Download Happy Smileys for Hotmail

…· One of the most common ways of adding our touch to messages and comments on MSN are smileys or emoticons that express the state of the sender. You can find on the web a wide range of happy smileys and emoticons to use them on MSN when you find yourself in a state of happiness and joy. To find emoticons and smileys you can check on thegifcollector   Emoticons and smileys for MSN are very common used on mess…

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How to invite contacts to Messenger

If you have already created a Hotmail account and want new contacts on your MSN list, you can contact with them following these steps: 1.      Enter to Messenger with your access data of your Hotmail account (address and password). If you watch your menu bar on the upper side of the screen click on ¨Contacts¨. Then click on ¨add contact¨. 2.      Now add the mail address you want and you can also include a phone number. 3.      Pick the ki…

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Disable Adware on Messenger Plus Live

If you download apks constantly, it happens that publicity appears as long as you are logging your programs. This is very common not only on apks but also on chatting and communication programs like MSN Plus live. However, there are many anti-adware or spyware that are really know in order to be downloaded and avoid this kind of advertisements. Here is a tutorial to disable this adware programs: If you have Windows XP, go to the option ¨Take or…

Free Apps for Android, Windows Live Messengers and other chats

…nstalled on Hotmail Chat, weather Windows Live Messenger on it´s Android version or other compatible versions of MSN protocol. Messenger WithYou is a free app especially designed for Android, which allow us to chat with any contact through MSN protocol. Contacts can be connected through a Xbox tablet or from a Mobile PC as a default OS. You can send and receive images and multimedia files as also direct access to Hotmail. Also it is available…

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Free Calls with Windows Live Messenger

With Windows Live Messenger you can make free calls from PC to PC with no cost and using Microsoft´s structure. Microsoft owns Skype but everything will be focus on making free calls using Windows Live Messenger. You can make free calls with Windows Live Messenger from PC to PC for example to comunícate with friends or Business Partners that also have Messenger. Just open Messenger and click on the phone icon next to the contact. Incoming se…

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About Windows Live People

One of MSN Network services is Windows Live People which allows you to manage contacts from your Hotmail account. You can Group them and see who has invited you  among many other options. Windows Live People is a Windows service that works as a contact platform or a block of notes based on people. Windows Live People is the result of joining Hotmail contacts with MSN Live Messenger and other Microsoft and Windows services like Outlook Expres…

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About Free Hotmail

If you don´t know the advantages of having a Hotmail account we can Lumber them as it follows: 1.      Enter to to create a free Hotmail account 2.      This account allows you to use MSN, one of the free APKS that is offered by Microsoft and let  you talk by chat or voice using videoconference for free. 3.      You can select oter free APKS like Outlook or Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Live Writer for free. 4.    …

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Skype 5.11 (beta) integrates Facebook and Messenger

New Skype 5.11 beta for Windows users is on the market. The most important features of Skype 5.11 beta are described below: ·       Skype 5.11 beta integrates Facebook and Messenger ·       Users can receive and send messages to MSN ·       Users can start session from Skype 5.11 ·       You can share messages with friends ·       You can receive and send messages from contacts ·       Skype 5.11 beta integrates also with Xbox and…

How to chat from hotmail with facebook friends

For those who have accounts on Hotmail and Facebook, you have the chance to chat from facebook just by starting session on Hotmail. You can learn more if you enter to this site: InsideHotmail, MSN y SkyDrive To chat from hotmail to facebook friends you must follow these steps: Enter to Hotmail account. On windows Live go to ¨Connect your services¨. Click on ¨Facebook¨. Be sure that checkbox ¨Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenge…

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Download latest Yahoo Messenger

This is the latest yahoo Messenger, the lattest vesion of the popular yahoo msn. It is available to be download. This new Yahoo Messenger keeps compatibility with Windows XP. On the other hand, lattest Windows Live Messenger only works for Windows 7. Of course, Yahoo Messenger allows you to invite users to other Messenger protocols like Hotmail, AOL and Gmail. You can chat with Facebook contacts which makes a huge forward step advance…

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