Microsoft Calendar updates on

Although Microsoft has launched, one of the most interesting features was the new user´s interface for mail. The calendar hasn´t been updated till now and you still couldn´t remove Hotmail theme. However, Microsoft updated the Calendar for, which means that user´s information is placed on the center and visual notes are shown on second place. As it happened with updating  Hotmail to, new…

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Microsoft updates Tablet Surface Pro 3

Microsoft announced an update of Tablet Surface Pro3. It adds many soft features and the company says that the aim is to improve the use capability. This update has been released and owners of Tablet Surface Pro3  can download it via Microsoft official web site. These are the most important improves of Tablet Surface Pro3: Reduce on energy consume, Embedded Controller Firmware v. inluded. More battery autonomy. This update will let use…

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Xim. Microsoft app to share photos on phones

Microsoft Research has launched a new app to share photos on phones named Xim. This app is designed to modify the way photos are shared  with extra functions. Microsoft says that this new tech improves the way users interact on social networks and let them share photos with no effort at all. Nowadays, Xim is available for Winodows Phone, Android and iOS, so users can download it and enjoy on their cellphones. Xim app also works as an integrated…

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Microsoft updates Windows Store

Microsoft has announced a new interface of Windows Store, available with new features focused on searching functions. New Windows Store has a browsing bar which allow users to enter to main categories, app lists, payment ones and user´s account section. Users can find grouped apps on different categories, including ¨Music Lovers¨, ¨News¨ . Users can also find apps for Windows 8 and run them on Windows 8,1 or Windows Phone ones. This means that…

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Bye Bye MSN Messenger next 15th March

…ing and start session on Hotmail. Outlook interface looks cleaner and works with animations when you delete mails, open one, etc. New desk version of Outlook is compatible with Skype. So now you can do calls or send messages through Skype with just exploring Outlook contacts. This is a nice adjust  to make easier Microsoft´s services. Another Microsoft´s tool is SkyDrive, an app that can be use don the web or download it to use it as…

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Microsoft launches

Using Metro interface and bringing the lattest tech of sending and receiving mails process, Microsoft launches Renewed and upgraded. You can use weather if you have or not a hotmail account. Creating an account is very easy and you just need to fill a simple form in order to be part of the most important mailing platform of the web planet. integrates SkyDrive, Facebook and Skype and when you ente…

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Microsoft Windows 8 with schedules, photos and Messenger

We have already published about Microsoft Windows 8 and the news are really great. The new OS is based on 4 topics: mail, msn, contacts and photos. Windows 8 Apps have been renewed and now new apps appear on the Desk synchronized with Facebook, Flickr and Social Messenger. Images are uploaded to Windows Live SkyDrive, meanwhile you can watch the video that we leave you below which announces Windows 8 presentation. Watch Windows 8 Video Inc…

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Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1

Recently, Microsoft had introduced a new update of Fresh Paint app for preview users of Windows 8.1. Now the company announced that a new Fresh Paint version with new features will be available for Windows 8.1 Micrsosoft said that this update will be part of new features that users will have the chance to enjoy on Microsoft Windows 8.1. It includes a new interface, new pencil, and new ways to create giant paints to hung on walls or office. As a…

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SkyDrive will change name

After losing on court a legal demand by british network Sky Broadcasting for the use of SkyDrive trademark, Microsoft will be forced to change the name to the storing service. On 2011 british company entered a demand against Microsoft on British Superior Court saying that the word ¨Sky¨ might be confused with ¨SkyDrive¨ of Microsoft. Microsoft lost the case this june and recently we noticed that the company won´t appeal the court´s decission,…

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Popular Hotmail Functions

…the other part are the users who create folders and categories to tide their hotmial inbox. Second place is for Office Web Apps which helps you to edit documents on line of this platform with no need to quit Hotmail page. Office Web Apps is probably the most used Hotmail functions especially for hotmail users that operate from their jobs. Third place is for Hotmail engine. This is very interesting when you use Hotmail platform because Microsoft…

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Micrososft updates Windows Store for Windows 8.1

With Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft also announces a new user´s interface for Windows Store on apps store to buy and download different products. During the launch of Microsoft´s OS, new app store was also introduced. When user opens app store he can preview a new task bar with menu on the upper side of the screen. Top Charts, Collections, etc are available. Microsoft wants users to enter very easy to different categories with no need to click on…

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