Popular Hotmail Functions

…been working a lot to short the time of Hotmail response when it is asked to do a certain task or activity. Also Outlook.com new Microsoft Mail has introduced these functions that work online with SkyDrive. The whole package is one of the most competitive on the web planet of communications. Incoming search terms: hotmail pop3 settings outlook 2013 how to resend an email in hotmail iphone not working with hotmail gmail not working on windows p…

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10 steps to use Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods

Different functions and tools are displayed on new Hotmail. Those of them are focus to make a simple life and to save your time. The result: more incomes and more spare time for yourself. Therefore you must know this Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods in order to use them to make shorter your Hotmail session. The function is very simple: Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods allow you to read, manage, write or go to Hotmail inbox using only key combinatio…

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New Hotmail plugin for Outlook

There is a new tool that allows you to connect your inbox mails of Hotmail to Outlook. This is a must proposed by Microsoft in order to use your hotmail accounts through Outlook. However, this new step had some technical problems. One of the most important was that the trash or spam filter was not connected. For that reason, many mails that were selected as safe ones, were really trash mails (spams). There were also blocked senders, p…

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Storing Sent messages on Hotmail

If you have a Hotmail account or an Outlook.com one, storing sent messages on those services is very important when  you share quality information. If you have the time, try always to store sent messages on Hotmail. By doing this you create a folder which you can click on anytime and check sent Hotmail messages. These are the steps to store sent messages on Hotmail:  Enter to your Hotmail account with your username and password Go to ¨Options¨…

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Using Outlook.com. Common questions about new microsoft´s service.

…the fact that you need to update to Outlook.com if you already have a Hotmail account. If not, you can create an Outlook.com account and start enjoying new Microsoft´s mail service. If you change or create a new account, remember to fill in all the fields. They keep your privacy and detect if you are a person or a robot so antispam is always with your new Outlook.com account. Incoming search terms: hotmail com login my account outlook 2013 not d…

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How many users does Hotmail 2012 have

…he oldest one. This gave the chance of constant improvement on the market. Competitors have copied many apps and Hotmail functions in order to follow the endless Communications race. Users also choose Hotmail because they find a complete Communications platform and with the highest security policy on the market. Nowadays, and alter more than 15 years of life, Hotmail has reached 360 million users. It is a big news, not only for Hotmail author…

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Tutorial to Setup Hotmail on Samsung Star

…s launched to the market on may 2009. Colours are black, white and pink. This cellphone uses WAP 2.0 browser and works with Java MIDP 2.0. User interface can show web info. When Hotmail account is setup, Samsung S5230 lets the user to take mails wherever as long as an Internet conection is detected. Permanent conection with contacts, friends, family and work group is a reality. With Hotmail on your cellphone, you may able to read, create a…

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Hotmail security

If you use Hotmail currently, or changed to Outlook.com, you must keep safe your mail account from hackers and spam. For that reason here are some tips to take a look so you can keep safe your Hotmail account. Follow this hotmail tips to keep safe your Hotmail account: Don´t click on the box ¨remind me my account¨ even if you trying to access to your account from your PC. This is a useful tip specially if your pc is hacked or stolen. Updat…

New Hotmail Outlook.com reaches 10 million users

…b communications. If you have entered to the new Outlook, you probably won´t see any change compared to your old Hotmail. But you can turn your Hotmail account into an Outlook one just by doing these two steps: Go to ¨Options¨ Click on ¨Update to Outlook¨. That´s all, your Hotmail account has been changed into an Outlook account, which from now on will stand by you every day you check it. Enjoy Outlook.com Incoming search terms: outlook 2013 no…

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