Windows Live Hotmail Alerts on your cellphone

It´s possible to make from your Hotmail account arrive alerts to your cellphone about new emails you receive on your inbox. Also you can setup this service to receive alerts about incoming mails from certain contacts. To start using this service you should log in Windows Live Mobile. It´s about a free service, however the message send by this cannel might have a charge from cellphone companies of each country. It´s always a good advi…

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Hotmail Dictionary and Spelling Checker

When you write e mails on your hotmail account it is very important to keep in mind spelling so you won´t have comprehension troubles. Although if you have a writing mistake at sending a mail to your friends or relatives won´t be important, it might if the receiver is a boss or clients. For that reason, Hotmail has a dictionary and a Spelling Checker that allows you to know anytime if you had made a writing mistake. If you have installed a Sp…

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How to add heavier attached files on Hotmail

Sometimes you need to send heavier files from your hotmail account and you don´t know how to do it. Just follow these steps and the process is very easy: Start Hotmail session Enter to SkyDrive with click on ¨SkyDrive¨ on the upper side of the account. Click on ¨New Folder¨ and then press ¨Enter¨ Enter to the folder and click on ¨Upload¨. Select the file you need to upload. Now just wait till the file is uploaded. Important is to always rememb…

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Photivo. Photo Processor for Windows

Many image editors are available for Windows, each one with different features and functions, however, new choices are on the market. Photivo is a program that offers the choices of traditional edition with other important like: RGB Colour changes of an image Contrast and noise parameters Images size Support for different images formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, RAW, TIFF, etc Modern user´s interface Options panel based on flanges on the left side where…

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Update Hotmail to new

Now you can change from your Hotmail account to a new one. Mail accounts from,, live and many others are still available but with the option : Update to Outlook. With this option, all your hotmail contacts, settings, sent and stored messages etc, will be   moved to Outlook platform with no loose of anything. When you click on the option to Update to you will see this box: When you click on Update…

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Newmail, new Hotmail mail

Hotmail is the new name for Microsoft´s public and awarded Hotmail. Windows 8 launch on October plus other Microsoft´s news are followed by this lattest name for Hotmail: Newmail. NewMail will have more compatibility with phones OS and improve a huge number of changes like addapting your mail account to NewMail. Social Network will be included on NewMail. But a few months we will have to wait for this new Hotmail mail. Differences of appearance…

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About Printing Hotmail messages

Although not everyone prints mails, sometimes it is necessary to pass to paper some mails in order to file them and go for them on the future. How to print Hotmail messages is a simple process so you don´t have to select the mail and copy to Word for example to have it on paper. Just enter to the mail you want to print on the upper menu, just by the end of the page (right side). There you will find an icon that represents a Printer. Just cli…

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How to uninstall Windows Live Messenger

To uninstall Windows Live Messenger you need to follow these steps: 1.      Identify which system are you using 2.      If you have Windows 7, go to Start, then Programs and Features and locate Windows Live Messenger entrance. 3.      Search for the Uninstall button and follow the uninstalling steps 4.      On Windows XPit´s quite similar, just locate programes and accesories from the ¨Start¨ button and then go to the installed programes wh…

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About Messenger Companion

…ble to see more data and add comments about any page. If you do not have a MSN account, create a MSN account for free to use this service. As you can see it is a simple and useful tool that might give us some facilities and also be notified about friend´s opinions. Incoming search terms: add one drive to outlook 2013 how to add the add in for icloud calendar to outlook 2013 ie11 ダウンロード installer facebook sur nokia311 msn ie11 download…

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5 top free ringtone apps to create on windows

…ple don´t like to install on the device. Here´s a list of 5 programs to create ringtones from windows. AVCWare Free Ringtone Maker: This app includes all the tools to create ringtones. It converts audio files on ringtones like MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, RA, OGG, AC3 and M4A. Free Ringtone Maker Platinum: Complete app to create ringtones on windows. Compatible with Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, etc. AV RingtoneMAX: It inludes a complete user´s interf…

5 online options for Powerpoint

PowerPoint is the best app to create slide shows. However, to use PowerPoint you need to have installed Suite Microsoft Office, which is not always possible because of the price. Fortunatelly, there are some options available for PowerPoint. Here are 5 of the most popular: Moovly: It´s a tool that lets you create slide shows and animations. Although is a free service, users need to sign in on the site to have access to all the functions and fe…

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