Share files offline on MSN

If  you are a Hotmail user, you must know about MSN because it is one of the most common ways to chat on line. Your contacts and you will have a great conversation each time you connect to MSN. Howerver, you can also have the chance to share files when  you are ¨offline¨ thanks of the script called ¨Appearing Offline Helper¨ which works for Messenger Plus! The accounts are available for free for users who are interested in this script. You can…

Two steps to verify identity on offers many security tools. In this case, we introduce Two Steps verification process. This tool makes harder the performance of hackers who want to steal your password. When you enter many times to your mail from a same pc, will recognize it as safe. When you enter from any pc, it will consider it as non safe and will ask you to enter an extra code after the password. Here´s a two steps tutorial to actívate verification…

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How to block senders analyses which user´s functions are most used and let them do it with improves. Block function es available and has an own button on the task bar on the upper side of not wished folder mails. On not wished folder mails appear all the e-mails you can block forever. Just follow the instructions. First of all, sign in account. Then go to not wished emails and select the sender´s name of the contact you want to block. After…

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How to Recover deleted messages on has new tools like recover deleted messages. To recover deleted messages on you just need to click on the deleted flange (left column). Once you have done this step, go to ¨Lost a message?. When you recover deleted messages, we will recover you as many as we can. More Information¨ keeps deleted messages for a while. This can be a very useful especially when you accidentally delete very important e-mails Via:…

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Sharing Multimedia files with Messenger 2011

…ing a total integration of them. Now you can share photos or upgrades from Facebook or WordPress contents. You can always enter vey quick to Social Msn by selecting on the upper part of your main screen on MSN. Incoming search terms: sharing onedrive with family can i sign out from hotmail account from nakia lumia 635 add one drive explorer windows windows phone force picture onedrive sync unable to send/receive email on windows 8 mail app…

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Bye Bye MSN Messenger next 15th March

Next 15th March, Msn Messenger will disappear as Microsoft announced. This change has been announced from 2012 and all msn users must use Skype instead. So the question is how can you be updated with Microsoft´s services. First of all: contacts on MSN, Live or Hotmail will be kept as originals. Just download the lattest Skype 6.0 version to continue with the service. Skype 6.0 offers an interface that looks like an hybrid between MSN Messenger…

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How to send an email to all the contacts

…mind. If you are sending an email to all the contacts, be carefull, if you use this option many times, might consider you are making Spam and can block or close your mail address. Another thing to remember: On your contact list will appear those of linked accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail). When you send a mail, you can include them but if they didn´t connect the mail address they wish to share, your mail won´t be received. Otherwis…

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New Update for

Microsoft has announced a new update for Many interesting features have been added compared to last update of the service. According to Microsoft, users will experience this new version on the next week. Most of the new features include: you can create new rules for recent mails New ¨Undo¨button to undone a previous action (however, you can´t disable the sending process) You can answer an email from the same window of the message…

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Block a contact on

New has many options to custom your inbox so you must follow a setup process which is very simple. Here´s a common problem that many people have,  about the reception of many e-mails from unknown contacts. The solution is very simple: you have to block a contact on Just follow these steps: Can you block a contact on The answer is very easy and positive. Spam also known as trash mail is a common example of b…

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What have changed from Hotmail to

Microsoft has officialy said goodbye to old Hotmail and welcome new Here´s what have changed from Hotmail to Cleaner space, especially on Outlook inbox. You will be able to read messages in an easier way and even more pleasant. The head side of the screen has 60% less of pixels so you can display 30% more of messages. Search boxes are smaller and Microsoft has compromised to keep free of advertising Outlook inbox and…

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