Popular Hotmail Functions

…the other part are the users who create folders and categories to tide their hotmial inbox. Second place is for Office Web Apps which helps you to edit documents on line of this platform with no need to quit Hotmail page. Office Web Apps is probably the most used Hotmail functions especially for hotmail users that operate from their jobs. Third place is for Hotmail engine. This is very interesting when you use Hotmail platform because Microsoft…

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Micrososft updates Windows Store for Windows 8.1

With Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft also announces a new user´s interface for Windows Store on apps store to buy and download different products. During the launch of Microsoft´s OS, new app store was also introduced. When user opens app store he can preview a new task bar with menu on the upper side of the screen. Top Charts, Collections, etc are available. Microsoft wants users to enter very easy to different categories with no need to click on…

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Tablet Surface 2 with LTE support

Microsoft has announced that Tablet Surface 2 will be able for 4G/LTE webs via AT&T Telephone service. Microsoft also said that Tablet Surface 2 will have 64 gb of storage and the price is 679 dollars. LTE webs offer fastest wide speed range but wireless. Nowadays, LTE connectivity will be able for Tablet Surface 2 but not for Surface Pro 2. The available model is for 64GB which means that there will not be an option of 32GB, that´s the rea…

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Xbox Music Update for Windows 8.1

Microsoft has available since a couple of weeks, preview of Windows 8.1 although lattest version is not already finished. However, the company has added updates for important apks on the system. One of them is Xbox Music apk which recently has received a new update for Windows 8.1. In fact, with this new update, beta version is left behind and new edition now is part of the system. Features included are related to brwsing improves and many user…

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5 apps for iOS iPad

…d is one of the most popular tablets. Although the competence grows up every day, iPad is the most used portable device all over the world. It´s commonly used by students and employers. Here we share 5 apps for Ios iPad: Google Docs: Although Microsoft launched a version of Microsoft Office for iPad, Google Docs app is one of the most important apps on the market. It´s very used for those who need to work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You ca…

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Outlook.com reaches 60 million users

…anage Outlook.com inbox. 25 million users have started to use SkyDrive to share more than 500 million images and Office docs. Something important to consider is that Outlook.com is on preview phase (beta) however, the company announced a definitive relaunch for this Mail service. According to Microsoft, Outlook.com numbers average Hotmail ones and migration to Outlook.com is going to be automatic. So users won´t have to worry about their contacts…

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