10 Steps to Delete folders on Hotmail

If you have a Hotmail account, a very useful way to classify your messages is by creating folders that contain a category where you can store information related to that one. But when you stop incoming data to the folder because now it´s useless for your purposes, you need to delete it in order to free space on your Hotmail account. To delete a Hotmail folder, follow these steps: Sign in Hotmail session with your name and secret pass…

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How to change a Skype password

Many reasons you can have to change a Skype password as any other messaging service or e-mail. Any reason you can have, most of them are related to security, therefore, in this occasion we would like to share a tutorial to change a Skype password. Just follow these steps to change a Skype password: Sign in Skype and click on ¨Change password¨ on the left side of the screen Enter the original password and after you confirm twice the new one, cl…

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Skype update for Android cellphones

New Skype version for Android cellphones has been released by Microsoft as    Mode Snap . Android tablets will be able to run audio calls or video ones using Skype. This is a new function for Android Tablets so Android Smartphones can download this 4,5 Skype version and continue watching a message to run apps. Microsoft says that this is a mistake to be corrected on future Skype versions. Video instant messaging will be able for Hudl Tab…

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Sent Messages, Hotmail Folder

As long we send Hotmail messages it might be neccesary to check the sent messages. To check that everything is fine, even messages, attached files or destiny addresses, or also the main content of a message, you can go to the Sent Messages Folder on your Hotmail account. You can also check the date and time the message was sent. Just follow these steps to enter to the Sent Messages Folder on your Hotmail account: 1.      Start your Hotmail…

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Skype officialy joins Microsoft

…ounced before, Skype officialy is part of Microsoft and the number is 8.500 million dollars. Operations started on May 2011 and have finished on these days with the signature of both companies chiefs. Tony Bates will be the President of Skype Division on Microsoft, and all the employees around the World ( Sweden, Russia, China, UK, Japan, Singapur, USA, etc) will keep their jobs. Microsoft´s aim is to introduce Skype on Windows OS. Tablet…

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New Skype features for Windows Phone 8.1

…       Update a video conversation           Enter to Skype from start screen or normal desk           Chance to setup task bar           New improves on user´s interface           New window chat New Skype version for Windows Phone 8.1 will be able on the short term. We are looking forward for this upgrade  and so Windows Phone 8.1 users as well. Incoming search terms: deleting-Skype chat on surface 2 tablet Cortana can you sync my Gmail con…

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Tablet Linx 7 with Windows 8.1

…LCD screen of 7 inches with 1280 x 800 pixels. A 4 core processor Intel Bay Trail-T and RAM of 1 GB. Internal storage is 32 GB and you can increase this space by adding micro SD cards. Tablet Linx 7 with Windows 8.1 comes with a back camera of 2 mp and a front one of 2 mp. It has also a battery of 3.500 mAh, however, nothing  is reported about autonomy time. Nowadays, Tablet Linx 7 with Windows 8.1 is only available on UK. Incoming search terms…

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How to Recover deleted messages on Outlook.com

Outlook.com has new tools like recover deleted messages. To recover deleted messages on outlook.com you just need to click on the deleted flange (left column). Once you have done this step, go to ¨Lost a message?. When you recover deleted messages, we will recover you as many as we can. More Information¨ Outlook.com keeps deleted messages for a while. This can be a very useful especially when you accidentally delete very important e-mails Via:…

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Tablet Surface 2 with LTE support

Microsoft has announced that Tablet Surface 2 will be able for 4G/LTE webs via AT&T Telephone service. Microsoft also said that Tablet Surface 2 will have 64 gb of storage and the price is 679 dollars. LTE webs offer fastest wide speed range but wireless. Nowadays, LTE connectivity will be able for Tablet Surface 2 but not for Surface Pro 2. The available model is for 64GB which means that there will not be an option of 32GB, that´s the rea…

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Microsoft reduces price on Tablet Surface Pro

Tablets market is very competitive, so Microsoft realises of that and decided to reduce the price of Surface Pro Tablet. However, this could be just for a lapse of time. Last month the company announced a reduction of 150 dollars for Tablets Surface RT. In this case, Microsoft reduction for Surface Pro is 100 dollars which means that if you want to buy Microsoft Tablet of 64 GB instead of paying 899 dollars, you pay 799 dollars. Same reduction…

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Skype for iOS offers 720p videocalls

Microsoft announced a new update for iOS Skype. New improves like the chance to make 720p video calls from iPhone 5 or iPad 4 are the most important. This resolution of 720p makes possible a better image quality of 1280 x 720 pixels. Skype for iOS also brings an improve to send video messages. This involves a better sound quality and also a clearer standard for the calls. The code country selector is also improved and there has been many change…

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How to see Hotmail messages in a quick way

Hotmail inbox displays many categories and messages ready to be read. Sometimes it happens that many of them are not interested to us, so you have the chance to see Hotmail messages in a quick way. With this option, you can select those mails you want to read quick: deleted ones, draft mails, sent mails, received ones, not wished mails, etc. This is a tutorial that teaches you how to see Hotmail messages in a quick way. Follow these steps: En…

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