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Since many months ago, it has been announced that Skype would be available from the browser even before the migration from Hotmail to Many countries have addopted this service with positive results. This a huge chance for the future to add a classic soft like Skype so you can work from the Cloud with no need to download from your PC. Skype on the browser: When we talk about Skype we think on Videoconferences, voice chat, phone call…

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Animated Gifs for SkyDrive

Microsoft has introduced new functions on SkyDrive cloud. The company decided to add new SkyDrive features including support for more images formats and additionas improves to share. From SkyDrive official Blog are explained new features like GIF image format: it´s about animated images or movement ones. Also users can view hd photos on DPI screens. Microsoft says that SkyDrive can measure automatically the DPI scale in one screen.  If you hav…

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Migrate from Gmail to

Sometime ago, Microsoft has noticed that mail service was far away from Gmail. In fact, Hotmail interface didn´t change since 1997. Therefore, new Outlook interface happened to be more useful. According to the authors, new interface is much simple and easy to use. It is been said that the number of pixels is less than 60% and it shows less than 30% of mail messages. Also advertisements have been erased from email inbox. Although many advantages…

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5 ways to connect to Messenger OnLine

Here we show you 5 ways to connect Messenger online. Follow the best for you and you will be able to have Messenger Online on your pc system whenever you want. Remember that many of these options also include the chance to connect to a social network as well. is a good option to connect to your Windows Live Messenger and also it gives you options to connect to other accounts you already have. Remember this site is explained i…

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Edit my photos on SkyDrive

SkyDrive is one of the most useful apps you can enjoy and it is completely free to download. In fact you do not need even to download it just by singing in a Hotmail account and that´s all. One of SkyDrive features is the chance of sharing photos and label them. You can also add a description and put them on photo albums. You obtain an URL and there you can share with anyone you want. From Windows Live main screen you enter on SkyDrive on the…

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Expand your storage capacity with SkyDrive

Among many apps you can enter by just login Hotmail, SkyDrive is one of the most used ones. This is a virtual Hard Disk that Microsoft offers to us. It is an app that allows you to storage files on line. Windows Live servers act as hard disk drivers. SkyDrive features are so many. You can access from any PC or device with Internet connection and also check your files any time you want. Also the system allows you to storage info and the safety i…

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New Bing Maps Functions

Now, Bing users will find new and better functions to plan the routes and share information with friends. On the Bing´s official Blog, there are two new features that you can find on the browser page. One of them, lets you search for an independent new route from a cellphone, tablet PC or GPS device. Meanwhile, the other Bing Maps function consists on ¨Share¨. Now you can step on the down left corner of Bing´s page and see that above modify…

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New Gmail interface

Gmail has been renewed. Although Hotmail has done it before, it is time to not be backwards. Google has made much more than image changes. Gmail engine has changed, even more, evolved. Mailing managment is the aim and the easiest and fastest way of working with them is available now with new Gmail. Movable side panels allow you to interchange gadgets. Chat view is renewed. More themes and screen options are offered in order to give your Gma…

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Skype officialy joins Microsoft

As we have announced before, Skype officialy is part of Microsoft and the number is 8.500 million dollars. Operations started on May 2011 and have finished on these days with the signature of both companies chiefs. Tony Bates will be the President of Skype Division on Microsoft, and all the employees around the World ( Sweden, Russia, China, UK, Japan, Singapur, USA, etc) will keep their jobs. Microsoft´s aim is to introduce Skype on Wind…

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Windows Live Gallery Has Been Removed was removed last days. A site that worked as a storage of Images, gadgets, emoticons, videos and plugins for Windows Live Messenger, has already left the web planet. Nowadays, if you try to enter to you will see the message that the Windows Live Photo Gallery has been removed. In replace, you are invited to enter to Windows Live Developer Preview. There, you need a bit…

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Youtube available for Windows Phone 7.5

Youtube has joined with Microsoft and launched a streaming upgrade video system designed for new Microsoft phones, especially Windows Phone 7.5 With a users interface thought for them, Youtube launches a new site which allows to play on line video for free, video downloading and exclusive access via subscription. Youtube for Windows Phone 7.5 is made on HTML5 and works from Internet Explorer 9. Although requirements may seem very high,…

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