How to send an email to all the contacts

…mind. If you are sending an email to all the contacts, be carefull, if you use this option many times, might consider you are making Spam and can block or close your mail address. Another thing to remember: On your contact list will appear those of linked accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail). When you send a mail, you can include them but if they didn´t connect the mail address they wish to share, your mail won´t be received. Otherwis…

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How to open 2 msn at the same time

For those who have more than a Hotmail and MSN account, many ot them want to know how to open 2 msn at the same time. On this post we explain how to do it: Many methods can be used. One of the most common is by installing an extension your Windows Live Messenger. Polymessenger or Multimessenger are the common names so you can open more than one Messenger. However, many antispams detect them as a treta and they eliminate them. For that reason, a…

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5 ways to connect to Messenger OnLine

…you options to connect to other accounts you already have. Remember this site is explained in Spanish. which is the most popular among us. Easy to use and friendly for users, ebuddy has increased it´s popularity and also launched an app for iPhone. You can also connect to other MSN like Yahoo. which is similar to sinmessenger with a simple interface that allows you to connect to other supplier´s mail services. livego….

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Install Skype web complement on

…king on Messages and then select the Call and Videocall button. Then select ¨Start¨ and when you receive the message that install process is done, you will be able to make calls on Skype from This complement is compatible with all web browsers: Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Incoming search terms: delete ondrive acount family share onedrive account mail clubnacional com py loc:US newmail in skype setup office lumia 535…

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Save attached files on OneDrive keeps growing up. There´s a new button to save attached files on OneDrive. This new function is available and here´s a tutorial to use it: OneDrive storage service will be able for Microsoft users. New universal apps of Office and Windows 10 will depend on OneDrive to sync all the files from different devices like PC, tablets and phones. Therefore the importance of using a space in the cloud. The tool we are showing is very usedful…

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New Microsoft´s is available to replace finally old Hotmail accounts. Opera users are not satisfied because they have reported many failures when it´s time to work with Opera. You need to download Update 12.01 so your Outlook account will work properly with your Opera. Although many functions will not appear, this is a beginning, so don´t waste more time and download Update 12.01. If you are using new mail se…

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Microsoft is giving it´s best to advantage Gmail. With new has introduced many changes and the service also captured many users. However, Google mail has 288 million users vs 286 million of Microsoft according to Consultant Service Comscore. Gmail is ahead Microsoft in these days. Nowadays we have Google Mail on the first place, with 286 million and then comes Yahoo! With 282 million. However, on the United States Yahoo…

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Migrate from Gmail to

…il messages. Also advertisements have been erased from email inbox. Although many advantages offered by, many people have different opinion. Microsoft on the other hand, says than new has a complete sync with the Cloud, social Networks and Mobile devices. Using Exchange Active Sync makes  possible to make one mail, calendar and contacts and therefore enter to them from any cellphone or Mobile or pc. As an additional pro, w…

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How to add ASCII ornaments on MSN Nick

…only have phrases. Here are a few so you can make a difference from others. You can add ASCII ornaments to your MSN Nicks. These are ideal if you want to create an effect on your MSN nick and also they can be seen on your Hotmail  status. ::–]¦•¦[–::NICK HERE::–]¦•¦[–:: «–´¯`––…·´–».-.- NICK HERE -.-.«-`·…––´¯`—–» =-[~_-¯¯-_~]-= NICK HERE =-[~_-¯¯-_~]-= ¨°o.O NICK HERE O.o° ×÷·.·´¯`·)» NICK HERE «(·´¯`·.·÷× · ··^v´¯`×) NICK HERE…

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