Using Common questions about new microsoft´s service.

Many doubts and questions have been made since Microsoft´s announcement about new mail service: Hotmail will be replaced on the short term for, so many questions have been asked. Here are the most common: 1.      Does my old Hotmail dissapear? When new interface is displayed , select ¨Upgrade to¨ (upper right corner of your inbox on menu options) 2.      How can I create a new address?…

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How many users does Hotmail 2012 have

…he oldest one. This gave the chance of constant improvement on the market. Competitors have copied many apps and Hotmail functions in order to follow the endless Communications race. Users also choose Hotmail because they find a complete Communications platform and with the highest security policy on the market. Nowadays, and alter more than 15 years of life, Hotmail has reached 360 million users. It is a big news, not only for Hotmail author…

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Hotmail security

If you use Hotmail currently, or changed to, you must keep safe your mail account from hackers and spam. For that reason here are some tips to take a look so you can keep safe your Hotmail account. Follow this hotmail tips to keep safe your Hotmail account: Don´t click on the box ¨remind me my account¨ even if you trying to access to your account from your PC. This is a useful tip specially if your pc is hacked or stolen. Updat…

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Tutorial to Setup Hotmail on Samsung Star

…13. Secure Conection: TLS 14. POP 3 Server: 15. POP 3 Server: 995 16. APOP start session: Not mark 17. Secure conection: SSL 18. Download Limit: 300 19. Recover Option: Normal 20. Address mail: [email protected] 21. User name: [email protected] 22. Password: your hotmail password 23. Pop before smtp: Not mark 24. SMTP autentication: Mark 25. Pop3/IMAP4: Mark 26. Save all the changes That´s…

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New Hotmail reaches 10 million users

…b communications. If you have entered to the new Outlook, you probably won´t see any change compared to your old Hotmail. But you can turn your Hotmail account into an Outlook one just by doing these two steps: Go to ¨Options¨ Click on ¨Update to Outlook¨. That´s all, your Hotmail account has been changed into an Outlook account, which from now on will stand by you every day you check it. Enjoy Incoming search terms: outlook 2013 ca…

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How to Download images in Outlook email

Settings can be modified so you can download blocked content in your Outlook email. There are two process to download images in Outlook email: The long one: Go to File Select Options Select Trust Center (Outlook 2010) Click on Tools Click on ¨Trust Center¨ (Outlook 2007) The short one: Right click on the text of the Infobar of your head message (under the sender and subject). Change the automatic download options Images and advertiser´s con…

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3 tips to manage hotmail inbox

…d on Hotmail that works as the same way that Outlook messages marks. Just by clicking on the side little flag on hotmail inbox, you can select the most important mails. This is very useful especially if you have the chance to setup your inbox hotmail in order that it will only shows the selected messages on the first place. Incoming search terms: Check My Hotmail Inbox Messages Sign Hotmail Inbox Outlook hotmailinbox hotmail on iphone not updati…

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Setup my Gmail account to resend emails to

One of the most important features offered by is the chance to receive emails from another platforms like Gmail. This function allows to receive emails on our Outlook account in an easy way.  To do this, you must setup your Gmail account following these steps: 1.      Start sessions on and Gmail accounts 2.      On Gmail: Click on SetUp 3.      Click on Resend and mail POP/IMAP and then add a resend addressç 4.      Writ…

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How to Update to

On this tutorial are the steps to update to You can enter to very fast and easy. Just access to and start Hotmail, Live or Msn and enter your password. Automatic Domain change can´t be done. If you wish to make your old change to an you must program it manual. To do this step go to Options¨/ ¨More mail options setup¨. You can change the name of your address mail. You are able to ch…

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Tools for Outlook and Hotmail

Although the competence is very hard, Hotmail is still one of the most important ways of communication on the web planet. Recently, Hotmail and Outlook have created a new system that is focus to prevent virus and spams. The most important tool for Outlook and Hotmail is the combination between keyboard and passwords. This one can save many steps and you just need to click CTRL + N to create a new message and save time waiting to an emerge…

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SpringClean: APK to free space on your Hotmail account

When you have your Hotmail account full of e-mails you won´t check ever on the future, might be very risky. Your Hotmail account could be full uploaded of e-mails. To clean your Hotmail account and free space so you can be able to receive new messages you need to download SpringClean. This APKis focus to be installed on smartphones that work with OS Android or even iPhones. SpringCleanis very easy to use and you can select from different par…

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Add your cellphone to Hotmail and obtain more security

These are the benefits of adding your Hotmail Account on your cellphone. These following steps will teach you how to add your cellphone number on your Hotmail account: Sign your cellphone number: You will send a security code by sms. This measure contributes to erase trash mail. Hotmail won´t give any prívate data from his users to anyone. Benefits: Combat spam (Hotmail will know if there is a person behind a mail that belong…

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