How to create a Calendar on

…r¨ and there you can upload events. To create a new calendar, you must place on the left side bar and click on ¨ Add a new Calendar¨. Enter the name, color and description of calendar. Last but not least, save what you have created and there you go, now you have a new calendar included in your account.     Incoming search terms: create shared calendar outlook 2013 Adding iCloud to Outlook 2013 outlook calendar charms cre…

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Creating an Calendar

Now you can create an calendar as you used to do it on your old Hotmail account as well. gives you the chance to create many calendars for different activities or special occations. For example birthdays, special dates to remember, anniversaries, schedules, work calendars, romantic dates, etc. Just follow these steps to create an calendar: Sign up On inbox, click on the arrow that say…

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Outlook Sign In

Outlook Sign In is a tutorial that wants to show you everything about The new Hotmail now turns into This is not an automatic change, but on the current year, some improves will be made. If you want to start just follow the guide which is below this page. This is a brief history about Outlook: It starts on 1990 with Office Package. However, it was removed two years later. Since it begun, Outlook was accepte…

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Microsoft Calendar updates on

Although Microsoft has launched, one of the most interesting features was the new user´s interface for mail. The calendar hasn´t been updated till now and you still couldn´t remove Hotmail theme. However, Microsoft updated the Calendar for, which means that user´s information is placed on the center and visual notes are shown on second place. As it happened with updating  Hotmail to, new Outlook.c…

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Microsoft launches Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 15)

New version of Microsoft Office 2013 has been launched on the market. The code name is Office 15 and has renewed everything about OS Windows 8. These are the products included on Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 15): Microsoft Word 15: Word is the most used platform to create and edit a text but this time many changes have been introduced: Less number of icons but more straight to the objectives You can zoom the objects and click over them Touch…

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…owerful of web history. Also Microsoft announced that 12 million users are enjoying Cleaning options and similar Tools to manage their inbox. 25 million users of have started to use SkyDrive to share more than 500 million images and Office documents. We must remember that is on the first step of development. However, Microsoft has decided to leave this step and move forward with new New publicity…

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How to create rules on (Tutorial and Video)

…nt to decide to use or not the rule. Select the action which must be done with messages that fill the rule: move to a created folder, move to a new folder, delete messages, add a category, delete a category, marking or sending actions, etc. Once you have setup the rule, click on ¨Save¨ Here´s a tutorial video that shows you how to create rules on Outlook: Via: a-outlook Incoming search terms: hotmail account in outlook setup 2013 difference b…

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