Add your cellphone to Hotmail and obtain more security

…your contact lists. New mails can be displayed straight from your inbox If your Smartphone allows you, you can edit attached documents . Thanks to Office Web Apps now you can watch, edit and even also print online files like Word Documents, Excel pages, etc. You can upload or download potos just from and to your Hotmail account. Incoming search terms: hotmail update 2013 OneDrive Files Not Showing Up hidden files wp8 1 hotmail contacts in mac…

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Enter to SkyDrive from

…d for free, so you can save or storage any kind of information: photos, docs, etc and also make backups or edit Office files from your pc, smartphone or any other device, for free. SkyDrive also offers the chance of sharing files which are very heavy when you want to send them. You can also create special permissions for privacy. SkyDrive works on Windows environment but also has compatibility with Apple OS X and Ios. With from August…

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Organize my Hotmail inbox by categories

…ctions is that you can add categories to your messages. The operative way of categories is very simple. Just slide the available categories list by clicking on ¨Categories¨on menu bar on the Browsing box and there you will find 10 categories by default: 1. Social Updates 2. Reports 3. Buyings 4. Office Documents 5. Bills 6. Family 7. Photos 8. Groups 9. Important 10. Travelling But if you need to add any category, you can create it by clicking on…

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…ke POP and IMAP setups, but is the only one that uses sync program Excahnge ActiveSync. includes tools to connect to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and also gives the chance to make calls and videocalls from Skype. Yahoo! lets you chat on Facebook and Gmail only offers an own chat as instant messaging tool.       Incoming search terms: outlook vs gmail 2015 gmail vs outlook 2015 blocking spam kindle fire…

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Install Skype web complement on

Skype on let users comunícate via chat, audio and video calls, etc, from the mail inbox. To do this you need to install Skype web complement. You can make calls and video calls to contacts. Here are the steps to install Skype web complement on Link Microsoft account with Skype Click on messages icon on the right side of the page Click on doc on ¨Skype contacts¨ Select ¨Start¨ Save Skype web complement on your…

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5 tricks for Explorer 11

If you are already using Windows 8.1, Explorer 11 is installed by default. This Microsoft explorer version is one of the best on functions, features and pros at the time of browsing the web. However, you can improve your experience following simple steps or tricks for your Internet Explorer 11, which lets you take profit of main news of this browser. Divided screen: It´s an interesting feature to view two web pages at the same time with no need…

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Anvi OneStart. Option for Windows Start Menu

Windows 8 has many regrets refering to the tradicional start menu. It hasn´t been included but Microsoft reconsidered and announced that will bring back this element on Windows 8.1. For that reason, external apps are suplying this failure. Anvi OneStart is an example for Windows 8 Start Menu. This program is a replace of Windows 8 Start Menu, however, it also has the chance to setup the start screen on the desk to minimize it on the bottom left…

MyNotes. App to take notes on Windows Phone

…notes anytime of the day. This app can be used easily and edited very easy. MyNotes has many features that include support to create lists, accounts, birthdays, vacations, etc. My Notes also has a friendly design which allows the creation of notes. You can also create backups of your notes with MyNotes using  Microsoft OneNote service storage. MyNotes include the custom of notes using different colour of the source, adding images, categories and…

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Outlook removes History Chat folder

…ect with all social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Google, so you had the option tos ave your chat on a fólder created for that. This folder is going to be removed soon. Microsoft didn´t show any details about this action. The onliest explanation is that messages service will be improved, especially Skype on However, there´s a simple solution for keeping old chats. Here are the steps: How to save old chats: Create a folder and a…

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OneDrive updates for Windows Phone

Previously known as SkyDrive, OneDrive is Microsoft´s cloud storage service also available for Windows Phone users. App has received an update with many improves and new features. OneDrive for Windows Phone can be uploaded on Smartphones and offers the chance to see photos, videos and many files at the same time. OneDrive for Windows Phone has a new view to manage images files. OneDrive for Windows Phone can be opened from other apps and files a…

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Download Files. App to manage files on Windows Phone

Microsoft has announced that Files app is available on app store for users with Smartphones that work on Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Phone didn´t have a file manager so users needed to manage content from thirds. Luckily, Micrsoft listened to the crowd and now you have a new app to manage your files on Windows Phone. With Files you can enter to the content of your external card, move data from a folder to another, with no need to connect to the p…

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Installing Windows 7 on a PC with XP

…s XP is the second OS most used in the world, truth is that pc´s need to be updated to a safer and new version. Microsoft is not currently offering security packs for Windows XP so in this post we would like to tell you about installing Windows 7 on a PC with XP. How to update my pc with Windows XP? Before installing Windows 7 you need to check that your pc is compatible on hardware and software. How to know if my pc with windows XP is compatible…

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