Enter to SkyDrive from Outlook.com

…l permissions for privacy. SkyDrive works on Windows environment but also has compatibility with Apple OS X and Ios. With outlook.com from August 2012 you can use SkyDrive for Android and Windows Phone 8. DocuSign digital signature system and voice reader SoundGecko also incorporated SkyDrive, which adimits 106 languages. Nowadays on SkyDrive you have 7GB of storing for free and you can enter from your Outlook.com account. How to enter to SkyDriv…

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5 social networks apps for smartphones

…r, Facebook is still famous for it´s news on the platform. Twitter: You can use Twitter on Android, Blackberry, Ios and Windows Phone. This version for smartphones comes with many interesting features that let users to know lattest tendencies on microblogging network. They can also update the status and publish tweets from their devices. Skype: Although it is not a social network app, it can fit here because there is communication between users….

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How to create a Calendar on Outlook.com

…can also include messages and alerts so you can replace your traditional one. This option was also available on Hotmail and now you can create different calendars to manage your appointments This tutorial shows you how to create a Calendar on Outlook.com.   Start Outlook.com session Once you are on Outlook mail you can display options which are pasted to Outlook.com logo on the upper left side of the screen. Select ¨Calendar¨ and there you can…

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How to setup Outlook.com on a tablet with Windows 8 (tutorial video)

Outlook.com, the new mail service of Microsoft is already installed on the web. This new mail replaces old Hotmail. Here´s a tutorial video that shows you how to setup Outlook.com on a tablet with Windows 8. Here you will see how to make correct adjusts in order to setup your tablet and enter to Outlook.com Video setup of Outlook.com on a tablet with Windows 8: Incoming search terms: How to get windows explorer on a Linx 8 tablet outlook com…

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Using Google Chat from Outlook.com

…nded on these days. New chat function is available with a new series of changes coming from the migration from Hotmail to Outlook. Among them we can highlight: inbox mail, creating a schedule, create a calendar, make an address book and SkyDrive. Last one mentioned is for using as a chat with your Google friends while you are working on a document. Incoming search terms: outlook 2013 chat chat in outlook 2013 face yùkle change email footer ou…

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How to create rules on Outlook.com (Tutorial and Video)

…t to manage your Outlook.com mail Messages, you must create Outlook.com rules. If you have done this process on Hotmail, you won´t have any trouble at creating rules on Outlook.com. Here are the steps you can follow to create rules on Outlook.com. Click on the ¨tools¨ icon Go to ¨more options¨ Click on ¨Rules to manage new messages¨ On the first slide list, click the field you are going to put the rule On the second slide list, enter logical co…

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How to setup Outlook Express accounts

Before you setup your Outlook Express account, you must create new accounts on Outlook.com mail service (ex Hotmail). After you execute ¨Outlook Express¨mail, follow this tutorial: To setup your Outlook account, go to ¨Tools¨ and select ¨Accounts¨ Select ¨Add¨ then ¨Mails¨ Now enter the name you want for your mail account Enter your mail address On the fields ¨Incoming mail server¨ and ¨outgoing mail server¨ write your mail.our_domain.com (exa…

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More security measures for Outlook.com

…hese new Outlook.com security measures can be also added to SkyDrive on the short term. Users that migrate from Hotmail or live.com to Outlook.com will have the same level of protection. Remember that phishing are very common and consist when a person enters to a web page simulating being another person or company. You must avoid this kind of messages coming from apparently real people by not clicking on senders who don´t belong to your Outlook.c…

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Quick Answers on Outlook.com

…to leave your outlook.com inbox. This service is very simple and fast with less complications as they were on Hotmail.com. When you use Quick Answers on Outlook.com, the reading panel is replaced for an editing area exactly the same as you are used to watch when you create an Outlook.com message. From now on you can send and answer emails adjusting formats and adding attached files with no need to open another window. Via: mail-outlook.com &nb…

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Nokia Lumia 520: Top of Windows Phone mobiles

…a Lumia 520 has more than 30.8% of the market of smartphones with Windows Phone. Nokia Lumia 521 has 30.2% of american Market. This increase of Nokia sales is because of the low price of the smartphone and the christmas Season. Nokia expects to grow up to 40% of the market on the current year. Via: Hotmail-outlook.com Incoming search terms: msn 360 outlook descarca skype gratis код ошибки 80860006 Watshapp com telegram for nokia asha 305…

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