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SkyDrive is upgrading constantly with Microsoft Cloud SkyDrive is the competition of Google Drive. To enter to this service you just need to have an account which is the same account with access to the storage service on the left upper side of your inbox webmail. SkyDrive has renewed with an interface that syncs many devices. Here are some downloads for different systems:  Skydrive  for Windows Desk SkyDrive for Mac Sky…

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Hotmail doesn´t work on Firefox. Steps to follow

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user and when you enter Hotmail it doesn´t work on this browser, or can´t access to your Hotmail account , just follow these steps: Before the tutorial, remember that it is possible that you may just updated your Firefox version and there´s a kind of uncompatibility to with your pc config. Here´s what you should do: 1.      Restart your pc. Update your plugins and check that everything Works properly. If the problem…

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SmartScreen. How to Identify a risky mail

…u know or not the procedence of it.  If you later know that the mail you marked is a secure one, you can click over the box near it and send it again to your hotmail inbox.   By this procedure, Hotmail will remember the name of the sender of your marked risky mail, and also the ones you recover from your risky mails folder to your Hotmail inbox. Incoming search terms: mail markid is owa connected account not receiving mail gmail for lumnia 535…

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How to resend an e-mail on (tutorial + video)

…uite a little bit hided on the interface. Enter to the e-mail you want to resend Click on ¨Actions¨( below the line that divides the issue text from mail info) Click on ¨Resend¨ Enter the e-mail address/es you wish to resend the message, message data, etc. Click on ¨Send¨ That´s all you need to know about how to resend an e-mail on Here´s there´s also a tutorial video. Incoming search terms: wwwhotmail com au microsoft onedrive resen…

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BananaTag follows sent messages on

BananaTag is an apk that lets you know if your mails have been received by your contacts. Windows, Linux and Mac are the OS that allows you to do that with statistics of opened mails. BananaTag has many features which include: Available for Mobile devices You can follow any mail sent from Microsoft Reports of sent mails and statistics of those which have been received. Option to receive notifications of sent mails Chance to select 5…

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Windows Live Hotmail on Movistar

Movistar cellphone users now can operate with every Windows Live APKS from the cellphone. Windows Live has many services and the onliest rule is to have a Hotmail account. You can use Messenger, video chat, Chatting and everything involved with communications one to one or mutliple users to many others. On the other hand, you can manage your Hotmail account looking for new mails that are incoming and also writing and sending new ones as also yo…

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Error 102 when I try to open Hotmail

Sometimes it can happen when you try to open Hotmail, that an error message is displayed.  This 102 Error means that the Server has refused the conection. For that reason, Error 102 stands for that the web page is not available. This error message and Hotmail problema can be solved with a firewall block or by using an installed antispam. To solve error 102 you can try: 1.      Add the browser as an allowed program of the antivirus or firewall se…

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Microsoft let spy on, SkyDrive and Skype

…y The Guardian, has revealed that Microsoft might let NSA make spy and enter to different mail accounts or sent information through mails before being coded on web mail service. According to this research, Edward Snowden, could have helped this agency to avoid code system and protecting messages and chat between users, using It is been said that the company also might colaborated with FBI and NSA giving total Access to information st…

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¨Insert¨ bar to create a new hotmail message

…Photos¨ and create an album. It will appear an option to choose from web images or preseted ones. You must have installed Silverlight. For Images case, Hotmail let us to reduce them so they ocupy less space on mailbox. We can send a huge amount of them just by sending one message. Incoming search terms: add onedrive for business to favorites message onedrive is starting up create message on the sign how do I add onedrive for business to File Expl…

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Concept of Keylogger. How affects to my Hotmail account

…d to install a free antispam as a first security measure. Many antispams as Windows as well, have the chance of introduce the data by a screen keyboard. Keylogger will not detect the keys that have been pressed and will send wrong data to the sender.It is very important to be updated on our antivirus file because we must be protected every moment.On the other hand, it is also suggeste to change regularly your Hotmail account password. Incoming se…

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Windows Live Gallery Has Been Removed

…There, you need a bit of previous experience on apps creation and also a space to download media content. With Windows Live Developer Preview you can find anything to get a wonderful experience on downloads and app development. Also Windows Live Developer Preview is very useful for hotmail users. 27 million users per month was the number of visits that had till these days, before it was removed. Incoming search terms: ios gallery…

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