How to Program Hotmail Calendar

Hotmail has multiple features that not only includes the sending/receiving process of mailing. Appart from the common Hotmail activities, you can also: · Chat on line from your Hotmail inbox · Edit Word files on line from your Hotmail inbox · E mails recognition · E mails managment · Hotmail Calendar Speaking of Hotmail Calendar, we can say that it´s a powerful tool that allows you to:…

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How to clean Spam Mails on Hotmail

If you are a Hotmail user, it is very common to have Spams everyday. You can clean it daily or use Hotmail tools to make a complete process that includes how to clean spam mails on Hotmail. New Hotmail update shows you this tutorial in order to make your Hotmail Inbox a simple, fast and clear space on which only your income and important messages are located. Follow this tutorial to clean spam Mails on Hotmail: Click on the ¨Clean¨ option on…

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How to block a user on Hotmail

Sometimes you may have added a user on your Hotmail account and you choose to block it and don´t receive more mails from this person. Block a contact on Hotmail is very easy. Just read this tutorial: Start Hotmail session. Go to Hotmail inbox On the upper right corner you may watch a button called ¨Options¨. Click on it Click on ¨More Options¨. Click on ¨Safe and Blocked senders¨. There you can select the mail you want to block. Click on ¨Bloc…

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Get Back to Hotmail from

New is on the market and users can test it in order to keep a new mail service from Microsoft or continue with old Hotmail. We suggest to create a new account if you already don´t have one yet or turn from your Hotmail account to an one. However, here we explain how to get back to Hotmail from Go to the gear icon on your inbox (upper right corner) Click on ¨Back to Hotmail¨ You can a…

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Active Hotmail contacts selector

…when they are creating an email. Here´s a tutorial to active Hotmail contacts selector: Enter to Windows Live Hotmail with Windows id and password Once you are on the main page of your account, select ¨Options¨. Then click on ¨More Options¨. Now you are on the Hotmail setup page. Go to ¨Custom Hotmail¨ and click on ¨Advanced Privacy Options¨. Mark the checker box on the option ¨Give suggests to anyone i´ve had contacted (contacts or not)¨. To…

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Edit work information on Hotmail Profile

…add work information to your Hotmail profile. This is very useful if you want to be know by web community. Many Hotmail functions allow to add work information to your Profile. You must be very carefull to select from your Hotmail contacts list, who are allowed to watch private data about yourself. Just follow these steps that show how to edit work information on Hotmail Profile: Enter to (Sign in Hotmail with your user name and p…

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Two screen sizes for iPhone 6

Although Apple has on the market iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, it is well known that the company is ready to launch iPhone 6. A recent report said that this Smartphone could be available in two different screen sizes. The launching date is programmed for September 2014. New iPhone 6 will be ready to compete with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III. A Japanesse diary revealed this information and said that Apple suppliers in Asia have started the m…

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Change address name on

…m you have the chance to chance your mail name . To begin, go to your inbox and click on ¨More setup mail options¨. Then click on ¨Change your mail address name¨. When you enter to this option you can change your [email protected] to the new [email protected] or change your address to another format. You can also keep your old address. Via: outlook-correo Incoming search terms: outlook 2013 not downloading emails www hotmail com ni th…

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5 steps to create Hotmail message rules

Here´s a tutorial to create Hotmail message rules. Hotmail message rules stands for your personal coordinates of your Hotmail account. With Hotmail message rules you can do different activities with a mail´s contact, for example, move it or erase it if you had pre set it to do that action before. The most important feature of creating message rules is the saving of time when you log in your Hotmail account. Here are the steps to create m…

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