10 steps to Import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account

…want to share Facebook information with Hotmail, so click on ¨Accept¨  A new window is displayed with all your contacts. Select by a click on the side box,  which contacts will be added on your Hotmail account and click on ¨Invite¨. Now wait to accept your invitation. These were the 10 steps to import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account.   Incoming search terms: msn account services login sync facebook contacts to fire phone acces…

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Hotmail security

…on. Check if your alternative mail is correct. This is also used to recover your password at the time you start Hotmail session. Another important point is that your secret question must be something about YOU only can answer. Always keep clean your Mail account. Delete cookies, cache and stored passwords. Never give personal data by internet like your address home. If a mail is received asking this kind of things, never give an answer, it…

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How to share photos on Hotmail

We have seen how to share a link on Hotmail and also how to share a document on Hotmail. Now we are seeing how it is possible to share a Photo on Hotmail using ¨share option of Hotmail¨.  We must click on the box that says share or ¨Include a Message¨. After you started Hotmail session, select ¨Photo¨. A box will be oponed to select a file and you will able to find it on your system. There you can accept changes and share a Photo with MSN co…

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Edit my Hotmail profile

When you use Hotmail on your current life, it is very important to keep your profile updated. That is the main reason we create this tutorial so following these simple steps you will be able to show to the world your tastes, likes and dislikes, hobbies, sports, and many other aspects of your personality.  Follow these simple steps to modify your Hotmail´s profile: Sign in Hotmail session with username and password Go to the upper right side…

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Storing Sent messages on Hotmail

If you have a Hotmail account or an Outlook.com one, storing sent messages on those services is very important when  you share quality information. If you have the time, try always to store sent messages on Hotmail. By doing this you create a folder which you can click on anytime and check sent Hotmail messages. These are the steps to store sent messages on Hotmail:  Enter to your Hotmail account with your username and password Go to ¨Options¨…

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San Francisco and New York celebrate Hotmail Next Generation event

This event will happen on the 3rd October 2011 and every single SEO is invited to this meeting. New Hotmail launching is official and New York and San Francisco are the chosen cities to introduce this new product. This reunion envolves not only the launching of New Hotmail but also the constant fight for achieve highest security levels by spam erasing. We remind you that Hotmail Next Generation has HTML5 interface and a full compatibi…

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Active Hotmail contacts selector

With new Windows Live Hotmail version, you can active contacts info with Hotmail Tools. Hotmail users will be able to decide if they want their contacts addresses to be shown on autocomplete options when they are creating an email. Here´s a tutorial to active Hotmail contacts selector: Enter to Windows Live Hotmail with Windows id and password Once you are on the main page of your account, select ¨Options¨. Then click on ¨More Options¨. Now yo…

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Hotmail doesn´t work on Firefox. Steps to follow

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user and when you enter Hotmail it doesn´t work on this browser, or can´t access to your Hotmail account , just follow these steps: Before the tutorial, remember that it is possible that you may just updated your Firefox version and there´s a kind of uncompatibility to with your pc config. Here´s what you should do: 1.      Restart your pc. Update your plugins and check that everything Works properly. If the pro…

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