Block spams on

Spams are spread over the whole offer of mail services. is not an exception. Although offers many tools to avoid spams, they are born every day. However this is a tutorial to block spams on Follow these steps and you might reduce the chance to untide your inbox: Start session Select ¨More Options for setting mail¨ Go to ¨Send Spam¨ Select ¨Safe and blocked senders¨ Add mail…

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Mark all your emails as read on

Here´s a tutorial which explains you very simple how to mark all your e-mails as read on Traditional way is clicking on ¨Mark as read¨ button on the task bar. If you have many e-mails to mark as read, you can do this one by one or from folders. You will save a lot of time. To begin, sign in and  follow these steps: To mark all your e-mails as read you must right click on the folders which have non opened e-mails. Then…

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Create and Delete email alias on (Video)

…iving all the emails to a single account, you can delete your alias and redirect incoming messages to different accounts. Here´s a tutorial video which explains how to create and delete emails alias on Follow these steps and start enjoying your account!   Incoming search terms: mail fcs com gr loc:US msn email server settings outlook 2013 connect onedrive accounts msn email alias delete how…

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Download Holiday Calendar for

This is a tutorial that shows you how to download Holiday Calendar of your country and Moon Calendar for your account. Updated Calendar lets you manage your tasks according to your country holidays. If you have work travel or holidays, you can download the calendar of your country to manage your stay knowing holidays and non working days. Calendar lists are very huge and download them is very simple. You can also download moon calen…

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Hotkeys are able on in order to simplify your job at your account. We know that you are used to ¨mouse¨ but you can try this simple hotkeys and see that editing, checking and sending process are faster and easier with Hotkeys. Here are the most commn hotkeys: Ctrl+Enter: To send a message Ctrl+R: To answer a mail to an only sender Ctrl+Shift+R: As the previuos function, but in this case you answer…

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How to Add an image as signature on

Here´s a tutorial that explains how to add an image as signature on Follow this tutorial and learn how to signate your messages on with a customed image:  1)      Enter to 2)      Click on the gear icon of Custom your account 3)      Click on ¨More setup mail options¨ 4)      Click on ¨Signature and source of Message¨ 5)      Go to ¨Text…¨Click on the arrow and go to ¨Edit on HTML¨ 6)      Now yo…

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How to setup on a tablet with Windows 8 (tutorial video), the new mail service of Microsoft is already installed on the web. This new mail replaces old Hotmail. Here´s a tutorial video that shows you how to setup on a tablet with Windows 8. Here you will see how to make correct adjusts in order to setup your tablet and enter to Video setup of on a tablet with Windows 8: Incoming search terms: outlook com setup windowstablet updating outlook credential…

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Managing Hotmail services

If you use Hotmail, you are able to enter to Blogger, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, etc. If it happens that you have already changed or removed those accounts, we recommend you to take them away from the list and add the new account. In case you have changed your Hotmail address, just sync them with your new mail account. Here´s a tutorial to manage Hotmail services in the cases you had changed or removed social accounts or your mail on…

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How to create a Hotmail invitation

Hotmail gives you the chance to create invitations for those events that are really special for your life. Now you don´t need to tell in person every contact you know. With Hotmail invitations, you can create the text for the event and then select from your contact lists who will be the guests. Now your birthdays, marriage, baptizes, and other social activities can be sent to those you want to know. Here´s a tutorial to create a Hotmail invitat…

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Hotmail as a Start Page on Chrome Web Browser

…rld we are living, communications by mail and social networks are the most used by everyone. To tell the truth, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, facebook, twitter, and many other sites like those, are increasing their incomes because of the huge number of people that every day use this chat and communication service. But sometimes people don´t like to start their Hotmail session from the beginning. They prefer to have it as a Start Page on Chrome Web Brows…

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Add an image to your Hotmail signature

Windows Live Hotmail offers different chances to custom your messages. You can add your custom signature. What we are saying is that a phrase or text or emoticon can be added. This is an excellent option to make a difference between the sent mails. Custom signature can be used on e-commerce. You can design a custom siganture and Windows Live Hotmail allows you to give a link and play with the letter, size and colour. Also you can add an image t…

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