Add SkyDrive to context menu ¨Send to¨

As you probably know, SkyDrive is Microsoft´s cloud to store information. You can save files, make backups of them and managment tasks. However, you can upgrade the process of transfering files from your PC to the cloud. You can add SkyDrive to context menu ¨Send to¨ that you often use with your right button on any file. Here are the steps to add SkyDrive to context menu ¨Send to¨: Go to C:usersnameofuser and on this directory search…

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10 Steps to Make a videocall on MSN

…one of the most used services of Windows Live. It is common accepted by the whole population who use Hotmail and microsoft´s packages. Including many functions of MSN, it is very interesting to analyse how it works videocalls on MSN. Just follow the next tutorial that teaches you how to make a videocall on MSN: Connect a detected web camera to your pc You must have installed Windows XP or upper A web connection is also needed and also a connect…

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Keep a message on inbox

As it happens on every tutorial, first of all you must start session on with all your data of Microsoft account. Then, when you are on your main page, go to inbox and place over the mails you have received. On them, you can see 3 icons which are: Mark this message as non read Delete this message Keep this message on the upper side of inbox With these options, select number 3, so will send this m…

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Faster with IE10

…bars. Also you can use the whole screen to web and browse with templates that are included . New interface and design are also introduced. You can also see the official site of Redmond company which explains new Microsoft browser features also added on mail is a free service which competes with Gmail and now has as a tool new Web IE 10. Better browsing speed and tech are the most important reasons of the selection of thi…

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More security measures for

Microsoft is improving it´s mail service and announced the arrival of new features. The company is launching new security measures for so users can have DMARC certificates support and EV. The first one is a Domain Based on Messages id, reports and agreements. It is focused on phishing attacks and make secure senders (Banks for example, that are not real and want to steal confidential information). EV Certificates guarant…

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Blackberry Smartphones are known by their simplicity when it happens to setup email reception. Also Microsoft and Blackberry joint venture to offer services on Blackberry Cloud Business Cloud. users on Blackberry can preview attached files with no need to download them. Blackberry allow to add up to ten emails accounts with push tech. Also gives the chance to send attached voice messages like attached on mails. To do that you must s…

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How to setup on a tablet with Windows 8 (tutorial video), the new mail service of Microsoft is already installed on the web. This new mail replaces old Hotmail. Here´s a tutorial video that shows you how to setup on a tablet with Windows 8. Here you will see how to make correct adjusts in order to setup your tablet and enter to Video setup of on a tablet with Windows 8: Incoming search terms: outlook for windows 8 tablet set up 2010 office outlook on…

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Download SkyDrive Apps on

SkyDrive is upgrading constantly with Microsoft Cloud SkyDrive is the competition of Google Drive. To enter to this service you just need to have an account which is the same account with access to the storage service on the left upper side of your inbox webmail. SkyDrive has renewed with an interface that syncs many devices. Here are some downloads for different systems:  Skydrive  for Windows Desk SkyDrive for Mac Sky…

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Send video Messages on Skype to offline contacts

After Microsoft´s announce of video messages on Skype, users have another way to comunícate with friends and contacts even if they are offline or disconnected. On free accounts, these video messages can last up to 3 minutes. On Premium accounts it is possible the sending of video messages unlimited in time. The procedure is very simple and it´s the same as you do to online contacts. The only difference is that users who are offline will see the…

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Web Excel apk update

As you know, users have the chance to edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs from web apks that you can find on or SkyDrive. Recently, Microsoft has update Web Excel apk with new features that have been requested by users for a while. Now users can view all the titles of the columns on one page (upper side) all the time, instead of going up or down as usual on previous version. New update also adds a way to manage data which are not o…

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Outlook .com offers many ways to keep dialogues with chat. A huge change on Gates company was the purchase of Skype for 9 million dollars on 2011 which happened to be one of the most important operations of that year (the cost was so cheap). This fact also made a remove of the classic chat messenger. also integrates with social network Facebook and privacy policy of Google were not an obstacle for Microsoft in order to addopt Google…

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Outlook on Blackberry

Blackberry Smartphones are well known by simplicity when   it´s time to setup email reception. Otherwise, Microsoft and Blackberry are joined together ñto offer services on Blackberry Business Cloud. users on Blackberry are allowed to watch attached files with no need to download them. Blackberry also add up to 10 mail accounts with push tech. Also gives the chance to send attached voice messages on mails. To do this, just pick the…

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