Import Contacts on

…on the upper left corner, next to where options are displayed. Pick up ¨Contacts¨. Two columns are shown, the left one displays your contacts you can chat at the moment. The second one, it brings you the Contacts import process. To start Import, click  on the button ¨Start Import¨ which redirects you to a window that brings you options to import contacts from your Google, Yahoo!, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013, Windows Live…

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How to import contacts on

If you want to move from your mail, you should know how to import contacts. If you like your information online, this step is very important. Here´s a tutorial to import a contact list from 2 different accounts to platform: Start session on with your username and password On Contacts, click on ¨Manage¨ and then on ¨Export¨ Save the file.CSV on your hard disk Close your session and start a new one with the account you want…

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Outlook Sign In

Outlook Sign In is a tutorial that wants to show you everything about The new Hotmail now turns into This is not an automatic change, but on the current year, some improves will be made. If you want to start just follow the guide which is below this page. This is a brief history about Outlook: It starts on 1990 with Office Package. However, it was removed two years later. Since it begun, Outlook was accepted…

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Link contacts on your addresses book lets you store many addresses books on Contacts. When you link Facebook, you also import contacts from the social network to your account. Same thing happens with other services you link with your mail, therefore many contacts are repeated. On Contacts, you can link many addresses of a same contact or link different ones on one Contact. It is very common that if you have the mail address of a person and the Facebook addre…

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New Hotmail

…l. Many users have done the migration process in order to keep their old hotmail accounts. Read More Create an account Here are the steps to create an account, just follow them and update your Hotmail account. Read More Sign Up Outlook You can sign up Outlook by following this tutorial… Read More How to update to Follow these steps and update your old hotmail account into an one. Read More…

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How to send an email to all the contacts

…cts as receivers. If you want to send a mail to all the contacts, except a few people, just unmark the box next to all of them on the list. Try not to abuse of this option, because might suspect you are using the account to make Spam.   Incoming search terms: cortana send an email cortana block a contact Cortana sync all contacts to SD card Cortana how can I block a contact hi Cortana how can I import my contacts from my Gmail ID…

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How to import contacts and make social notifications on

If you chose to log in, don´t worry for your contacts because you will be able to import every email from any mail service. You also have the chance to import contacts from popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter so your friends will receive different notifications of your new Outlook Mail. Don´t waiste more time and follow the tutorial we show you below. First of all you must sign in session with your user name…

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10 steps to Import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account

…like Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Windows Live, etc. Also it is very common that if you are a Hotmail user you need to import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account. Here are 10 steps import facebook contacts to Hotmail. Follow this tutorial:  Access to Hotmail page Write your Windows Live ID or user name and password On your Hotmail inbox, go to ¨Options¨ on the upper right side of the screen On the shown list, select ¨More Options¨ On the catego…

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5 top features of

…ias, and also have a main account for the rest of the mails. Hotkeys keyboard: Many users still don´t know that is compatible with a wide list of hotkeys that help saving time and increase the performance. Most important are: N: Create a new message, Ctrl + Y: Insert an emoji, Ctrl+3: Enter to Contacts, Shift+E: Create a new folder Preview Facebook and Twitter contents: Users have the chance to add all the contacts of social nets on O…

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