8 steps to Avoid Password steal on Outlook.com

It is probably you have changed your old hotmail account to the new Outlook.com Microsoft´s mail service. If you have done that, remember to change your Outlook.com password very often in order to keep your Outlook.com account safe. You can program the duration of your Outlook.com password: Here are 8 steps to avoid password steal on Outlook.com: Sign in Outlook.com. Enter to www.outlook.com Click on the gear icon Click on ¨Mo…

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Get Back to Hotmail from Outlook.com

…m is on the market and users can test it in order to keep a new mail service from Microsoft or continue with old Hotmail. We suggest to create a new Outlook.com account if you already don´t have one yet or turn from your Hotmail account to an Outlook.com one. However, here we explain how to get back to Hotmail from Outlook.com: Go to the gear icon on your Outlook.com inbox (upper right corner) Click on ¨Back to Hotmail¨ You can also add a comme…

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Outlook.com Inbox features

New Outlook.com mail is available since a few months ago. If you haven´t changed yet from your Hotmail account to an Outlook.com one, the process is very simple. Just go to the gear symbol on the top of your Hotmail account and select ¨Change to Outlook.com¨. . You have side and top functions which are located on your screen with the difference of more speed when you click on them. With these functions you will be able to mark mails and do diff…

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How to Update to Outlook.com

On this tutorial are the steps to update to Outlook.com: You can enter to Outlook.com very fast and easy. Just access to Outlook.com and start Hotmail, Live or Msn and enter your password. Automatic Domain change can´t be done. If you wish to make your old @hotmail.com change to an @outlook.com you must program it manual. To do this step go to Options¨/ ¨More mail options setup¨. You can change the name of your address mail. You are able to ch…

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More security measures for Outlook.com

…n). EV Certificates guarantee reliable sites. It requieres 2048 bit code which is more secure than current SSL. Company has said also that these new Outlook.com security measures can be also added to SkyDrive on the short term. Users that migrate from Hotmail or live.com to Outlook.com will have the same level of protection. Remember that phishing are very common and consist when a person enters to a web page simulating being another person or c…

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Outlook.com adds Google Talk

Outlook .com offers many ways to keep dialogues with chat. A huge change on Gates company was the purchase of Skype for 9 million dollars on 2011 which happened to be one of the most important operations of that year (the cost was so cheap). This fact also made a remove of the classic chat messenger. Outlook.com also integrates with social network Facebook and privacy policy of Google were not an obstacle for Microsoft in order to addopt Google…

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How to send an email on Outlook.com

If you are an Outlook.com user, just remember that many changes and new features were introduced on this mail client. One of the most important is the way you send an email on Outlook.com. It´s quite different from Hotmail but it is faster and friendly. Enjoy Outlook.com!! and read this following tips we show about how to send an email on Outlook.com. Send an email is the main task of a mail client platform. So Microsoft focused on that and cre…

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How to Setup an Outlook.com account on iPhone or iPad

Many Google´s Gmail features has new Outlook.com from Microsoft. Now you can enter to Outlook.com from any device even if you are an Apple user or have an iOS device including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is a tutorial that shows you how to enter and setup Outlook.com from your iOS device: How to enter to Outlook.com from your iPhone or iPad usingthe web: Desk version is available to enter to Outlook.com from any iOS device. If you are usi…

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Using Google Chat from Outlook.com

…s and improves. Now you just only need to enter to your Outlook.com account and you´ll be able to chat with your Google friends. This adds a new function on Outlook.com as you were chatting with Facebook friends, now Google ones are incorporated. Outlook is compatible with Google Talk, so to activate Google Chat you must use Oauth which is a standard Google system to enter to Microsoft and log in your account. Once you´ve done this, you can ch…

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15 Pros about Outlook.com

Hotmail said goodbye and Microsoft introduced Outlook.com to replace it. Many advantages or pros have been also included. Here are  15 pros about Outlook.com: 1)      Necessary renew although a little bit late. Hotmail needed a change or a new engine to be almost even with Gmail or Yahoo. Outlook functions and Metro tech combined created Outlook.com mail. 2)      Outlook.com has a new interface, very simple to use, cleaner and faster. 3)      U…

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Using Outlook.com. Common questions about new microsoft´s service.

Many doubts and questions have been made since Microsoft´s announcement about new mail service: Outlook.com. Hotmail will be replaced on the short term for Outlook.com, so many questions have been asked. Here are the most common: 1.      Does my old Hotmail dissapear? When new interface is displayed , select ¨Upgrade to Outlook.com¨ (upper right corner of your inbox on menu options) 2.      How can I create a new Outlook.com address? Just follo…

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