5 Twitter apps for Windows phone

Twitter is a social network with huge public that daily change opinions, share content or report someting important. In the case of Windows Phone platform, we would like to talk to you about best Twitter apps that lets you interact  on this social network. First case is Seesmic, an app that let users to update the status on the social network and also add many Twitter accounts and managing others. Then you have TweetCaster Pro, an app that offe…

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Create and Delete email alias on Outlook.com (Video)

If you are an Outlook.com user, you must be logged in and have an outlook.com account. In that case you can create an alias so you can receive and send emails from different accounts, and the answers will arrive to an only one you previously selected. However, if you have an alias and don´t want to continue receiving all the emails to a single account, you can delete your alias and redirect incoming messages to different outlook.com accounts. He…

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Bing Translate joins eBay

Microsoft has launched a new translate service for Facebook sites. Now Bing Translate joins eBay, the popular site of purchase and selling. Bing translate will be able on the site so users that are not from the place of the product or service can read what is being offering. Nowadays API offers support for 37 languages. Bing´s API translate offers an on line text translation, and it also has a language detection tool that works in an auto m…

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How to resend an e-mail on Outlook.com (tutorial + video)

This is a tutorial with a video that shows you how to resend an e-mail on Outlook.com. You must follow these simple steps and keep in mind that the option of Resend is quite a little bit hided on the interface. Enter to the e-mail you want to resend Click on ¨Actions¨( below the line that divides the issue text from mail info) Click on ¨Resend¨ Enter the e-mail address/es you wish to resend the message, message data, etc. Click on ¨Send¨ That´…

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Hotmail as a Start Page on Chrome Web Browser

On the world we are living, communications by mail and social networks are the most used by everyone. To tell the truth, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, facebook, twitter, and many other sites like those, are increasing their incomes because of the huge number of people that every day use this chat and communication service. But sometimes people don´t like to start their Hotmail session from the beginning. They prefer to have it as a Start Page on Chrome…

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How to contact Hotmail by phone

Many Hotmail accounts have been blocked by spam or fraud, so users need to recover their Hotmail accounts or unblock them. Sometimes, the process can be very hard and difficult. For that reasons, many users want to know Hotmail pone or Hotmail online help center to get in touch with a company employee. You can contact Hotmail by phone using Hotmail help Center by phone. According to the country you are calli…

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How to send photos on Hotmail with no attaching

When you send photos, you always make an attached file. Those files can be weight a lot, especially if you take features on HD. When you send attached files you should upload photos to a Hotmail server and then the receiver must download them. Nowadays exist many sites where you can share photos and you can send them with no need to attach or create an attached file. Just send them with the link of the service you are using and that´s all. Wi…

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How to create folders on Outlook.com (tutorial + video)

When you need to manage your emails, folders are the most common way to do it. It helps you to group emails in a way you wish to. Here´s a tutorial that shows you to create folders on Outlook.com. Also there´s a link to a video below the article. Follow these steps: Start Outlook session On the right column, where Inbox mail is, click on New Folder On the text box, add a folder name you want to create This is the easiest way to create fo…

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