10 steps to use Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods

…rief Keyboard Methods you must follow this tutorial: Access to Hotmail account with your username and password. On the main page go to the upper side on ¨Hotmail¨. Then go to the upper right side where options menu is located. Select ¨More Options¨ . A list will be displayed with many options related to Hotmail services included. On the category ¨Custom Hotmail¨, go to  the option ¨Keyboard Brief Methods¨. Select it and a menu of options with bo…

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How to share a link on Hotmail

Hotmail,and especially Windows Live allow us to share docs with Hotmail and even also images, photos and links. This is a tutorial about how to share links or a link on Hotmail using the ¨Share¨ option. Just follow these stops to share a link on Hotmail: 1.      Start a Hotmail session 2.      A page with a profile Photo will appear and links of internal pages of Hotmail also will be displayed. 3.      Fix the box on the upper side where it…

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OneDrive updates for Windows Phone

…y files at the same time. OneDrive for Windows Phone has a new view to manage images files. OneDrive for Windows Phone can be opened from other apps and files and folders can be managed very easy. Service also includes performance improves and correction of previous mistakes. OneDrive for Windows Phone has a better interface, especially for Nokia Lumia phones like Lumia 1520. OneDrive for Windows Phone can be downloaded from app store and it ha…

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10 steps to Import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account

…he same window. A Pop-up is opened asking you to enter your Facebook user name and password Enter them and click on ¨Enter¨ You will be asked if you want to share Facebook information with Hotmail, so click on ¨Accept¨  A new window is displayed with all your contacts. Select by a click on the side box,  which contacts will be added on your Hotmail account and click on ¨Invite¨. Now wait to accept your invitation. These were the 10 steps to impo…

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How to block a user on Hotmail

Sometimes you may have added a user on your Hotmail account and you choose to block it and don´t receive more mails from this person. Block a contact on Hotmail is very easy. Just read this tutorial: Start Hotmail session. Go to Hotmail inbox On the upper right corner you may watch a button called ¨Options¨. Click on it Click on ¨More Options¨. Click on ¨Safe and Blocked senders¨. There you can select the mail you want to block. Click on ¨Bloc…

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New Hotmail plugin for Outlook

There is a new tool that allows you to connect your inbox mails of Hotmail to Outlook. This is a must proposed by Microsoft in order to use your hotmail accounts through Outlook. However, this new step had some technical problems. One of the most important was that the trash or spam filter was not connected. For that reason, many mails that were selected as safe ones, were really trash mails (spams). There were also blocked senders, p…

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How to setup Hotmail on Android Phones

If you have aSmartphone with OS Android you can setup your Hotmail account so you can enter to it from your device, wherever you are. You enter to your Smartphone menú and Access to the email icon. Once you are in, choose the option ¨Add accounts¨¨. Enter your password and Hotmail account and you will enter on a section where you can define your account´s data. Enter these: Server POP3: pop3.live.com Safe Connection POP3: No POP3 Port: 99…

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Hotmail security

…ion. Check if your alternative mail is correct. This is also used to recover your password at the time you start Hotmail session. Another important point is that your secret question must be something about YOU only can answer. Always keep clean your Mail account. Delete cookies, cache and stored passwords. Never give personal data by internet like your address home. If a mail is received asking this kind of things, never give an answer, it…

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Storing Sent messages on Hotmail

If you have a Hotmail account or an Outlook.com one, storing sent messages on those services is very important when  you share quality information. If you have the time, try always to store sent messages on Hotmail. By doing this you create a folder which you can click on anytime and check sent Hotmail messages. These are the steps to store sent messages on Hotmail:  Enter to your Hotmail account with your username and password Go to ¨Options¨…

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