Outlook.com is advantaged by Gmail

…service also captured many users. However, Google mail has 288 million users vs 286 million of Microsoft according to Consultant Service Comscore. Gmail is ahead Microsoft in these days. Nowadays we have Google Mail on the first place, Outlook.com with 286 million and then comes Yahoo! With 282 million. However, on the United States Yahoo! Is the most used mail service with 77 million users vs 69 million for Gmail and 35,5 million of Outlook.com…

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Gmail will accept Outlook.com accounts on Android

…u named ¨All inboxes¨. Developers revealed that Outlook.com and Yahoo! messages can be read as chats. Chances of longer mail lists like messages is one of the most important features on Gmail app. It´s been a long time since Outlook launched an app for iOS and Android OS. This app let manage Gmail, Yahoo! and other IMAP and POP accounts on Outlook.com. Both apps for Android and Gmail can be downloaded for free. Just try them and tell us your…

Enter to SkyDrive from Outlook.com

…er SoundGecko also incorporated SkyDrive, which adimits 106 languages. Nowadays on SkyDrive you have 7GB of storing for free and you can enter from your Outlook.com account. How to enter to SkyDrive from Outlook.com: Sign in Outlook.com On Outlook.com inbox click on the arrow that says ¨Outlook¨(Upper left corner of your screen) Select SkyDrive When you enter to SkyDrive main page you will find many options and folders you can manage like…

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Microsofts adds Sunrise on Outlook apps

Microsoft adds Sunrise Calendar on Outlook apps like did it before with Acompli mail app. First changes based on Sunrise can be seen on new Outlook for iOS updates and Outlook for Android. Outlook Mobile CEO reported that in the short term, new Sunrise functions will be added. Sunrise will stop working and also will dissapear from Apple Store. Microsoft decided to give them a reasonable time to make the changes. In next Outlook updates, 3D…

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How to create folders on Outlook.com (tutorial + video)

…the most common way to do it. It helps you to group emails in a way you wish to. Here´s a tutorial that shows you to create folders on Outlook.com. Also there´s a link to a video below the article. Follow these steps: Start Outlook session On the right column, where Inbox mail is, click on New Folder On the text box, add a folder name you want to create This is the easiest way to create folders. This action also is followed by the creation of…

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Setup Active Views on Outlook.com

…ation starts. You can stop it clicking on Pause. On the upper side of the Active View, you have the browse command which lets you download the image to your PC and you also have the Full Screen command. Setup Active Views on Outlook.com Sign in your Outlook.com account and then click on the setup wheel. Then select ¨Options¨ Select the ¨Show Previews¨ option and click on ¨Save¨ We suggest to setup your Reading Panel so you don´t have to leave…