Benefits of Using Drag and Drop on Hotmail

For many users, Drag and Drop is very useful and so Gmail and Yahoo understood this concept. Hotmail also. The only thing to say about Drag and Drop on Hotmail is that you will need Exporer 8 or 9. You can´t use Drag and Drop on Hotmail if you are on Chrome or Firefox as many other browsers.   This bothers to many users that wish to use Hotmail with Chrome or Firefox but users with Internet Explorer had not been afected. Using Drag…

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How to setup Hotmail on PSP

Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) have incorporated Hotmail features to add more social functions to the classic games board. So videogames fans now have the chance to share game experience and messages as well. Here are the steps to setup Hotmail on your PSP:   Enter to Windows Live Hotmail Mobile page:            2.      Complete the form with your personal information            3.      Setup Internet bases on your PSP            …

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How to Create a new Hotmail folder

Our hotmail account allows  you to create and manage new folders so you can clasify mails in order to have an easier and faster access. To create a new Hotmail folder just follow these stops: 1.      Start a Hotmail session 2.      Go to Hotmail inbox and go to ¨Folders¨ where by default you will find these folders: not desired mails, sent, erased and draft 3.      These are the default folders but you can create new ones 4.      Put…

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SpringClean: APK to free space on your Hotmail account

When you have your Hotmail account full of e-mails you won´t check ever on the future, might be very risky. Your Hotmail account could be full uploaded of e-mails. To clean your Hotmail account and free space so you can be able to receive new messages you need to download SpringClean. This APKis focus to be installed on smartphones that work with OS Android or even iPhones. SpringCleanis very easy to use and you can select from different par…

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Send compressed photos on Hotmail

If sometimos we tried to send compressed photos on Hotmail through our Hotmail account and some trouble appeared, today we are going to have a solution for that. Enter to Internet Explorer and click on ¨Tools¨. On the menu, click on ¨Internet Options¨. This is an advantage, just choose ¨Security¨. Now you can see many zones. Click on ¨Internet¨. And then click on ¨Personalized Level¨. Now search on ¨Controls and ActiveX complements¨.  Sea…

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Organize my Hotmail inbox by categories

One of the most interesting benefits when you log in Hotmail is the chance of getting one of the most powerful mail managers in the World. This is not just by the almost unlimited space that Hotmail has (25gb), but also the great wide range of Hotmail inbox managing that you have. One of the most useful functions is that you can add categories to your messages. The operative way of categories is very simple. Just slide the available categ…

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Holiday dates on Hotmail Calendar

…agendas and also with Windows and Microsoft like Outlook and Outlook Express. You can also add Holiday Dates to Hotmail Calendar considering country and language. You go to Microsoft page and download the calendar you want. You can download the setup of holiday dates you like most and addapt it to your needs. Incoming search terms: outlook com calendar update add holidays to h…

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Hotmail vs Spam

…tudy and arrived to the conclusión that Hotmail filtres better spam tan Gmail. To do this spam filtre study of Hotmail and compare to other services it had been taken different data: ·         Registered Hotmail accounts with user name of 3 services: Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. ·         A fourth account has been created with no emails filtre. ·         Comments on Blogs and Facebook have been published and also in sites with the suspicious of…

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Windows Live Mobile: Adding a phone number on Hotmail

Windows Live Mobile is one of the most important features of Hotmail. It is communly used when you are away on vacations and don´t want to use any laptop. However  you always carry your cellphone and this is the only device you need to use Windows Live Mobile. If you are on a place with phone signal, new incomes to your Hotmail inbox will be reported to your cellphone via SMS. Follow this tutorial to add a phone number on Hotmail when using Win…

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Automatic sending mails from Gmail to Hotmail

It might be possible we are using Hotmail to select our mail and find out why we need to use a Gmail account. Maybe at work you need to use a Gmail account but you have a personal Hotmial one. If you want to keep on working with Hotmail you can make received mails on Gmail redirect to Hotmail so you don´t need to be modifying accounts. Just enter to your Gmail account and with the data you had chosen click on the wheel that appears on the up…

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Sent Messages, Hotmail Folder

…iles or destiny addresses, or also the main content of a message, you can go to the Sent Messages Folder on your Hotmail account. You can also check the date and time the message was sent. Just follow these steps to enter to the Sent Messages Folder on your Hotmail account: 1.      Start your Hotmail Session 2.      Go to the inbox mail 3.      Go to the Sent Messages option 4.      Click on ¨Sent Hotmail Messages folder¨. You can see…

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How to open Hotmail from my Wii

You can enter to your Hotmail account from your Nintendo Wii. Just follow these simple steps and you can check all your mails with no need to leave your game board. Open the browser  from your Nintendo Wii. You can enter there because the game you are playing always has the chance of access to the MSN page. Select the link to Hotmail ( Enter your personal data: user name and password. Now you are at your Hotmail account from your…

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