Migrate from Gmail to Outlook.com

Sometime ago, Microsoft has noticed that mail service was far away from Gmail. In fact, Hotmail interface didn´t change since 1997. Therefore, new Outlook interface happened to be more useful. According to the authors, new interface is much simple and easy to use. It is been said that the number of pixels is less than 60% and it shows less than 30% of mail messages. Also advertisements have been erased from email inbox. Although many…

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Share files offline on MSN

If  you are a Hotmail user, you must know about MSN because it is one of the most common ways to chat on line. Your contacts and you will have a great conversation each time you connect to MSN. Howerver, you can also have the chance to share files when  you are ¨offline¨ thanks of the script called ¨Appearing Offline Helper¨ which works for Messenger Plus! The accounts are available for free for users who are interested in this script. You can…

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How to Recover deleted messages on Outlook.com

…o ¨Lost a message?. When you recover deleted messages, we will recover you as many as we can. More Information¨ Outlook.com keeps deleted messages for a while. This can be a very useful especially when you accidentally delete very important e-mails Via: trucosoutlook Incoming search terms: recover deleted folder in outlook 2013 outlook 2013 retrieve deleted message hotmailsign up com outlook 2013 only shows old hotmail messages recov…

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How to import contacts and make social notifications on outlook.com

If you chose to log in Outlook.com, don´t worry for your contacts because you will be able to import every email from any mail service. You also have the chance to import contacts from popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter so your friends will receive different notifications of your new Outlook Mail. Don´t waiste more time and follow the tutorial we show you below. First of all you must sign in Outlook.com session with your user nam…

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Create many alias on Outlook.com

Outlook.com offers the chance to have expandable accounts so you can delete them any time you want. To have an expandable account, you must start session on Outlook.com and from your inbox go to the icon on the upper side of the screen. Click on it and then go to ¨More mail setup options¨ Search for the option ¨Create an Outlook alias¨  and from there you can create an alias account and decide on which folder you want to receive mails. Great ad…

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How to remove publicity on Outlook.com

Publicity is the way to keep many free services on Internet. Microsoft brings many services for free in exchange of Publicity. Publicity can be very disturbant, so you can remove it from Outlook.com by paying a cost according to the country you are. To change to Outlook.com without publicity you must go to the upper right corner of the screen and select the customs icon (wheel). Go to ¨Mail Setup Options¨ Go to ¨More Mail Setup Options¨ On ¨Ma…

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Sharing Multimedia files with Messenger 2011

Lattest version of MSN 2011 allows you to share photos and videos on an easy way. Now it is not necessary like previous versions, sending file by file. With msn 2011 you can share photo albums from your desktop and your contacts might access while they are chatting or talking with you. The method is very easy: 1. Just use the ¨Share¨ button on the lower part of your screen.  2. Choose ¨Equipment photos¨ That´s all, your…

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New Update for Outlook.com

Microsoft has announced a new update for Outlook.com. Many interesting features have been added compared to last update of the service. According to Microsoft, users will experience this new version on the next week. Most of the new features include: you can create new rules for recent mails New ¨Undo¨button to undone a previous action (however, you can´t disable the sending process) You can answer an email from the same window of the message…

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Skype on Outlook.com

Since many months ago, it has been announced that Skype would be available from the browser even before the migration from Hotmail to Outlook.com. Many countries have addopted this service with positive results. This a huge chance for the future to add a classic soft like Skype so you can work from the Cloud with no need to download from your PC. Skype on the browser: When we talk about Skype we think on Videoconferences, voice chat, phone call…

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How to open 2 msn at the same time

For those who have more than a Hotmail and MSN account, many ot them want to know how to open 2 msn at the same time. On this post we explain how to do it: Many methods can be used. One of the most common is by installing an extension your Windows Live Messenger. Polymessenger or Multimessenger are the common names so you can open more than one Messenger. However, many antispams detect them as a treta and they eliminate them. For that reason, a…

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Install Skype web complement on Outlook.com

Skype on Outlook.com let users comunícate via chat, audio and video calls, etc, from the mail inbox. To do this you need to install Skype web complement. You can make calls and video calls to Outlook.com contacts. Here are the steps to install Skype web complement on Outlook.com: Link Microsoft account with Skype Click on messages icon on the right side of the page Click on doc on ¨Skype contacts¨ Select ¨Start¨ Save Skype web complement on yo…

Disable Messenger History Messages on Outlook.com

Sometimes you want to disable Messenger History Messages on Outlook.com. You can disable them just by following this brief tutorial on which we explain the whole process in 5 simple steps. Enter from your browser to www.outlook.com Click on the gear icon on the upper right corner next to the name Click on More Mail Setup Options On Managing my account, click on History Messages Click on ¨No, Thanks¨ and then click on ¨Save¨ Remember that conv…

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