Download Windows Phone Games

Windows Phone appeared by the end of last year on the market and it is evolving. Now users are claiming for more games, with better graphics, more adventures and more resources consume. Electronic Arts and Microsoft have taken the opportunity for these new games generation. Here´s a video that shows you the new Windows Phone games of 2012 Just remember that you can know everything of Hotmail by entering into the oficial web s…

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Import Gmail Contacts

…utlook logo. Select ¨People¨ Where it says ¨Adding people to contact list¨,  click on Google contacts Follow the instructions to ¨connect¨ to your Google addresses notes. Depending on how many contacts you have, it can take a few minutes (or more) to fill your contact list with all the addresses. You can also use TrueSwitch (as we explained before) and import also Google calendar. Incoming search terms: OUtlook messenger…

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How to change a Skype password

Many reasons you can have to change a Skype password as any other messaging service or e-mail. Any reason you can have, most of them are related to security, therefore, in this occasion we would like to share a tutorial to change a Skype password. Just follow these steps to change a Skype password: Sign in Skype and click on ¨Change password¨ on the left side of the screen Enter the original password and after you confirm twice the new one, cl…

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Airport Maps: Bing Maps launches Airports Maps

Bing Maps is announcing these days a new blog income of Windows Live Team: Airport Maps. Airport Maps are available for every user or any other mail if they want to know about airports and design of them. Airport Maps is especially designed for achitects, students or anyonewho wants to know how to arrive or take a walk through any airport of the world. For now on, the system is available only for American citizens but soon i…

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Skype officialy joins Microsoft

…the World ( Sweden, Russia, China, UK, Japan, Singapur, USA, etc) will keep their jobs. Microsoft´s aim is to introduce Skype on Windows OS. Tablet PC with Windows 8 and Skype is the most important way of Communication on the short term. Skype is part of Windows but we actually do not know if Windows Live Messenger is included on this fussion. What we really know is that probably Skype tech will be part of inbox. Incoming searc…

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Nokia Lumia 520: Top of Windows Phone mobiles

Nokia and Microsoft are increasing their incomes thanks to Windows Phone integrated on Nokia Lumia. Nokia Lumia 520 is the top smartphone with Windows Phone. Nokia Lumia 520 has more than 30.8% of the market of smartphones with Windows Phone. Nokia Lumia 521 has 30.2% of american Market. This increase of Nokia sales is because of the low price of the smartphone and the christmas Season. Nokia expects to grow up to 40% of the market on the curre…

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New Bing Maps Functions

Now, Bing users will find new and better functions to plan the routes and share information with friends. On the Bing´s official Blog, there are two new features that you can find on the browser page. One of them, lets you search for an independent new route from a cellphone, tablet PC or GPS device. Meanwhile, the other Bing Maps function consists on ¨Share¨. Now you can step on the down left corner of Bing´s page and see that above modify…

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Youtube available for Windows Phone 7.5

Youtube has joined with Microsoft and launched a streaming upgrade video system designed for new Microsoft phones, especially Windows Phone 7.5 With a users interface thought for them, Youtube launches a new site which allows to play on line video for free, video downloading and exclusive access via subscription. Youtube for Windows Phone 7.5 is made on HTML5 and works from Internet Explorer 9. Although requirements may seem very high,…

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How to open 2 msn at the same time

For those who have more than a Hotmail and MSN account, many ot them want to know how to open 2 msn at the same time. On this post we explain how to do it: Many methods can be used. One of the most common is by installing an extension your Windows Live Messenger. Polymessenger or Multimessenger are the common names so you can open more than one Messenger. However, many antispams detect them as a treta and they eliminate them. For that reason, a…

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How to invite contacts to Messenger

…to be added on your hotmail contacts so you can have it login. 5.      Just wait till the contact accepts your invitation and you will be able to make videoconferences or instant messaging with no problems. This tutorial can help you to understand how it is possible to invite MSN contacts and also relatives. Incoming search terms: access multiple onedrive accounts outlook 2013 hotmail subfolders invite contact to chat in outlook com invite ho…

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Windows to go. Windows 8 runs from a USB device

…e important files. This new function is especially designed for proffessionals that need to recover their files in a few seconds. Windows 8 is capable of creating a desk copy and in a couple of minutes you can always take with you your best memories and files. Windows 8 has central functions that are compatible with Hotmail. Via: iniciar sesion hotmail Incoming search terms: delete email account windows 8 1 google calendar windows 8 1 windows…

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