Import photos with Hotmail

…your PC images and sync them to create Photo albums which will be published on the web. For that reason, using will increase your social life. Tools on Hotmail inbox can make quick editions of your images, cut, fix, add and create some effects are some of the tricks you can do with your photos on Hotmail. Via: iniciar sesion hotmail. Incoming search terms: onedrive for business force sync force sync onedrive android h…

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Types of Hotmail Messages

If you have a Hotmail account, you are constantly receiving messages that not only come from your contacts, but also from different people and companies. Spams are also included because they arrive to your Hotmail inbox as a simple e-mail but the function is different. To be clear: Hotmail creators are very interesting in the types of Hotmail messages that are displayed on your Hotmail account. For that reason they started to clasify them in ord…

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Storing messages on my Hotmail account

If you use Hotmail daily, here´s a tutorial that will help you to keep those messages you want and to remove from your Hotmail inbox, those that have less importance and occupy space. Hotmail has created an options system that you can custom in order to manage your Hotmail account. Follow these steps and you will have a cleaner Hotmail inbox with useful content: Enter to Hotmail (username and password must be introduced) On the left side of…

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10 Steps to Delete folders on Hotmail

If you have a Hotmail account, a very useful way to classify your messages is by creating folders that contain a category where you can store information related to that one. But when you stop incoming data to the folder because now it´s useless for your purposes, you need to delete it in order to free space on your Hotmail account. To delete a Hotmail folder, follow these steps: Sign in Hotmail session with your name and secret password When…

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Hotmail Offline via HTML5

New HTML5 version allows to use Hotmail Offline with no need to be connected to a web Server. Incredible but real. New technology developed by Microsoft´s team is reaching all the World and the most important feature is the chance you have to use Hotmail offline via HTML5  to send and receive messages. This news placed Hotmail above other mails services like Gmail and Yahoo. However, you must consider that emails you receive offline will sync i…

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10 steps to use Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods

Different functions and tools are displayed on new Hotmail. Those of them are focus to make a simple life and to save your time. The result: more incomes and more spare time for yourself. Therefore you must know this Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods in order to use them to make shorter your Hotmail session. The function is very simple: Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods allow you to read, manage, write or go to Hotmail inbox using only key combinatio…

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Hotmail updates automatically to

From next week on, Hotmail updates automatically to This news is spread by mail to all Hotmail users. But Microsoft is working and has updated many Hotmail accounts, so you can be using from now on. You can notice that because the aspect is different and also the first time you try, a features screen is displayed with all functions and tools. Microsoft is trying to get everyone on ser…

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How to share a link on Hotmail

…1.      Start a Hotmail session 2.      A page with a profile Photo will appear and links of internal pages of Hotmail also will be displayed. 3.      Fix the box on the upper side where it says ¨Share¨ and click o on the link to Share. 4.      This is how you can share a link on Hotmail using social updates. Incoming search terms: algo-twcrecommends_if2 link one drive to pc hotmail vcard sync window phone 8 1 themes share onedrive folder li…

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