Newmail, new Hotmail mail

Hotmail is the new name for Microsoft´s public and awarded Hotmail. Windows 8 launch on October plus other Microsoft´s news are followed by this lattest name for Hotmail: Newmail. NewMail will have more compatibility with phones OS and improve a huge number of changes like addapting your mail account to NewMail. Social Network will be included on NewMail. But a few months we will have to wait for this new Hotmail mail. Differences of…

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How to uninstall Windows Live Messenger

To uninstall Windows Live Messenger you need to follow these steps: 1.      Identify which system are you using 2.      If you have Windows 7, go to Start, then Programs and Features and locate Windows Live Messenger entrance. 3.      Search for the Uninstall button and follow the uninstalling steps 4.      On Windows XPit´s quite similar, just locate programes and accesories from the ¨Start¨ button and then go to the installed programes wh…

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About Messenger Companion

Messenger Companion is a tool you can install on Internet Explorer and will help to see your favourite pages of your friends. You can also comment links and even create your own personal links to give some useful info about a page. First of all just enter to a web page where you want to visit and has been shared by friends or relatives we already have on MSN. You can see them on the upper right corner of your screen. If you click on the not…

Telegram for Mac devices

New chat service Telegram has many pros. The most important: it´s free charge. You can enjoy Telegram sending up to 1gb of videos and images, creating groups up to 200 people, secret chats, etc. Russian Telegram is ready to be installed on any device. In this case we are introducing Telegram for Mac. Here´s the link to download Telegram for Mac in which you can add this app to your Mac Air, iPhone, iPad, etc. Enjoy Telegram and the chance to…

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How to Download images in Outlook email

Settings can be modified so you can download blocked content in your Outlook email. There are two process to download images in Outlook email: The long one: Go to File Select Options Select Trust Center (Outlook 2010) Click on Tools Click on ¨Trust Center¨ (Outlook 2007) The short one: Right click on the text of the Infobar of your head message (under the sender and subject). Change the automatic download options Images and advertiser´s con…

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Tools for Outlook and Hotmail

Although the competence is very hard, Hotmail is still one of the most important ways of communication on the web planet. Recently, Hotmail and Outlook have created a new system that is focus to prevent virus and spams. The most important tool for Outlook and Hotmail is the combination between keyboard and passwords. This one can save many steps and you just need to click CTRL + N to create a new message and save time waiting to an emerge…

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Send an event to a different Hotmail time zone

Sometimes we wondered if we had problems to send an event to a different Hotmail time zone. Hours and schedules are different so we have to search on the web different pages to know if we have to do something special to achieve the sender the property of having the straight happening time of a fact.. Hotmail has noticed about this problem and nowadays you have to enter your time zone area in your Hotmail account data to be able to send any f…

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AVGO Free Ringtone Maker. Create ringtones on Windows

AVGO Free Ringtone Maker is a free soft which allows to create ringtones on windows in a simple way for Smartphones with iPhone, WindowsPhone, Android, etc. AVGO supports many formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, MOV, 3GP, FLV among many others. You can also create more than one ringtone at the same time. When you run AVGO for the first time, a user´s interface is displayed and you just need to upload your audio file and then select the part of the son…

How to find a message on my Hotmail account

If you need to find a message on your Hotmail account but you don´t remember when it was received you have a very useful browser that you may find up on received messages list. (Hotmail inbox).  Just click on the field ¨Search for an email¨ and enter any relevant data in order to find the message. Keywords related to the text you are looking for are very useful to find the entire message. A list of mails where the keyword you entered will be…

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Hotmail client for Kindle Fire

…made and designed by Amazon and has the prize of being the most sold one. For that reason, Microsoft introduced Hotmail for Kindle Fire. You can enjoy the choices that offer your Hotmail account even if you are far from home. You can manage mails, contacts, folders and subfolders. You can also use many accounts and even more, you can use Exchange Active Sync protocol. Microsoft is growing up for you and always offers the best chances to be in t…

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Top 5 free games for Windows

Windows brings the chance to play pc games with no need to be connected to Internet. This OS have passed many historic games which were only available for videogame stations but now you can play them from your PC. Top 5 free games for Windows are: Flight Gear: This is one of the basic games for Windows. You can use a flight Simulator as if you were a pilot. There are real landscapes, modern planes and combat ones. Alien Arena 2011: A first pers…