New Bing Maps Functions

…o Latin America and the rest of the world. Microsoft has simplified the use of Bing Maps so you can follow the instructions in a better way. Now the maps system is much more interactive and steps for functions have been reduced. Bing Maps has integrated tolos to Hotmail. Via: Incoming search terms: bing functions bing functions site new bing function 8 1 skydrive shared folder between different accounts Window…

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Skype officialy joins Microsoft

…the World ( Sweden, Russia, China, UK, Japan, Singapur, USA, etc) will keep their jobs. Microsoft´s aim is to introduce Skype on Windows OS. Tablet PC with Windows 8 and Skype is the most important way of Communication on the short term. Skype is part of Windows but we actually do not know if Windows Live Messenger is included on this fussion. What we really know is that probably Skype tech will be part of inbox. In…

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Airport Maps: Bing Maps launches Airports Maps

Bing Maps is announcing these days a new blog income of Windows Live Team: Airport Maps. Airport Maps are available for every user or any other mail if they want to know about airports and design of them. Airport Maps is especially designed for achitects, students or anyonewho wants to know how to arrive or take a walk through any airport of the world. For now on, the system is available only for American citizens but soon i…

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Youtube available for Windows Phone 7.5

Youtube has joined with Microsoft and launched a streaming upgrade video system designed for new Microsoft phones, especially Windows Phone 7.5 With a users interface thought for them, Youtube launches a new site which allows to play on line video for free, video downloading and exclusive access via subscription. Youtube for Windows Phone 7.5 is made on HTML5 and works from Internet Explorer 9. Although requirements may seem very high,…

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Microsoft explains what happened with MSN last week

Microsoft explains what happened with MSN service last week when hotmail, SkyDrive, Office 365 and other Live services fell down. Microsoft details what happened and the reasons of the service interruption last 8th September. ¨A tool that helps to establish the web traffic was upgrading and in the middle of the process it fell down of the system and started to work wrong¨. These were the statements of Arthur De Haan, Tests Chief of Win…

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New Gmail interface

…there´s another added chance of marking important mails, it is another different way of labeling. The Refresh inbox button for those who want to receive mails with no delay, is incorporated. Finally the button ¨More¨ with a slide menu is presented with the chance of marking it as ¨already read¨. When you select a single mail, a wide rang of buttons is displayed. You can save folders, create them, mark a spam, erase options, etc. Another butto…

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Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Phone 7

If you have a Windows Phone 7, the most popular browser, you can use Internet Explorer 9. This set up will offer the best compatibility with your Hotmail account. Internet Explorer Mobile 9 is the well known name of this Mobile version where users can tell their opinions and find out what are their needs. With no doubt, experience has been great!! The result is positive and promises a great interface. If you are looping for eficiency and per…

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Share files offline on MSN

If  you are a Hotmail user, you must know about MSN because it is one of the most common ways to chat on line. Your contacts and you will have a great conversation each time you connect to MSN. Howerver, you can also have the chance to share files when  you are ¨offline¨ thanks of the script called ¨Appearing Offline Helper¨ which works for Messenger Plus! The accounts are available for free for users who are interested in this script. You can…

How to send an email on

If you are an user, just remember that many changes and new features were introduced on this mail client. One of the most important is the way you send an email on It´s quite different from Hotmail but it is faster and friendly. Enjoy!! and read this following tips we show about how to send an email on Send an email is the main task of a mail client platform. So Microsoft focused on that and cre…

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5 ways to connect to Messenger OnLine

…y other popular social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and other more. As the slogan of livego says: ¨All in one¨.  which offers high speed when you need to connect. Also it gives the user the chance to create a Meebo profile which will reming all your different accounts on Hotmail Messenger, Yahoo, G talk, etc. The place is in explained in English. Incoming search terms: install outlook 2013 windows tablet skydrive sync from…

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10 Steps to Make a videocall on MSN

…essenger is one of the most used services of Windows Live. It is common accepted by the whole population who use Hotmail and microsoft´s packages. Including many functions of MSN, it is very interesting to analyse how it works videocalls on MSN. Just follow the next tutorial that teaches you how to make a videocall on MSN: Connect a detected web camera to your pc You must have installed Windows XP or upper A web connection is also needed and al…

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