About Printing Hotmail messages

Although not everyone prints mails, sometimes it is necessary to pass to paper some mails in order to file them and go for them on the future. How to print Hotmail messages is a simple process so you don´t have to select the mail and copy to Word for example to have it on paper. Just enter to the mail you want to print on the upper menu, just by the end of the page (right side). There you will find an icon that represents a Printer…

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Microsoft launches Office Online with new interface

…of OfficeWeb Apps. Now it is oficial, new Office Online will be launched these days. These changes are thought to improve user´s experience . They will be able to find, share and colaborate with docs. Service image is also improved and Office Web Apps appearance will be joined with OneDrive, Calendar, Contacts and Outlook.com. Users can open, create or make a new doc using Work, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote. However, many changes of appearanc…

Web Excel apk update

As you know, users have the chance to edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs from web apks that you can find on Outlook.com or SkyDrive. Recently, Microsoft has update Web Excel apk with new features that have been requested by users for a while. Now users can view all the titles of the columns on one page (upper side) all the time, instead of going up or down as usual on previous version. New update also adds a way to manage data which are not o…

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Free to Play FIFA World for PC

Free to Play FIFA World for PC is on beta phase. On this occasion, 600 teams and 30 leagues are officially introduced. FIFA World has a main menu to share game updates and promotions. Here´s the first trailer gameplay of this beta FIFA World available to download for PC. FIFA World has included FIFA Ultimate Team and League Mode to play online. You just need to enter to official page on www.easportsfifaworld.com and download this fabulous game…

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