How to setup Hotmail on Mozilla Thunderbird

…on Thunderbird. Thunderbird mails received will be setup to erase from your Hotmail account. This process is by default.  To avoid this, click on ¨Tools¨ and select a new mail account. On the left box, select ¨Server setup¨, and on the right click on the box ¨leave messages on the server¨. You can select to delete messages each certain time, or not. You need to do it manual. Now you can send and receive Hotmail mails from Mozilla Thunderbird….

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How to modify my birth date on Hotmail

It is posible that you might change or modify your birth date on Hotmail. Usually this happens when you don´t enter your real data at hotmail´s signing in. You might have done it wrong or enven more, you could have entered a minor age. Microsoft´s always protects minority age avoiding access to certain pages that have adult content. In case you need to modify your birth date, you need to follow these steps: Start a Hotmail sesión Go t…

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Hotmail against Spam

Spam is the common trouble you can find on hotmail messages. Even thouhg it is not the most important problem, however, it seems to be anything that always bothers to your account. The most dangerous spam is the one that has links to other pages. Private Info can be stolen. Filters often consider as spams: many texts like sent messages, reports of the owner of the account, etc. These kind of mails are very difficult to find out and identify fro…

My Friend´s been hacked! Hotmail apk about a friend´s hacked account

Microsoft´s tech team is always searching and working about Hotmail safety. ¨My friend´s been hacked! is an apk that will act when you receive and open an unknown mail of a sender. Usually, spammers act using this process: they send friendly messages to different hotmail accounts. You open them and there it is! The spam starts working on taking off your private data and information. You can avoid this situation by activating My Friend´s been ha…

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BananaTag follows sent messages on

…ou to do that with statistics of opened mails. BananaTag has many features which include: Available for Mobile devices You can follow any mail sent from Microsoft Reports of sent mails and statistics of those which have been received. Option to receive notifications of sent mails Chance to select 5 mails to follow per day Option to upgrade to a paid version to follow more than 5 daily mails. Link: Incoming search term…

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Get Back to Hotmail from

New is on the market and users can test it in order to keep a new mail service from Microsoft or continue with old Hotmail. We suggest to create a new account if you already don´t have one yet or turn from your Hotmail account to an one. However, here we explain how to get back to Hotmail from Go to the gear icon on your inbox (upper right corner) Click on ¨Back to Hotmail¨ You can a…

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15 Pros about

Hotmail said goodbye and Microsoft introduced to replace it. Many advantages or pros have been also included. Here are  15 pros about 1)      Necessary renew although a little bit late. Hotmail needed a change or a new engine to be almost even with Gmail or Yahoo. Outlook functions and Metro tech combined created mail. 2) has a new interface, very simple to use, cleaner and faster. 3)      U…

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Change from Hotmail to

Microsoft has launched in replacement of the classic Hotmail. Many users have done the migration process in order to keep their old hotmail accounts (now turned into ones) or creating new ones to stay in tune with the web planet. Here is a tutorial that explains in 5 simple steps how to change from Hotmail to Enter on Enter you hotmail password. When you done this, mails, contacts and folder…

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How to Setup an account on iPhone or iPad

Many Google´s Gmail features has new from Microsoft. Now you can enter to from any device even if you are an Apple user or have an iOS device including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is a tutorial that shows you how to enter and setup from your iOS device: How to enter to from your iPhone or iPad usingthe web: Desk version is available to enter to from any iOS device. If you are usi…

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8 steps to Avoid Password steal on

It is probably you have changed your old hotmail account to the new Microsoft´s mail service. If you have done that, remember to change your password very often in order to keep your account safe. You can program the duration of your password: Here are 8 steps to avoid password steal on Sign in Enter to Click on the gear icon Click on ¨More setup m…

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How to change Start Wallpaper on Windows 8

Start wallpaper on Windows 8 replaces the start traditional menu which many users are really adapted to. This start screen can be customed to make it friendly. Unfortunatelly, Microsoft doesn´t allow to use images or user´s photos to place them as wallpaper on the start screen, so you must select what it is given by the system. Therefore, if you want to change start wallpaper on windows 8 first thing you must do is opening a Windows 8 bar using…

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Xbox Music pass available on the Web

Microsoft announced that streaming service Xbox Music will be available from the web for all users. This means that people with subscription to the service or new member will be able to enter and listen to their favorite music from web browser instead of enter from different devices. Before this situation, Xbox service Music was able just for Tablets with Windows 8 and Windows RT, Smartphones with Windows Phone and Xbox 360. This streaming musi…

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