Outlook.com reaches over 60 million users

…ampaigns have been launched. According to these numbers, Microsoft says that Outlook.com is even better than old Hotmail. Also remember that transition process is available. If you are a Hotmail user and want to start using Outlook.com, you can select the option ¨Change to Outlook.com¨,  with no need to create a new address or a new contact list. Enjoy Outlook.com. We´ll be in touch with lattest Outlook.com news. Incoming search term…

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Free Apps for Android, Windows Live Messengers and other chats

Tablets and smartphones users that work under Android System will have the chance of downloading many apps. Apps that are ideal for games, Communications channels, programs, etc are basically searched by people. Many of these apps are for free or at a low price. In this case we take care of apps that can be installed on Hotmail Chat, weather Windows Live Messenger on it´s Android version or other compatible versions of MSN protocol. M…

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Download Windows Phone Games

Windows Phone appeared by the end of last year on the market and it is evolving. Now users are claiming for more games, with better graphics, more adventures and more resources consume. Electronic Arts and Microsoft have taken the opportunity for these new games generation. Here´s a video that shows you the new Windows Phone games of 2012 Just remember that you can know everything of Hotmail by entering into the oficial web site: www.h…

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Download latest Yahoo Messenger

This is the latest yahoo Messenger, the lattest vesion of the popular yahoo msn. It is available to be download. This new Yahoo Messenger keeps compatibility with Windows XP. On the other hand, lattest Windows Live Messenger only works for Windows 7. Of course, Yahoo Messenger allows you to invite users to other Messenger protocols like Hotmail, AOL and Gmail. You can chat with Facebook contacts which makes a huge forward step advance…

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How to upload files on SkyDrive

…also photos and any other kind of files. These are the steps to upload files on SkyDrive: 1.      Start Hotmail session or Windows Live with your Live ID 2.      Go to SkyDrive and check the link that says ¨Add Files¨ 3.      Click and select the files you want to upload 4.      Once you picked the file just wait till the content is uploaded. 5.     When the process is finished, you will be able to share the file between Hotmail con…

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FindBigMail. Find and delete heavy mails on Gmail

You can use Find Big Mail when you want to find and delete heavy mails on Gmail . It´s about an app that can locate heavy files that occupy a lot of space on your gmail account.  Even though Gmail offers a large space for messages, if you send and receive so many attached files you will find out that this space is getting shorter. That´s when FindBigMail starts to work. FindBigMail helps you to see the occupied space and delete message…

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About Zune. Microsoft music player

For only U$S 10 users can enjoy more than 14million songs, podcasts and movie tittles. To enjoy Zune service you can log in your Hotmail data and you can create a user name. If you already have a GamerTag of Xbox Live you can use it as user name. Here are some Zune features: ·        It combines with Media Center of Windows 7 ·        It creates a new oline contents channel. Songs can be shared up to 3 times via wi fi from a Zune user to…

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Outlook.com reaches 60 million users

Things couldn´t go better for Microsoft. The company announced that Outlook.com reched 60 million users since it was born on July 2012. From Microsoft it is been said that this mail service is the fasttest on growing up and 33% of new users are coming from Gmail. Arround 12 million users are enjoying cleaning options and similar tools to manage Outlook.com inbox. 25 million users have started to use SkyDrive to share more than 500 million image…

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