How to see Hotmail messages in a quick way

…ready to be read. Sometimes it happens that many of them are not interested to us, so you have the chance to see Hotmail messages in a quick way. With this option, you can select those mails you want to read quick: deleted ones, draft mails, sent mails, received ones, not wished mails, etc. This is a tutorial that teaches you how to see Hotmail messages in a quick way. Follow these steps: Enter to your hotmail account (user name and password)…

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Instead of many Latin domains where Hotmail is available using the ccTLD of the country, the case of Paraguay is different. Unluckly we can´t use or to access to Hotmail. We must do it by the official site in worldwide. This means nothing for many users although to others might represent a problem, especially if you are trying to sign in a Hotmail session behind a fir…

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Password Recovery Bundle: Apk to recover all my passwords in Windows

Bundle is an apk that might be very useful when you need to recover all your Windows passwords. If you forgot your enter password to Office docs or PDF or ZIP and also to services like MSN, AIM, Google Talk, Pidgin, Trillian, Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express and many others, this is a tool you must consider. One of the most important features of this apk for Windows is that also offers the chance to recover passwords already stored on web…

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10 steps to use Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods

…Brief Keyboard Methods in order to use them to make shorter your Hotmail session. The function is very simple: Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods allow you to read, manage, write or go to Hotmail inbox using only key combinations which is very good when you don´t have a physical space to use your mouse or laptop touchpad. To use Hotmail Brief Keyboard Methods you must follow this tutorial: Access to Hotmail account with your username and password….

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Hotmail updates automatically to

From next week on, Hotmail updates automatically to This news is spread by mail to all Hotmail users. But Microsoft is working and has updated many Hotmail accounts, so you can be using from now on. You can notice that because the aspect is different and also the first time you try, a features screen is displayed with all functions and tools. Microsoft is trying to get everyone on ser…

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How to setup Hotmail on Android Phones

…Enter data for outcoming SMTP data: SMTP Server: SMTP: yes SMTP Autentication: Yes SMTP password: (your current Hotmail password) SMTP Port: 25 Using SSL for SMPT: Yes Using STARTTLS: Yes Now you can use your Hotmail account from your OS Android Smartphone. You can also open Hotmail from tablets PC and e-books like Amazon Kindle Fire. Incoming search terms: www hotmail comsignin Add Hotmail Account to ios7 hotmail discontinued hotmail on iphone…

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Windows Live Mobile: Adding a phone number on Hotmail

…he only device you need to use Windows Live Mobile. If you are on a place with phone signal, new incomes to your Hotmail inbox will be reported to your cellphone via SMS. Follow this tutorial to add a phone number on Hotmail when using Windows Live Mobile: Enter to Hotmail main page Enter your username and password On the main page, go to Windows Live logo which is located on the upper left corner of your screen. Go to ¨Mobile¨ On the current p…

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Storing Sent messages on Hotmail

If you have a Hotmail account or an one, storing sent messages on those services is very important when  you share quality information. If you have the time, try always to store sent messages on Hotmail. By doing this you create a folder which you can click on anytime and check sent Hotmail messages. These are the steps to store sent messages on Hotmail:  Enter to your Hotmail account with your username and password Go to ¨Options¨…

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Edit my Hotmail profile

When you use Hotmail on your current life, it is very important to keep your profile updated. That is the main reason we create this tutorial so following these simple steps you will be able to show to the world your tastes, likes and dislikes, hobbies, sports, and many other aspects of your personality.  Follow these simple steps to modify your Hotmail´s profile: Sign in Hotmail session with username and password Go to the upper right side…

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