Bing Travel Beta for Windows Phone

New apks are available for Windows Phone. Microsoft has launched Bing Travel Beta, a new apk with interesting features:     New user´s interface updated     Easy Browsing and webbing     Users can arrange a trip for the weekend    Ride news with photos and most beautiful sights    Prices and fly charges. Chance to filter results    Time schedules of departures and arrivals in different airports     Function to find cities and importa…

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Best browsers

…to get the best experience. Usually, this list has lattest browser versions. Explorer could be the ideal browser because it is designed by the same company which developed the mail (Microsoft), therefore, compatibility is guaranteed. However, we must say that performance is not different from the rest. Best browser is the one you agree most. Anyone you choose, keep it updated and clean from caches. Most visual…

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Skype for Windows updates user´s interface

Shortly after announcing new version of OneDrive for iOS, Microsoft launches new Skype for Windwos and Mac. It´s an update that has a main feature a new user´s interface which syncs mobile experience to desktop one. This new Skype user´s interface looks very fashion with nice distribution and versions.  New Skype for Windows shows messages on the right side of the screen which makes easier to send links and other contents during a chat. The mai…

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Mark all your emails as read on

…, sign in and  follow these steps: To mark all your e-mails as read you must right click on the folders which have non opened e-mails. Then select the option ¨Mark all as read¨. That´s all you need to know about how to mark e-mails as read on Related article | Custom on Microsoft Outlook Incoming search terms: How do I save pictures to my Nokia Lumia i saved duplicate onedrive folder to my hard drive save fav…

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Check your recent activity on

…¨ If you have any doubt about this sign in session, just check the time it was donw, from whom pc was already made (IP address), place, used OS and browser. If any of this data doesn´t match with your sign in session, click on ¨It wasn´t me¨ Microsoft will bring you support so you can change your password and security information of your account. Other common activities are ¨Security Challenge and wrong password¨. You must be very aware, however…

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Ransomware. How to avoid it

…re installs on the pc is by an attached file. A link is displayed and when the user enters, a malware is downloaded. To avoid this kind of threat, you can follow security advices like: Keep all programs and apks updated. Donwload all Microsoft updates to protect your system Firewall abled all the time Avoid opening emails from spam or click on links that are not trustful or unknown. Make system analyses regularly Incoming search terms: how to s…

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Cyotek Gif Animator. Create Gifs on Windows

…Gif Animator has many external tolos and a special one which lets you code your own effects and sabe them as DLL files. Cyotek Gif Animator can be downloaded for free from oficial web site and it is compatible with Windows XP to Windows 8. Download |Cyotek Gif Animator Incoming search terms: onenote gif Animated Gifs in OneNote outlook email syncing troubleshooting error code 8501001D how to embed a gif on onenote animated gif in one note 2013…

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Kazam Thunder 340W Smartphone

Another manufacturer that chose Microsoft mobile platform, has introduced a new Smartphone with Windows Phone named Kazam Thunder 340 W. It´s a device that works with this OS and people can benefit by many features of Windows Phone 8.1. Many details have been revealded with this new phone with Windows Phone. It´s a device that has a WVGA IPS LCD screen of 4 inches and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixeles. The mobile is made of 4 components and a p…

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Install Skype web complement on

Skype on let users comunícate via chat, audio and video calls, etc, from the mail inbox. To do this you need to install Skype web complement. You can make calls and video calls to contacts. Here are the steps to install Skype web complement on Link Microsoft account with Skype Click on messages icon on the right side of the page Click on doc on ¨Skype contacts¨ Select ¨Start¨ Save Skype web complement on yo…

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5 tricks for Explorer 11

If you are already using Windows 8.1, Explorer 11 is installed by default. This Microsoft explorer version is one of the best on functions, features and pros at the time of browsing the web. However, you can improve your experience following simple steps or tricks for your Internet Explorer 11, which lets you take profit of main news of this browser. Divided screen: It´s an interesting feature to view two web pages at the same time with no nee…

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Outlook removes History Chat folder

…ect with all social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Google, so you had the option tos ave your chat on a fólder created for that. This folder is going to be removed soon. Microsoft didn´t show any details about this action. The onliest explanation is that messages service will be improved, especially Skype on However, there´s a simple solution for keeping old chats. Here are the steps: How to save old chats: Create a folder and…

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