How to setup on iOS devices

Many accunts have been created since Microsoft launched in replacement of classic Hotmail. But what happens if you want to custom or setup for your iOS device? This is a tutorial that helps you to do the process: Open iOS adjustments and go to ¨Mails, Contacts and Calendars¨ Click on Add account Select Hotmail and enter your Outlook account. Press ¨next¨ You can select which elements will be sync….

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Adding Reading pannel on (tutorial + video)

If you want a Reading pannel on inbox you must enter a few setup changes. Follow these tutorial that shows you how to add a Reading Pannel on 1.      Click on the icon that seems like a gear 2.      Click on more mail setup options 3.      Click on Reading Pannel 4.      Select where the Reading Pannel is going to be placed (right or lower side) 5.      Enter the preset function on the Reading Pannel. You can select to…

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Use as a Diary

If you want to have a personal diary, you can use as one of the most important tools for this. Daily activities can be saved thanks to the option ¨Calendar¨ which makes easier your tasks and daily activities. This tutorial shows the steps to follow in order to use as a Diary in your own mail: Enter to platform using your username and password Click on ¨Outlook¨ on the upper side of the screen Select ¨Calenda…

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Select sender´s address on lets you select the address that appears as sender. This is a good choice to keep your identity in secret. To select the sender´s option, first thing you must do is create an alias on which we have explained to you. This alias is going to appear on the sender´s addres so you must keep it in mind at the time you select it. If the alias is going to be used for work mails or studies, best thing to do is select funny ones. O…

Migrate from Gmail to

…30% of mail messages. Also advertisements have been erased from email inbox. Although many advantages offered by, many people have different opinion. Microsoft on the other hand, says than new has a complete sync with the Cloud, social Networks and Mobile devices. Using Exchange Active Sync makes  possible to make one mail, calendar and contacts and therefore enter to them from any cellphone or Mobile or pc. As an addition…

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How to Download images in Outlook email

…ssage (under the sender and subject). Change the automatic download options Images and advertiser´s content are blocked if you select the default settings. When the content is blocked, senders can´t be aware if you read their mails. It is a good choice if you work offline because images can´t be loaded. Incoming search terms: outlook 2013 tutorial why is outlook unavailable windows 8 1 how to change onedrive account how to change the onedrive e…

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How to remove publicity on

Publicity is the way to keep many free services on Internet. Microsoft brings many services for free in exchange of Publicity. Publicity can be very disturbant, so you can remove it from by paying a cost according to the country you are. To change to without publicity you must go to the upper right corner of the screen and select the customs icon (wheel). Go to ¨Mail Setup Options¨ Go to ¨More Mail Setup Options¨ On ¨Ma…

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How to Recover deleted messages on

…o ¨Lost a message?. When you recover deleted messages, we will recover you as many as we can. More Information¨ keeps deleted messages for a while. This can be a very useful especially when you accidentally delete very important e-mails Via: trucosoutlook Incoming search terms: hotmailsign up com recover outlook 2013 folder deleted outlook 2013 only shows old hotmail messages how does onedrive sync emails how to recover deleted folde…

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How to import contacts and make social notifications on

If you chose to log in, don´t worry for your contacts because you will be able to import every email from any mail service. You also have the chance to import contacts from popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter so your friends will receive different notifications of your new Outlook Mail. Don´t waiste more time and follow the tutorial we show you below. First of all you must sign in session with your user nam…

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Create many alias on offers the chance to have expandable accounts so you can delete them any time you want. To have an expandable account, you must start session on and from your inbox go to the icon on the upper side of the screen. Click on it and then go to ¨More mail setup options¨ Search for the option ¨Create an Outlook alias¨  and from there you can create an alias account and decide on which folder you want to receive mails. Great ad…

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Skype on

…ago, it has been announced that Skype would be available from the browser even before the migration from Hotmail to Many countries have addopted this service with positive results. This a huge chance for the future to add a classic soft like Skype so you can work from the Cloud with no need to download from your PC. Skype on the browser: When we talk about Skype we think on Videoconferences, voice chat, phone calls and cell ones fro…

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