Can´t enter your password

Sometimes you enter a wrong password, specially when you log in many times a day. If you mistake twice or more, will ask to write the password and solve a captcha. A captcha are vanished characters used to avoid spambots. It is a very important security measure. A captcha appears when you don´t enter the password after three or more attemps. You can write these characters properly or listen to them by clicking on Sound….

How to setup on iOS devices

…Outlook account. Press ¨next¨ You can select which elements will be sync. If Hotmail option doesn´t display, click on Microsoft Exchange. Do the same steps and when you are asked enter If something goes wrong, just do the manual custom by enter and the outgoing: You can do this steps for Mail on OS X as well. Incoming search terms: outlook com ios…

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Edit and share a Word Online doc from

…d add new ones, like being next to the partner while writing a doc. Here are the steps to share a doc and work on it. You can work on a doc from the beginning or share a saved on in OneDrive: First step is to sign in sesión and then: Go to the doc you want to share and otpen it. Then press ¨Share¨ A tiny window will be displayed. On ¨To¨ write the name or the mail address of your partner. Make sure the option ¨Receivers can edit¨ is…

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  • link two onedrive accounts

Enter to new Skype profile via

…of calling and videocalling to In fact, a couple of weeks ago, email inbox has updated with a new Skype app. Now you can also communicate with your older Windows Live Messenger contacts and new ones from If you have an account you also have an Skype one and a profile comes with it. New Skype profile is in a renewing process. If you want to find it you must enter to account setup. Nowadays is only available… security bars

…open any unknown email. created an alert system based on security bars of different colours. Yellow security bar means that emails contain images, attached files and links via web pages. allows you to indicate that the message is safe, pressing on ¨one moment, it is safe¨ so the email will be included on the inbox. Red security bar means that email might include something dangerous. lets you see the content…

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  • Outlook Focused Inbox

Select sender´s address on lets you select the address that appears as sender. This is a good choice to keep your identity in secret. To select the sender´s option, first thing you must do is create an alias on which we have explained to you. This alias is going to appear on the sender´s addres so you must keep it in mind at the time you select it. If the alias is going to be used for work mails or studies, best thing to do is select funny ones….

Share files offline on MSN

If you are a Hotmail user, you must know about MSN because it is one of the most common ways to chat on line. Your contacts and you will have a great conversation each time you connect to MSN. Howerver, you can also have the chance to share files when you are ¨offline¨ thanks of the script called ¨Appearing Offline Helper¨ which works for Messenger Plus! The accounts are available for free for users who are interested in this script. You can…

Two steps to verify identity on

…any security tools. In this case, we introduce Two Steps verification process. This tool makes harder the performance of hackers who want to steal your password. When you enter many times to your mail from a same pc, will recognize it as safe. When you enter from any pc, it will consider it as non safe and will ask you to enter an extra code after the password. Here´s a two steps tutorial to actívate verification: Click on the name…

How to Recover deleted messages on has new tools like recover deleted messages. To recover deleted messages on you just need to click on the deleted flange (left column). Once you have done this step, go to ¨Lost a message?. When you recover deleted messages, we will recover you as many as we can. More Information¨ keeps deleted messages for a while. This can be a very useful especially when you accidentally delete very important e-mails Via:… included in Office 365

…ut the benefits of a paid version. Microsoft´s idea is to create a main platform joining Outlook, Exchange and Office 365. Users mustn´t be worried about platforms. They can enjoy as usual with new benefits included. migration to Office 365 will include the creation of worldwide complements to mobile apps, desk ones and Outlook web. Nowadays, there is not an official announcement but closest sources to Microsoft say that the…