5 apps to Display PDF docs on Windows

…to display PDF docs on Windows. They are free programs and have a user´s interface very nice and easy: Foxit Reader: This soft includes options to print, sign, edit or create complete docs. It has a similar tool as Office so users can enter to main functions. Adobe Reader: It´s a standard program for every tool and PDF doc. It has a paid and a free version. Free version is very complete and offers the chance to browse the doc, modify, edit, etc….

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Installing Windows 7 on a PC with XP

…s XP is the second OS most used in the world, truth is that pc´s need to be updated to a safer and new version. Microsoft is not currently offering security packs for Windows XP so in this post we would like to tell you about installing Windows 7 on a PC with XP. How to update my pc with Windows XP? Before installing Windows 7 you need to check that your pc is compatible on hardware and software. How to know if my pc with windows XP is compatible…

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5 tools to custom Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 interface is not the ideal for many users. New changes arrived when Microsoft launched Windows 8, especially with user´s interface. Therefore we want to bring you 10 tools to custom and adjust your Windows 8.1. 1. Windows 8.1 Boot Screen Logo Charger. This app changes the default logo for any image you choose.  2. Start Button Changer. Although Start button has a nice aspect, this app lets you improve the aspect even replacing the de…

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Download Files. App to manage files on Windows Phone

Microsoft has announced that Files app is available on app store for users with Smartphones that work on Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Phone didn´t have a file manager so users needed to manage content from thirds. Luckily, Micrsoft listened to the crowd and now you have a new app to manage your files on Windows Phone. With Files you can enter to the content of your external card, move data from a folder to another, with no need to connect to the p…

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MyNotes. App to take notes on Windows Phone

…notes anytime of the day. This app can be used easily and edited very easy. MyNotes has many features that include support to create lists, accounts, birthdays, vacations, etc. My Notes also has a friendly design which allows the creation of notes. You can also create backups of your notes with MyNotes using  Microsoft OneNote service storage. MyNotes include the custom of notes using different colour of the source, adding images, categories and…

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New Skype features for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has revealed that a new version of Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 will be launched.  This version includes:          Cortada digital assistant          Chat via phone with Skype contacts          New voice commanders related to Cortada          Update a video conversation           Enter to Skype from start screen or normal desk           Chance to setup task bar           New improves on user´s interface           New window chat New Sky…

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Install Skype web complement for Outlook.com

Skype on Outlook.com let users to chat, make audio or video calls from the inbox, etc. To do this, it is necessary to install Skype web complement. Another feature is the chance to make free video calls with Outlook.com contacts. First thing you must do is link Microsoft Acoount with Skype account, then click on messages click over the right side of the page and then click on ¨Skype contacts¨. After doing previous steps, you must select the ¨Sta…

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OneDrive updates for Windows Phone

Previously known as SkyDrive, OneDrive is Microsoft´s cloud storage service also available for Windows Phone users. App has received an update with many improves and new features. OneDrive for Windows Phone can be uploaded on Smartphones and offers the chance to see photos, videos and many files at the same time. OneDrive for Windows Phone has a new view to manage images files. OneDrive for Windows Phone can be opened from other apps and files a…

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Anvi OneStart. Option for Windows Start Menu

Windows 8 has many regrets refering to the tradicional start menu. It hasn´t been included but Microsoft reconsidered and announced that will bring back this element on Windows 8.1. For that reason, external apps are suplying this failure. Anvi OneStart is an example for Windows 8 Start Menu. This program is a replace of Windows 8 Start Menu, however, it also has the chance to setup the start screen on the desk to minimize it on the bottom left…

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Cyotek Gif Animator. Create Gifs on Windows

…file including PSD, RAW and MNG. Cyotek Gif Animator has many external tolos and a special one which lets you code your own effects and sabe them as DLL files. Cyotek Gif Animator can be downloaded for free from oficial web site and it is compatible with Windows XP to Windows 8. Download |Cyotek Gif Animator Incoming search terms: microsoft create account error code 80020006? ms lumia532 one note 2013 gif onedrive attach file blank outlook 850100…

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Mark all your emails as read on Outlook.com

…n, sign in Outlook.com and  follow these steps: To mark all your e-mails as read you must right click on the folders which have non opened e-mails. Then select the option ¨Mark all as read¨. That´s all you need to know about how to mark e-mails as read on Outlook.com Related article | Custom Outlook.com on Microsoft Outlook Incoming search terms: how do you block people on email for kindles whatsapp com yukle Cortana whats the chances of having o…

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Check your recent activity on Outlook.com

…¨ If you have any doubt about this sign in session, just check the time it was donw, from whom pc was already made (IP address), place, used OS and browser. If any of this data doesn´t match with your sign in session, click on ¨It wasn´t me¨ Microsoft will bring you support so you can change your password and security information of your account. Other common activities are ¨Security Challenge and wrong password¨. You must be very aware, however,…

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