Creating an Calendar

Now you can create an calendar as you used to do it on your old Hotmail account as well. gives you the chance to create many calendars for different activities or special occations. For example birthdays, special dates to remember, anniversaries, schedules, work calendars, romantic dates, etc. Just follow these steps to create an calendar: Sign up On inbox, click on the arro…

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How to create rules on (Tutorial and Video)

If you want to manage your mail Messages, you must create rules. If you have done this process on Hotmail, you won´t have any trouble at creating rules on Here are the steps you can follow to create rules on Click on the ¨tools¨ icon Go to ¨more options¨ Click on ¨Rules to manage new messages¨ On the first slide list, click the field you are going to put the rule On the second slide list, enter…

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New functions

Here are the lattest functions that may be useful for you and also for your contacts if you want to share this article. On Welcome Message, you have the chance to modify your Hotmail ID to a new ID one. This ables the chance to modify your Hotmail extension with no need to change the engine of incoming and outgoing messages. From inbox you can get in touch with your social friends of  Facebook or…

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Chat messenges saved on

Usually mailbox shows each message, but lets you group them according to the subject on a same Chat. Sent emails and answers will be displayed together on a page. Therefore, you can follow clearly the conversation in one page. This way of grouping all the messages lets you save many steps at the time of checking emails on inbox. On inbox, grouped emails will have a mark that shows the number of messages that…

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How to Start session on is on the market a long time by now. This Microsoft´s mail client is constantly expanding and being achieved by many users all over the world.. If you haven´t changed from your old Hotmail to the new, now it is the time to make it happen. Here are the steps to start session on in case you have adopted this new service or want to do it. Just follow this tutorial to start session on Enter from you…

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Safe Outlook. New security measures for

Phishing attacks are really threatened by Microsoft new security measures. 2 systems have been developed as users are increasing every day. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) and EV Certificates (Extended Validation) will be working for Microsoft with the aim of protecting of phishing attacks. DMARC works by saving mail services and keep them safe with reports and constant alerts to…

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Hotmail and Differences

…to make this difference. The tech is the keyword. The speed and simplicity of functions are probably what makes a very competitive product with gmail and yahoo. platform is a very huge place divided on different sections you can work on, in order to send a mail, attach a file, do some actions like delete a group of mails just by a click, etc. Active View features seem like Hotmail ones, but they do not work exactly as fast…

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Hotmail updates automatically to

From next week on, Hotmail updates automatically to This news is spread by mail to all Hotmail users. But Microsoft is working and has updated many Hotmail accounts, so you can be using from now on. You can notice that because the aspect is different and also the first time you try, a features screen is displayed with all functions and tools. Microsoft is trying to get everyone on ser…

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Join Skype and accounts

Here´s a tutorial which shows you how to join Skype and accounts. If you have a previous Skype version in which the service wasn´t allowed already to use a Microsoft account to enter to the app, this tutorial is for you. If you start using Skype with Microsoft account, you won´t find a Skype user name, therefore, you don´t need to join accounts. To access to Skype, enter the user´s name and a password. To keep all Skype contacts, yo…

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