Add account Select Hotmail and enter your Outlook account. Press ¨next¨ You can select which elements will be sync. If Hotmai…

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Adding Reading pannel on (tutorial + video)

If you want a Reading pannel on inbox you must enter a few setup changes. Follow these tutorial that shows you how to add a Reading Pannel on 1.      Click on the icon that seems like a gear 2.      Click on more mail setup options 3.      Click on Reading Pannel 4.      Select where the Reading Pannel is going to be placed (right or lower side) 5.      Enter the preset function on the Reading Pannel. You can select to…

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How to import contacts on

If you want to move from your mail, you should know how to import contacts. If you like your information online, this step is very important. Here´s a tutorial to import a contact list from 2 different accounts to platform: Start session on with your username and password On Contacts, click on ¨Manage¨ and then on ¨Export¨ Save the file.CSV on your hard disk Close your session and start a new one with the account you wa…

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Use as a Diary

If you want to have a personal diary, you can use as one of the most important tools for this. Daily activities can be saved thanks to the option ¨Calendar¨ which makes easier your tasks and daily activities. This tutorial shows the steps to follow in order to use as a Diary in your own mail: Enter to platform using your username and password Click on ¨Outlook¨ on the upper side of the screen Select ¨Calenda…

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Select sender´s address on lets you select the address that appears as sender. This is a good choice to keep your identity in secret. To select the sender´s option, first thing you must do is create an alias on which we have explained to you. This alias is going to appear on the sender´s addres so you must keep it in mind at the time you select it. If the alias is going to be used for work mails or studies, best thing to do is select funny ones. O…

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