Free Group Videochat on Skype

Microsoft has announced free group videochat on Skype for all users. This feature was only available for Premium subscription but now is for everyone. Users with Skype for Windows, Mac, Xbox One, etc are allowed to make videochat with no cost. However Skype has video service, users now have the chance to make free group videochat for free. Microsoft announced also that this free group videochat on Skype will expand to other platforms…

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I can´t read my Hotmail messages

Sometimes Hotmail mails but other times PC users have trouble. Sometimes you can´t read your Hotmail messages. Just follow these steps. First of all check your PC is virus free and that you also have a good Internet connection. Now follow these steps: ·        Restore your browser options for example if you are using Internet Explorer ·        Change your web browser from another pc ·        Enter by Proxy or remote desktop ·        Erase c…

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Top 5 best functions of Skype

Skype is a soft of instant messaging compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. Also with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Skype offers an easy way to keep in touch with friends and relatives, also with job partners. Top 5 best functions of Skype include: Hidden emoticons: Skype emoticons are very easy to access, just click on the upper side of the window. However, there are many hidden emoticons that you can use on your chats. You just need to wr…

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Skype on

Since many months ago, it has been announced that Skype would be available from the browser even before the migration from Hotmail to Many countries have addopted this service with positive results. This a huge chance for the future to add a classic soft like Skype so you can work from the Cloud with no need to download from your PC. Skype on the browser: When we talk about Skype we think on Videoconferences, voice chat, phone call…

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Skype officialy joins Microsoft

…nounced before, Skype officialy is part of Microsoft and the number is 8.500 million dollars. Operations started on May 2011 and have finished on these days with the signature of both companies chiefs. Tony Bates will be the President of Skype Division on Microsoft, and all the employees around the World ( Sweden, Russia, China, UK, Japan, Singapur, USA, etc) will keep their jobs. Microsoft´s aim is to introduce Skype on Windows OS. Tablet…

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How to change a Skype password

Many reasons you can have to change a Skype password as any other messaging service or e-mail. Any reason you can have, most of them are related to security, therefore, in this occasion we would like to share a tutorial to change a Skype password. Just follow these steps to change a Skype password: Sign in Skype and click on ¨Change password¨ on the left side of the screen Enter the original password and after you confirm twice the new one, cl…

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Skype update for Android cellphones

New Skype version for Android cellphones has been released by Microsoft as    Mode Snap . Android tablets will be able to run audio calls or video ones using Skype. This is a new function for Android Tablets so Android Smartphones can download this 4,5 Skype version and continue watching a message to run apps. Microsoft says that this is a mistake to be corrected on future Skype versions. Video instant messaging will be able for Hudl Tab…

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Sent Messages, Hotmail Folder

…on your Hotmail account. You can also check the date and time the message was sent. Just follow these steps to enter to the Sent Messages Folder on your Hotmail account: 1.      Start your Hotmail Session 2.      Go to the inbox mail 3.      Go to the Sent Messages option 4.      Click on ¨Sent Hotmail Messages folder¨. You can see there the sent messages with date, time and content. Incoming search terms: how to sync onedrive folder t…

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New Skype features for Windows Phone 8.1

…esk           Chance to setup task bar           New improves on user´s interface           New window chat New Skype version for Windows Phone 8.1 will be able on the short term. We are looking forward for this upgrade  and so Windows Phone 8.1 users as well. Incoming search terms: windows phone 8 1 gmail delete whatsapp windows 2010 close skype on windows phone 8 1 windows phone 8 1 photos fail to upload to OneDrive whatsapp brta para windows…

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Skype for iOS offers 720p videocalls

…d 4 are the most important. This resolution of 720p makes possible a better image quality of 1280 x 720 pixels. Skype for iOS also brings an improve to send video messages. This involves a better sound quality and also a clearer standard for the calls. The code country selector is also improved and there has been many changes coming soon for NEW iOS 7. This new update resembles the 4,10 version of iOS on Skype which is compatible with iPhone 3GS…

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Delete spam quickly

…ial of how to delete  spam mails from many places, in order to save time. Follow the steps below: Step 1: Click on the check box located on the left side of the not wished sender Step 2: Click on the ¨Clean¨ menu on the upper side of your inbox Step 3: On the slide menu, click on the link that says ¨Delete everything from…¨ Step 4: If you have already completed the steps before, a new window will appear asking if you want to delete all the messa…

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