10 Steps to Make a videocall on MSN

…one of the most used services of Windows Live. It is common accepted by the whole population who use Hotmail and microsoft´s packages. Including many functions of MSN, it is very interesting to analyse how it works videocalls on MSN. Just follow the next tutorial that teaches you how to make a videocall on MSN: Connect a detected web camera to your pc You must have installed Windows XP or upper A web connection is also needed and also a connect…

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BananaTag follows sent messages on Outlook.com

BananaTag is an apk that lets you know if your mails have been received by your contacts. Windows, Linux and Mac are the OS that allows you to do that with statistics of opened mails. BananaTag has many features which include: Available for Mobile devices You can follow any mail sent from Microsoft Outlook.com Reports of sent mails and statistics of those which have been received. Option to receive notifications of sent mails Chance to select…

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Get Back to Hotmail from Outlook.com

New Outlook.com is on the market and users can test it in order to keep a new mail service from Microsoft or continue with old Hotmail. We suggest to create a new Outlook.com account if you already don´t have one yet or turn from your Hotmail account to an Outlook.com one. However, here we explain how to get back to Hotmail from Outlook.com: Go to the gear icon on your Outlook.com inbox (upper right corner) Click on ¨Back to Hotmail¨ You can a…

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15 Pros about Outlook.com

Hotmail said goodbye and Microsoft introduced Outlook.com to replace it. Many advantages or pros have been also included. Here are  15 pros about Outlook.com: 1)      Necessary renew although a little bit late. Hotmail needed a change or a new engine to be almost even with Gmail or Yahoo. Outlook functions and Metro tech combined created Outlook.com mail. 2)      Outlook.com has a new interface, very simple to use, cleaner and faster. 3)      U…

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How to setup Hotmail on Mozilla Thunderbird

…on Thunderbird. Thunderbird mails received will be setup to erase from your Hotmail account. This process is by default.  To avoid this, click on ¨Tools¨ and select a new mail account. On the left box, select ¨Server setup¨, and on the right click on the box ¨leave messages on the server¨. You can select to delete messages each certain time, or not. You need to do it manual. Now you can send and receive Hotmail mails from Mozilla Thunderbird. In…

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How to contact Hotmail by phone

Many Hotmail accounts have been blocked by spam or fraud, so users need to recover their Hotmail accounts or unblock them. Sometimes, the process can be very hard and difficult. For that reasons, many users want to know Hotmail pone or Hotmail online help center to get in touch with a company employee. You can contact Hotmail by phone using Hotmail help Center by phone. According to the country you are calli…

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SmartScreen. How to Identify a risky mail

…you will see a new available function located on the tool bar of your Hotmail inbox. SmartScreen is the Microsoft´s tech used to detect not wished mails and now you can also mark it as a risky one. So you can send a mail to a new folder that contains this trash mails weather if you know or not the procedence of it.  If you later know that the mail you marked is a secure one, you can click over the box near it and send it again to y…

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Videos on HTML5 supported by IE9 Mobile

IE9 Mobile has arrived with the strenght of a new tech that is capable of supporting HTML5 Videos. Microsoft has announced on his blog that Mobile developers are focus on a new feature that will be compatible with IE9 Mobile. To download on your PC desktop or Mobile, it is very easy. Just let the video run on your PC or Mobile. So, there´s no difference on the codescript for PC or cellphones. IE9 Mobile will be included on Windows P…

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New Hotmail plugin for Outlook

There is a new tool that allows you to connect your inbox mails of Hotmail to Outlook. This is a must proposed by Microsoft in order to use your hotmail accounts through Outlook. However, this new step had some technical problems. One of the most important was that the trash or spam filter was not connected. For that reason, many mails that were selected as safe ones, were really trash mails (spams). There were also blocked senders, p…

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New Hotmail Image

…The New Hotmail Image says:¨ We´ll Challenger perceptions, and then we´ll Challenger you¨ Chris Jones, who is Microsoft Corporative VP said that Windows Live services will be compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8. New Hotmail is coming soon so do not miss the chance to follow every news we publish about New Hotmail. Incoming search terms: make folders dell venue sync outlook 2013 to hotmail whatsontapp@hotmail whatsontapp@hotmail com W…

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Windows 8: Mail, msn, contacts and photos

These are the bases of the new Microsoft Windows 8. Messenger, contacts, mail and photos are the stars of this new Windows completely designed for social networks. Windows Live 8 have Apps synch with the best social places like Facebook, Flickr and Social Messenger as well. When you select an image, it is uploaded to the web by the use of Windows Live SkyDrive and you will be able to download and see the video that we leave you on the buttom o…

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Bing Translate joins eBay

Microsoft has launched a new translate service for Facebook sites. Now Bing Translate joins eBay, the popular site of purchase and selling. Bing translate will be able on the site so users that are not from the place of the product or service can read what is being offering. Nowadays API offers support for 37 languages. Bing´s API translate offers an on line text translation, and it also has a language detection tool that works in an auto m…

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