How to setup Hotmail on Mozilla Thunderbird

…is by default.  To avoid this, click on ¨Tools¨ and select a new mail account. On the left box, select ¨Server setup¨, and on the right click on the box ¨leave messages on the server¨. You can select to delete messages each certain time, or not. You need to do it manual. Now you can send and receive Hotmail mails from Mozilla Thunderbird. Incoming search terms: how to go back from outlook to hotmail setting up hotmail on ios7 hotmail is not wo…

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New Hotmail

…Read More Change from Hotmail to Microsoft has launched in replacement of the classic Hotmail. Many users have done the migration process in order to keep their old hotmail accounts. Read More Create an account Here are the steps to create an account, just follow them and update your Hotmail account. Read More Sign Up Outlook You can sign up Outlook by following this tutorial… Read More Ho…

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Hotmail. Features and Tricks about Hotmail

Just find out how to take best profit of your Hotmail Service. Hotmail has so many functions and features that many users just don´t know how to take profit of them. Now you can use your mail not only as your inbox for your messages but also you can have absolute control of your communications and social confirmations that makes your Hotmail your best Business tool. These are some Hotmail features and Tricks: 1. You can setup you…

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Tutorial to Setup Hotmail on Samsung Star

…st and has been designed for your cellphone display with many functions and features. Here are the steps of how to setup Hotmail on your Samsung Star to send and receive mails: 1. Start Hotmail session 2. Go to ¨Options¨ and click on ¨More Options¨ 3. Choose ¨Consult and modify mi personal information¨ 4. Click on ¨Register information¨ 5. On Country: USA 6. Zip Code: 33101 7. Time Zone: East Time…

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How to setup Hotmail on Android Phones

If you have aSmartphone with OS Android you can setup your Hotmail account so you can enter to it from your device, wherever you are. You enter to your Smartphone menú and Access to the email icon. Once you are in, choose the option ¨Add accounts¨¨. Enter your password and Hotmail account and you will enter on a section where you can define your account´s data. Enter these: Server POP3: Safe Connection POP3: No POP3 Port: 99…

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How to setup on iOS devices

Many accunts have been created since Microsoft launched in replacement of classic Hotmail. But what happens if you want to custom or setup for your iOS device? This is a tutorial that helps you to do the process: Open iOS adjustments and go to ¨Mails, Contacts and Calendars¨ Click on Add account Select Hotmail and enter your Outlook account. Press ¨next¨ You can select which elements will be sync. If Hotmai…

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How to setup Hotmail on PSP

Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) have incorporated Hotmail features to add more social functions to the classic games board. So videogames fans now have the chance to share game experience and messages as well. Here are the steps to setup Hotmail on your PSP:   Enter to Windows Live Hotmail Mobile page:            2.      Complete the form with your personal information            3.      Setup Internet bases on your PSP            …

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  • setting up one drive for business for multiple users Hotmail of Paraguay

…nothing for many users although to others might represent a problem, especially if you are trying to sign in a Hotmail session behind a firewall that won´t let quit to foreign sites. Nowadays, this shouldn´t be a big problem if we count with global internet making possible to initiate a session from Paraguay or any other place in the world. Incoming search terms: hotmail cm yhs-per_003 Hotmail Connection hotmail py windows 10 your sy…

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