Import photos with Hotmail

…your PC images and sync them to create Photo albums which will be published on the web. For that reason, using will increase your social life. Tools on Hotmail inbox can make quick editions of your images, cut, fix, add and create some effects are some of the tricks you can do with your photos on Hotmail. Via: iniciar sesion hotmail. Incoming search terms: onedrive for business force sync force sync onedrive android how to list…

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Add an image to your Hotmail signature

Windows Live Hotmail offers different chances to custom your messages. You can add your custom signature. What we are saying is that a phrase or text or emoticon can be added. This is an excellent option to make a difference between the sent mails. Custom signature can be used on e-commerce. You can design a custom siganture and Windows Live Hotmail allows you to give a link and play with the letter, size and colour. Also you can add an image t…

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Hotmail as a Start Page on Chrome Web Browser

…orld we are living, communications by mail and social networks are the most used by everyone. To tell the truth, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, facebook, twitter, and many other sites like those, are increasing their incomes because of the huge number of people that every day use this chat and communication service. But sometimes people don´t like to start their Hotmail session from the beginning. They prefer to have it as a Start Page on Chrome Web Brow…

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Keep a message on inbox

As it happens on every tutorial, first of all you must start session on with all your data of Microsoft account. Then, when you are on your main page, go to inbox and place over the mails you have received. On them, you can see 3 icons which are: Mark this message as non read Delete this message Keep this message on the upper side of inbox With these options, select number 3, so will send this m…

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How to insert lines on Hotmail

You can insert Lines on Hotmail so you can divide your emails texts. Here you will learn how to insert a line on Hotmail at the momento of creating an email message. First of all you must start a Hotmail session. If you don´t have a Hotmail account, you need to create one. It is for free. Just enter to and follow the steps. If you have a Hotmail account, go to the page of writing a new email. On the tools bar, you have a line…

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Change Hotmail in English to Spanish

…ance to modify this language into the one you are more comfortable speaking. On this case we are focus on change Hotmail in English to Spanish. The reason is very simple, a huge number of latinamerican people live in USA and all over the world, so native language is always searched. To change Hotmail from English to Spanish, follow these steps: Enter to and log in. Complete your mail address or user´s ID, and password. Once you d…

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How to manage new messages on our Hotmail account

There´s a chance to add rules on Hotmail account so we can manage new incoming messages. To create, erase or modify these rules just follow these steps: start a hotmail session go to hotmail inbox and click on ¨Options¨ Click on ¨More Options¨ Go to ¨Custom Hotmail¨ Click on ¨Rules to manage new messages¨ Click on ¨New¨ to create a new rule Fill the data so you can achieve an auto action and save it That´s all. You h…

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Changing my Hotmail image

Hotmail image of your profile can be changed. Maybe you have already seen it on your contacts images. Now here´s a tutorial that explains how to change your Hotmail image profile in order to keep it updated with your lattest photograph. Follow these steps: Enter to your Hotmail account. (Name account and password shoud be introduced) Click on your account name or nickname on the upper right corner of your screen. Click on ¨Options¨ and select…

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How to add Box on

Adding Box on is a simple task. However, it was able for Business and Enterprise users only. Remember that those accounts options are paid ones. So you can add Box on with no need to be a member user. This Box adding is very useful as an option for those classic attached files from mailboxing. So you forget to think about the weight of the file you are sending and the admit managment. Thanks to Box´s add-on, the program…

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Install Skype web complement for

Skype on let users to chat, make audio or video calls from the inbox, etc. To do this, it is necessary to install Skype web complement. Another feature is the chance to make free video calls with contacts. First thing you must do is link Microsoft Acoount with Skype account, then click on messages click over the right side of the page and then click on ¨Skype contacts¨. After doing previous steps, you must select the ¨St…

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