Hotmail Checker features. New app for Chrome users

When you have a Hotmail account for work use, it is very common to receive a huge amount of mails per day. This situation makes you loose a big amount of time so Hotmail Checker was born as a useful app for Google Chrome users. Hotmail Checker is Chrome extension that warns you about new incoming mails on your Hotmail account. Also it helps you to be alert about what mails you didn´t read yet. Hotmail Checker brings you the chance of set up…

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5 steps to create Hotmail message rules

Here´s a tutorial to create Hotmail message rules. Hotmail message rules stands for your personal coordinates of your Hotmail account. With Hotmail message rules you can do different activities with a mail´s contact, for example, move it or erase it if you had pre set it to do that action before. The most important feature of creating message rules is the saving of time when you log in your Hotmail account. Here are the steps to create m…

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Hotmail Only use code

…an extra security related not only to a password but to an only PC system as well. So you can secure your Hotmail account not only with a password but also with this extra code that works with your PC and only with it. Anyone who wants to enter to your Hotmail account from another PC will have a denied access. The Hotmail only use code will be given to you through an sms, so your Hotmail account security will be increased by the associ…

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10 steps to Publish a Hotmail Calendar

If you are a Hotmail user, you have the chance to select a Calendar and complete it with your tasks and news you want to be published to all the people or the ones you select from your contact list. It is very important to follow these 10 steps to publish a Hotmail calendar in order to keep privacy of it when you want to be known by a group of people. However, you have the chance to publish a Hotmail Calendar for public knowledge. Follow these…

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10 steps to Delete a Hotmail Calendar

…r is available Go to the buttom and select ¨Delete¨ Again click on ¨Delete¨ if you are sure you want to remove a Hotmail Calendar A box on the left side of the Calendar is shown. Click on it to hide a calendar To delete the Main Hotmail Calendar, first you need to select a new main one If you have deleted a Birthday Calendar you can recover it by clicking on ¨Birthday¨ option Via: Incoming search terms: delete Hotmail Calendar…

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Hotmail Offline via HTML5

New HTML5 version allows to use Hotmail Offline with no need to be connected to a web Server. Incredible but real. New technology developed by Microsoft´s team is reaching all the World and the most important feature is the chance you have to use Hotmail offline via HTML5  to send and receive messages. This news placed Hotmail above other mails services like Gmail and Yahoo. However, you must consider that emails you receive offline will sync i…

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3 tips to manage hotmail inbox

Hotmail is one of the most famous free services of communication. It has a success because of the huge amount of people that use this service thanks to the tools that offers. These ones help people to manage incoming mails and allow them to have always clean their hotmail inbox. Antispam filter is very useful and effective. This folder erases quite often so it is very convenient to check out if there´s an important message that has been rated…

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Resend an e-mail on Hotmail automatically

You can setup Hotmail to resend automatically mails to a certain account where you can read them and clasify. To do that, just start Hotmail session and enter to ¨Hotmail inbox¨ where you can see on the right corner of the screen a link named ¨Options¨. Click on it and on the list that appears select ¨More Options¨. Once you are on the Options and Managment of your Hotmail account, you can see a link named ¨Resend e-mail¨ . Click on it and…

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