New Hotmail

…ctions you can access easily and this welcome page also has the most important aspects you should know about Hotmail and Outlook, like: Microsoft launches Microsoft launches new mail service named Using Metro tech, Microsoft wants to be ahead of time and launches Using Metro interface and bringing the lattest tech of sending and receiving mails process, Microsoft launches Read More Hotmail turns to…

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Outlook Sign In

Outlook Sign In is a tutorial that wants to show you everything about The new Hotmail now turns into This is not an automatic change, but on the current year, some improves will be made. If you want to start just follow the guide which is below this page. This is a brief history about Outlook: It starts on 1990 with Office Package. However, it was removed two years later. Since it begun, Outlook was accepted…

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Import Contacts on

…h belong to different social networks you´ve joined. On each one, you have different contacts you can import to Sometimes, it happens the case of sending an e-mail from or share a OneDrive doc and when you search the receiver, you can´t find it on your contact list, because it is located on your Facebook or Twitter friends or in another mail account. Therefore, you can have at hand your contact list on Here a…

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How to setup Outlook Express accounts

…ount, you must create new accounts on mail service (ex Hotmail). After you execute ¨Outlook Express¨mail, follow this tutorial: To setup your Outlook account, go to ¨Tools¨ and select ¨Accounts¨ Select ¨Add¨ then ¨Mails¨ Now enter the name you want for your mail account Enter your mail address On the fields ¨Incoming mail server¨ and ¨outgoing mail server¨ write your (example You can enter an…

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5 top features of

Here are 5 of top features of Since Microsoft left old Hotmail and introduced as a mail service, millions of people have changed the way they communicate. Here´s the list you should know about your account: Create an alias on One of the best features for those whw have more than two mail addresses. Users can receive their mails in an only account which is an alias, and also have a main account fo…

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Answer and resend mails on

…ddress will appear on the receiver. There you can write the contact names who you want to resend the received e-mail. Remember that only allows to send e-mails to a limited number of people per day. If you send many times the same e-mails, will suspect that your account is sending spam. In this case it will block it. Incoming search terms: Remove Profile Picture in Outlook 2013 bing outlook mail microsoft office outlook 36…

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How to resend an e-mail on (tutorial + video)

…the e-mail you want to resend Click on ¨Actions¨( below the line that divides the issue text from mail info) Click on ¨Resend¨ Enter the e-mail address/es you wish to resend the message, message data, etc. Click on ¨Send¨ That´s all you need to know about how to resend an e-mail on Here´s there´s also a tutorial video. Incoming search terms: wwwhotmail com au www onedriveoutlook com how to mark mail important in outlook 2013…

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New Outlook App for Android and iOS

Microsoft launched a new Outlook App for Android and iOS. New apps are available on App Store and Google Play. New Outlook app for phones and tablets is based on Acompli, mail client purchased by Microsoft last year. Users can enter to emails, Calendars, Files and Contacts from a same App. Outlook filters messages and classifies most important mails. Then it places on different inboxes. For Contacts, Outlook makes a selection of most common ones…

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