How to setup Outlook Express accounts

Before you setup your Outlook Express account, you must create new accounts on mail service (ex Hotmail). After you execute ¨Outlook Express¨mail, follow this tutorial: To setup your Outlook account, go to ¨Tools¨ and select ¨Accounts¨ Select ¨Add¨ then ¨Mails¨ Now enter the name you want for your mail account Enter your mail address On the fields ¨Incoming mail server¨ and ¨outgoing mail server¨ write your mail.our_domai…

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Using Google Chat from

Outlook has many tools and improves. Now you just only need to enter to your account and you´ll be able to chat with your Google friends. This adds a new function on as you were chatting with Facebook friends, now Google ones are incorporated. Outlook is compatible with Google Talk, so to activate Google Chat you must use Oauth which is a standard Google system to enter to Microsoft and log in your account. Once you´ve…

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How to create rules on (Tutorial and Video)

If you want to manage your mail Messages, you must create rules. If you have done this process on Hotmail, you won´t have any trouble at creating rules on Here are the steps you can follow to create rules on Click on the ¨tools¨ icon Go to ¨more options¨ Click on ¨Rules to manage new messages¨ On the first slide list, click the field you are going to put the rule On the second slide list, enter…

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Quick Answers on

There´s a new tool that is commonly used by new users. Most of them find it very interesting and consider that you can gain a huge space on the mail system. Quick answers is a great tool that you can use with no need to leave your inbox. This service is very simple and fast with less complications as they were on When you use Quick Answers on, the reading panel is replaced for an editing area exa…

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More security measures for

Microsoft is improving it´s mail service and announced the arrival of new features. The company is launching new security measures for so users can have DMARC certificates support and EV. The first one is a Domain Based on Messages id, reports and agreements. It is focused on phishing attacks and make secure senders (Banks for example, that are not real and want to steal confidential information). EV Certificates guarant…

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How to create a Calendar on

Among services, you can create a calendar which works as a digital Schedule and you can also include messages and alerts so you can replace your traditional one. This option was also available on Hotmail and now you can create different calendars to manage your appointments This tutorial shows you how to create a Calendar on   Start session Once you are on Outlook mail you can display options which are past…

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5 top features of

Here are 5 of top features of Since Microsoft left old Hotmail and introduced as a mail service, millions of people have changed the way they communicate. Here´s the list you should know about your account: Create an alias on One of the best features for those whw have more than two mail addresses. Users can receive their mails in an only account which is an alias, and also have a main account…

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TrueSwitch. How to import old Gmail messages

Now that you have setup Gmail to resend all your future messages to your account, might happen that you wish to import all your past and present messages. offers a very simple method to do that with a free service called TrueSwitch. You can copy an entire mail in a free and easy way. We are saying ¨Copy¨, which means that you don´t delete your Gmail messages, just copy them on your account so you can manage….

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Free to Play FIFA World for PC

Free to Play FIFA World for PC is on beta phase. On this occasion, 600 teams and 30 leagues are officially introduced. FIFA World has a main menu to share game updates and promotions. Here´s the first trailer gameplay of this beta FIFA World available to download for PC. FIFA World has included FIFA Ultimate Team and League Mode to play online. You just need to enter to official page on and download this fabulous game…

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Nokia Lumia 520: Top of Windows Phone mobiles

Nokia and Microsoft are increasing their incomes thanks to Windows Phone integrated on Nokia Lumia. Nokia Lumia 520 is the top smartphone with Windows Phone. Nokia Lumia 520 has more than 30.8% of the market of smartphones with Windows Phone. Nokia Lumia 521 has 30.2% of american Market. This increase of Nokia sales is because of the low price of the smartphone and the christmas Season. Nokia expects to grow up to 40% of the market on the curre…

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Skype on

Since many months ago, it has been announced that Skype would be available from the browser even before the migration from Hotmail to Many countries have addopted this service with positive results. This a huge chance for the future to add a classic soft like Skype so you can work from the Cloud with no need to download from your PC. Skype on the browser: When we talk about Skype we think on Videoconferences, voice chat, phone call…

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