Send a CV from

Here´s an tutorial  that shows you how to send a CV from your account and store it on OneDrive so you can have it at hand any time you want. Your CV on is very important if you are looking for a job, also if you have it and a better one comes, it is so much useful to have your CV at hand. First thing to have in mind is the address: email address is very important. The address is like an opening letter, so you…

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Microsoft is giving it´s best to advantage Gmail. With new has introduced many changes and the service also captured many users. However, Google mail has 288 million users vs 286 million of Microsoft according to Consultant Service Comscore. Gmail is ahead Microsoft in these days. Nowadays we have Google Mail on the first place, with 286 million and then comes Yahoo! With 282 million. However, on the United States Yahoo!…

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How many users does Hotmail 2012 have

Hotmail is the most used mail over the world and also is the oldest one. This gave the chance of constant improvement on the market. Competitors have copied many apps and Hotmail functions in order to follow the endless Communications race. Users also choose Hotmail because they find a complete Communications platform and with the highest security policy on the market. Nowadays, and alter more than 15 years of life, Hotmail has reached 360 milli…

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Enter to SkyDrive from

…ons for privacy. SkyDrive works on Windows environment but also has compatibility with Apple OS X and Ios. With from August 2012 you can use SkyDrive for Android and Windows Phone 8. DocuSign digital signature system and voice reader SoundGecko also incorporated SkyDrive, which adimits 106 languages. Nowadays on SkyDrive you have 7GB of storing for free and you can enter from your account. How to enter to SkyDrive from Out…

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How to create folders on (tutorial + video)

…do it. It helps you to group emails in a way you wish to. Here´s a tutorial that shows you to create folders on Also there´s a link to a video below the article. Follow these steps: Start Outlook session On the right column, where Inbox mail is, click on New Folder On the text box, add a folder name you want to create This is the easiest way to create folders. This action also is followed by the creation of rules, because it allows y…

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Gmail will accept accounts on Android

Gmail on Android users will have the chance to manage addresses. This is good news for those who have an Android phone but select as mail service. If you have already installed the app, you must update it to manage other accounts coming from Yahoo! and To enter to all emails from these accounts, you must sign in to a menu named ¨All inboxes¨. Developers revealed that and Yahoo! messages can be rea…

Setup Active Views on

Active Views is one of main functions of Active Views lets you preview images and videos sent to your mail. You can also watch and interact with the content, therefore the name Active. If a message is received with a video, you can watch it with no need to leave Just click and will show the video in an active view. If many images are received, you can enter to a slide show presentation. Videos Active Views J…

Managing Hotmail services

…Go to ¨Profile¨. Right button of the screen Go to the menu on the left and click on ¨Connected to¨ Now you can Modify or Remove services you want. When you modify a service, just follow the same steps you did when you previously added it. When you remove a service, just Confirm the operation Now you are able to use new hotmail services already modified. Enjoy them!! Incoming search terms: whatsapp messages outlook www facebook com e2 80 8e…

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How to create a Hotmail invitation

Hotmail gives you the chance to create invitations for those events that are really special for your life. Now you don´t need to tell in person every contact you know. With Hotmail invitations, you can create the text for the event and then select from your contact lists who will be the guests. Now your birthdays, marriage, baptizes, and other social activities can be sent to those you want to know. Here´s a tutorial to create a Hotmail invitati…

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