Microsoft updates Bing for iOS

After an announcement of Bing logo and a new design on it´s browse page, Microsoft has launched a new version of Bing for iOS in which many features have been included. Joining iOS 7 launching, and iPhone devices, new update brings 4 new tiles that have been added to the main page of Bing browser. Two of them are related to tendences on the browser allowing users to find lattest news and images. A new tile will help users to find business and…

Trojan virus on Chrome is detected by Microsoft Security Essentials

On the current day, Microsoft Security Essentials team detected the trojan virus PWS: trojan Win32/7bot that it filtres through Google Chrome. According to Security Essentials it is necessary to remove the programme from the system. Chrome users have been unable to remove the trojan virus without deleting the browser from the PC. According to Microsoft, security upgrade was launched on 30th September and the problem is solved. But still it is…

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Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7

Lattest version of Microsoft´s browser, Internet Explorer 11, has been launched for Microsoft 7 with many features focused on Development, Security and Privacy. New support has been included and hardware improves are also added. The view of Internet Explorer 11 is quite different from Metro Version offered on Windows 8.1. Users must download plugins to support many video extensions of the browser and Windows 7 version is not compatible with the…

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with Windows 8.1

Microsoft Tablet Surface Pro sales weren´t so successful but the company doesn´t give up this format and recently has introduced new Tablet Surface Pro 2 with Windows 8.1 Pro and with a price that reaches to compete with Android or iPad tablets. Surface Pro 2 features are: 10.1´ display screen and 0.53´depth NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor updated to NVIDIA Tegra 4 with i5 Haswell of 1.6 GHz 4 or 8 gb of RAM Memory 64,128 or 256 Gb of internal store…

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What is Windows News Center

…rosoft´s page created to give important news that happen on the company field. Any news about beta systems, working projects, company future, etc will be publised on this site. Windows News Center is the official web site of Microsoft´s work. If you are interested in the lattest news about Microsoft´s products, don´t hesitate to visit this page. To do that, just enter to g oto news by clicking on the link ¨watch lattest…

Microsoft bought Acompli

Microsoft has bought starup Acompli to develop new mail tools. Acompli is an app which manages mail accounts, calendars, storage services and contacts, all in one. Acompli manages stored files on OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive. It classifies the mail on, Office 365, Gmail and Yahoo. It also syncs many calendars at the same time. Acompli is an starup with six months on the market. It is also available on iOS and Android,…

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Microsoft updates Tablet Surface Pro 3

Microsoft announced an update of Tablet Surface Pro3. It adds many soft features and the company says that the aim is to improve the use capability. This update has been released and owners of Tablet Surface Pro3 can download it via Microsoft official web site. These are the most important improves of Tablet Surface Pro3: Reduce on energy consume, Embedded Controller Firmware v. inluded. More battery autonomy. This update will let…

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Using Common questions about new microsoft´s service.

…dy have a Hotmail account. If not, you can create an account and start enjoying new Microsoft´s mail service. If you change or create a new account, remember to fill in all the fields. They keep your privacy and detect if you are a person or a robot so antispam is always with your new account. Incoming search terms: hotmail com login my account outlook 2013 not downloading email what is blu-m hotmail com yahoo mail in…

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Microsoft Calendar updates on

…ough Microsoft has launched, one of the most interesting features was the new user´s interface for mail. The calendar hasn´t been updated till now and you still couldn´t remove Hotmail theme. However, Microsoft updated the Calendar for, which means that user´s information is placed on the center and visual notes are shown on second place. As it happened with updating Hotmail to, new…

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Xim. Microsoft app to share photos on phones

Microsoft Research has launched a new app to share photos on phones named Xim. This app is designed to modify the way photos are shared with extra functions. Microsoft says that this new tech improves the way users interact on social networks and let them share photos with no effort at all. Nowadays, Xim is available for Winodows Phone, Android and iOS, so users can download it and enjoy on their cellphones. Xim app also works as an integrated…

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Microsoft updates Windows Store

Microsoft has announced a new interface of Windows Store, available with new features focused on searching functions. New Windows Store has a browsing bar which allow users to enter to main categories, app lists, payment ones and user´s account section. Users can find grouped apps on different categories, including ¨Music Lovers¨, ¨News¨ . Users can also find apps for Windows 8 and run them on Windows 8,1 or Windows Phone ones. This means that…