New Skype update for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft announced a new Skype Update for Windows Phone 8. Now users can press any instant message and then select the option ¨Copy¨ and then ¨Paste¨ anywhere. This new Skype update for Windows Phone 8 also includes features and improves related to upload time from Live Tittle on the cellphones. Skype Update for Windows Phone 8 has a high contrast level that is able automatically each time that a Windows Phone screen is setup as hig…

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Windows 8.1 available on preview

…ou can also have the chance to change your backscreen image just with a click.  Microsoft has left available a Windows 8.1 preview and you can download it for free from the web so any person has the chance to bring it to the PC and test new functions and features. This update can be considered as a new restart for Windows 8 OS, especially for those unsatisfied users. This update is also a way to encourage and make easier the migration from Wind…

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Download Yolks Smileys for MSN

Yolks is a new smileys gallery that allows you to download these originals smileys developed by Bad Blood user. This guy gave a funnier aspect to the classic faces we already know. The way to use and download Yolks Smileys is very simple, just click on the link below and start to add them to your messages or Windows Live Messenger chats. Download Yolks Smileys Incoming search terms: Beta version of whatsapp with emotions for nokia…

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5 tools for Windows Desk

Here are the most used tools to setup your windows desk. They are free download and you can enjoy using them even if you are an amateur or professional: Fences: To organize your Windows desk we highly recommend you Fences, a free program wihich groups icons and direct access so it is very easy to enter to them on the future. With Fences you can create a web group, a word docs group, images group, etc. ObjectDock: It is also a custom program….

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Download Pocket File Manager for Windows Phone

…ry useful to count on with a file manager to enter and organize your folders and files on the device. In case of Windows Phone users, there´s an interesting app which works really good named Pocket File Manager. As the name says, this is a file manager that let users to do an effective managment of the stored content of their smartphones. Pocket File Manager includes FTP support with active and pasive connections, auto downloads from YouTube, et…

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Telegram Messenger

…ing up since Facebook bought Whatsapp. Many users start doubting about Whatsapp and migrated to russian Telegram Messenger. Telegram Messenger is available for iPhones, iPads and iPods (IOS 6 or upper) and Android (2.2 or upper). No oficial clients are also included and a web version and desk apps too. It is also available an API for developers. Download | Telegram for iOS         Download |  Telegram for Android Incoming search terms: telegram…

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Download Windows Phone Games

…s and Microsoft have taken the opportunity for these new games generation. Here´s a video that shows you the new Windows Phone games of 2012 Just remember that you can know everything of Hotmail by entering into the oficial web site: Incoming search terms: www facebok p hotmail cim Call of Atlantis free game download for nokia Asha 501 with app to play this game full version sign up for windows phone 8 1 whatsapp noti…

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Installing Windows 7 on a PC with XP

Although Windows XP is the second OS most used in the world, truth is that pc´s need to be updated to a safer and new version. Microsoft is not currently offering security packs for Windows XP so in this post we would like to tell you about installing Windows 7 on a PC with XP. How to update my pc with Windows XP? Before installing Windows 7 you need to check that your pc is compatible on hardware and software. How to know if my pc with wind…

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Windows Media Player on Windows 8

Although Windows Media Player is included on Windows 8, you can´t find media player on the Start Screen or on the task side bar of the desktop. This means that users must find the app first and then setup it to use. You must follow these steps to setup windows media player: From the Start screen, write ¨wpm¨ and the app icon will be displayed Right click on the icon and select the option to fix it on the task side bar You can also do the…

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Happy Retirement for Windows XP

Many times we said that Microsoft will stop offering official support for Windows XP OS on April 2014. However, many users still continue using this OS. For that reason, the company has been announcing several adds to update to Windows 7 and Windows 8. Microsoft shows a retirement for Windows XP and explains some of the reasons why users and companies have to update to Windows 8. Microsoft is looking to take benefits to use this OS even on an U…

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5 top Bit Torrent clients for Windows

One of the most popular downloading methods on the web is Peer-to-Peer through Bit Torrent web. All content data is saved on a Torrent file which has a light weight and can be found in a very huge number of pages. To use this kind of files and therefore download videos, images, music, docs, information, etc, you need a program that can manage this format file. Here are the 5 top Bit Torrent clients for Windows: Utorrent: This is one of the bes…

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