Edit and share a Word Online doc from Outlook.com

Edit an Office Online doc online is very easy thanks to Outlook.com. This is a very used function by pros and students because it let´s you work in group. As long as a person modifies a doc, the other ones can see the changes online and add new ones, like being next to the partner while writing a doc. Here are the steps to share a doc and work on it. You can work on a doc from the beginning or share a saved on in OneDrive:  First step is to sig…

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How to setup Outlook.com on iOS devices

Many @Outlook.com accunts have been created since Microsoft launched Outlook.com in replacement of classic Hotmail. But what happens if you want to custom or setup Outlook.com for your iOS device? This is a tutorial that helps you to do the process: Open iOS adjustments and go to ¨Mails, Contacts and Calendars¨ Click on Add account Select Hotmail and enter your Outlook account. Press ¨next¨ You can select which elements will be sync. If Hotmail…

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Enter to new Skype profile via Outlook.com

…n 4 years since Microsoft bought VoIP Skype call service and added to their programs. One year later, Redmond´s company erased MSN Windows Live Messenger and moved all the accounts to Skype. Skype is actually the most important messenger service, especially with the add of calling and videocalling to Outlook.com. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, email inbox has updated with a new Skype app. Now you can also communicate with your older Windows Live…

Select sender´s address on Outlook.com

Outlook.com lets you select the address that appears as sender. This is a good choice to keep your identity in secret. To select the sender´s option, first thing you must do is create an alias on Outlook.com which we have explained to you. This alias is going to appear on the sender´s addres so you must keep it in mind at the time you select it. If the alias is going to be used for work mails or studies, best thing to do is select funny ones. On…

Outlook.com security bars

Outlook.com users have a very effective tool to see if a mail is dangerous or not. 80% of emails are spam, so Outlook.com searches the way to reduce this number. Usually, spam is located on non wished emails inbox. Spam email can be dangerous or not. You can find promotions and offers, but never a virus or malware format. Via this files, cyberhackers enter to sensible users information. They try to steal info like passwords and ID, Bank account…

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Share files offline on MSN

If  you are a Hotmail user, you must know about MSN because it is one of the most common ways to chat on line. Your contacts and you will have a great conversation each time you connect to MSN. Howerver, you can also have the chance to share files when  you are ¨offline¨ thanks of the script called ¨Appearing Offline Helper¨ which works for Messenger Plus! The accounts are available for free for users who are interested in this script. You can d…

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How to block Outlook.com senders

Outlook.com analyses which user´s functions are most used and let them do it with improves. Block function es available and has an own button on the task bar on the upper side of not wished folder mails. On not wished folder mails appear all the e-mails you can block forever. Just follow the instructions. First of all, sign in Outlook.com account. Then go to not wished emails and select the sender´s name of the contact you want to block. After t…

Outlook.com included in Office 365

Outlook.com will be included in Office 365 accounts but will keep the name Outlook.com. Accounts will include new Office 365 techs without the benefits of a paid version. Microsoft´s idea is to create a main platform joining Outlook, Exchange and Office 365.  Users mustn´t be worried about platforms. They can enjoy as usual with new benefits included. Outlook.com migration to Office 365 will include the creation of worldwide complements to mobil…

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How to Recover deleted messages on Outlook.com

Outlook.com has new tools like recover deleted messages. To recover deleted messages on outlook.com you just need to click on the deleted flange (left column). Once you have done this step, go to ¨Lost a message?. When you recover deleted messages, we will recover you as many as we can. More Information¨ Outlook.com keeps deleted messages for a while. This can be a very useful especially when you accidentally delete very important e-mails Via: t…

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Apps for Outlook.com (Build Conference 2015)

Outlook.com will have new apps similar to those offered for browsers. On Build 2015 Conference organized by Microsoft, were introduced many details about Mail apps for Outlook. Until now, Office 365 users are having these apps on their mail accounts. Extensions can be added to Outlook.com and also Outlook for phones. Developed apps for Office 365 are focused on companies but there are many which let you improve the experience on personal account…