How to create an animated avatar on Twitter

If you have a Twitter account, you should know you can use animated images fig style instead of the classic photo on your avatar. You can select a gif placed on internet or create one. To create a gif you can choose photos or use a web cam to create a new gif. It may help a program like Buzzfeed to do this job. Once you prepared the gif, just upload it to your account avatar on Twitter.  Another way to create an animated gif like A…

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Twitter app for Windows Phone

Among Skype updates for Android and iOS , Twitter has updated it´s app too. Smartphone´s users with Windows Phone are privileged with this Twitter update which shows new features and adjusts compared to previous versions. Windows Store Apps has this Twitter update which include user´s options to select a dark theme or change the background. You have also the chance to custom notifications which now they are compatible with available users on Wi…

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How to upload files on SkyDrive

…2.      Go to SkyDrive and check the link that says ¨Add Files¨ 3.      Click and select the files you want to upload 4.      Once you picked the file just wait till the content is uploaded. 5.     When the process is finished, you will be able to share the file between Hotmail contacts and also keep on uploading files on the free space of the cloud storage. Incoming search terms: how to reboot windows 8 1 how to sync outlook 2013 on the cl…

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YouTube Upload for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone

…for this apk is YouTube Upload, available as free download on Windows Phone app store. The functions of YouTube Upload is very simple and allows users to select videos from the phone gallery and upload them to the official site of Youtube.  These videos can be uploaded through mobile phone net or using a WiFi connection. Apk will be available only on Smartphones Nokia Lumia 1020, recently launched by the company, however it might be  possible…

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Animated Gifs for SkyDrive

Microsoft has introduced new functions on SkyDrive cloud. The company decided to add new SkyDrive features including support for more images formats and additionas improves to share. From SkyDrive official Blog are explained new features like GIF image format: it´s about animated images or movement ones. Also users can view hd photos on DPI screens. Microsoft says that SkyDrive can measure automatically the DPI scale in one screen.  If you hav…

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How to send animated images on Hotmail

You can add a proffesional touch to your mails at the moment of sending them. Hotmail offers the functions of icons and emoticons  you can add. They include movements and you can achieve a funny effect for your message. You can also enjoy many images with a GIF format. First thing to do to add these images is download them to your PC and then attach them as a normal file. You can add these kind of images from your company for example as an auto…

Import photos with Hotmail

…Photo albums and upload them to social Networks like Facebook. Hotmail tech created by Microsoft allows you to do this thanks to Windows Live Sync. Now you can enjoy Windows Live Mail and publish your videos and photos from your Social Messenger. So any friend of us can make a comment of our entire published life. Windows Live Photo Gallery allows you to upload your PC images and sync them to create Photo albums which will be published on…

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