Hotmail. Features and Tricks about Hotmail

…your Hotmail your best Business tool. These are some Hotmail features and Tricks: 1. You can setup your Hotmail inbox 2. You can have more than 75 social Networks connected to your Hotmail inbox. (Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, WordPress, etc.) 3. You can send photos on Photo gallery format. 4. You can add youtube links and watch them straight from your inbox with no need to open a new Window, 5. You can have an instant Mes…

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Import photos with Hotmail

…os from your still cam or smartphone, create Photo albums and upload them to social Networks like Facebook. Hotmail tech created by Microsoft allows you to do this thanks to Windows Live Sync. Now you can enjoy Windows Live Mail and publish your videos and photos from your Social Messenger. So any friend of us can make a comment of our entire published life. Windows Live Photo Gallery allows you to upload your PC images and sync them to c…

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New Hotmail

…tro interface and bringing the lattest tech of sending and receiving mails process, Microsoft launches Read More Hotmail turns to If you were hesitating about Microsoft´s activity, well my friends, here are the results.Hotmail is about to finish it´s existance to turn to Read More Change from Hotmail to Microsoft has launched in replacement of the classic Hotmail. Many users have done the migratio…

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About Microsoft Answers. Hotmail Forum

Microsoft Answers is the official Hotmail site to evacuate your doubts about any Microsoft´s product like Messenger, SkyDrive, etc. With Microsoft Answers any question or information you want to bring up can be published on this Microsoft´s official site for Hotmail users. Hotmail forums are displayed on Microsoft Answers and you can have access to any of them according to the theme or subject you want to be solved. Just enter your problem or d…

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Download latest Yahoo Messenger

This is the latest yahoo Messenger, the lattest vesion of the popular yahoo msn. It is available to be download. This new Yahoo Messenger keeps compatibility with Windows XP. On the other hand, lattest Windows Live Messenger only works for Windows 7. Of course, Yahoo Messenger allows you to invite users to other Messenger protocols like Hotmail, AOL and Gmail. You can chat with Facebook contacts which makes a huge forward step advance…

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Instead of many Latin domains where Hotmail is available using the ccTLD of the country, the case of Paraguay is different. Unluckly we can´t use or to access to Hotmail. We must do it by the official site in worldwide. This means nothing for many users although to others might represent a problem, especially if you are trying to sign in a Hotmail session behind a fir…

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