How to import contacts on

If you want to move from your mail, you should know how to import contacts. If you like your information online, this step is very important. Here´s a tutorial to import a contact list from 2 different accounts to platform: Start session on with your username and password On Contacts, click on ¨Manage¨ and then on ¨Export¨ Save the file.CSV on your hard disk Close your session and start a new one with the acco…

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5 top features of

…ias, and also have a main account for the rest of the mails. Hotkeys keyboard: Many users still don´t know that is compatible with a wide list of hotkeys that help saving time and increase the performance. Most important are: N: Create a new message, Ctrl + Y: Insert an emoji, Ctrl+3: Enter to Contacts, Shift+E: Create a new folder Preview Facebook and Twitter contents: Users have the chance to add all the contacts of social nets o…

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How to import contacts and make social notifications on

If you chose to log in, don´t worry for your contacts because you will be able to import every email from any mail service. You also have the chance to import contacts from popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter so your friends will receive different notifications of your new Outlook Mail. Don´t waiste more time and follow the tutorial we show you below. First of all you must sign in session with your user nam…

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10 steps to Import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account

…s like Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Windows Live, etc. Also it is very common that if you are a Hotmail user you need to import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account. Here are 10 steps import facebook contacts to Hotmail. Follow this tutorial:  Access to Hotmail page Write your Windows Live ID or user name and password On your Hotmail inbox, go to ¨Options¨ on the upper right side of the screen On the shown list, select ¨More Options¨ On the cat…

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Update Hotmail to new

Now you can change from your Hotmail account to a new one. Mail accounts from,, live and many others are still available but with the option : Update to Outlook. With this option, all your hotmail contacts, settings, sent and stored messages etc, will be   moved to Outlook platform with no loose of anything. When you click on the option to Update to you will see this box: When you click on Update…

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…and do different actions with them. Also shelfs have been modified. These ones show the status of an e-mail. On are bigger and brighter. The most important change on inbox is the upper bar. This one lets you: 1.      send messages, 2.      enter to calendar, 3.      Enter to Skydrive Cloud 4.      Access to your contacts list. Everyday Microsoft is working to turn into the best option for mailing a…

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How to send an email on

…t your left part with contacts and options of copy. If you need to attach a file, new tech offers you the chance to do it faster and easier. You can also have previews of photos and files you can send to your contacts. Enjoy and use the most important mail client of the world. Be part of it. Join !   Incoming search terms: MSN Settings for Outlook 2013 adding picture on contactsn outlook 2013 write email on surface ho…

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Import Gmail Contacts

…Select ¨People¨ Where it says ¨Adding people to contact list¨,  click on Google contacts Follow the instructions to ¨connect¨ to your Google addresses notes. Depending on how many contacts you have, it can take a few minutes (or more) to fill your contact list with all the addresses. You can also use TrueSwitch (as we explained before) and import also Google calendar. Incoming search terms: OUtlook messenger 2013 download Trueswitch…

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How to Export Contacts on Hotmail

If you are a Hotmail user or even more you have more than one Hotmail account, it is comnon that the number of contacts you have is huge. For that reason, Hotmail created a tool to import and export contacts from Hotmail to another mail account or Hotmail account, and from another mail account or hotmail account to your Hotmail one. Microsoft Excel is the program you need to have installed in order to open the files of exporting contacts which w…

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