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Microsoft Answers is the official Hotmail site to evacuate your doubts about any Microsoft´s product like Messenger, SkyDrive, etc. With Microsoft Answers any question or information you want to bring up can be published on this Microsoft´s official site for Hotmail users. Hotmail forums are displayed on Microsoft Answers and you can have access to any of them according to the theme or subject you want to be solved. Just enter your pr…

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10 steps to manage Hotmail Calendar and Pending Tasks

Hotmail lets you manage Hotmail Calendar and Pending Tasks. This last one can be adjusted by date and priority in order to be warned before the event happens, up to two minutes before. If you wish to use and manage  Hotmail Calendar, follow this tutorial. Here are 10 steps to manage Calendar and Pending tasks Enter to your hotmail account with your name and password On the main page, go to Windows Live logo on the upper left corner A list will…

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Yahoo Pages on Hotmail

Yahoo is always looking for a chance to identify this site exactly in an opposite way as Google does. For that reason, Yahoo is interested in news and contents. The chance of set up them for users is the key of making a difference from his rival Google. One of the most interesting products of the browser are The Sites. Actually it´s about different news and contents sections adpated to zones.  You will find general interest material like…

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Adding Reading pannel on Outlook.com (tutorial + video)

If you want a Reading pannel on Outlook.com inbox you must enter a few setup changes. Follow these tutorial that shows you how to add a Reading Pannel on Outlook.com. 1.      Click on the icon that seems like a gear 2.      Click on more mail setup options 3.      Click on Reading Pannel 4.      Select where the Reading Pannel is going to be placed (right or lower side) 5.      Enter the preset function on the Reading Pannel. You can select to…

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SpringClean: APK to free space on your Hotmail account

When you have your Hotmail account full of e-mails you won´t check ever on the future, might be very risky. Your Hotmail account could be full uploaded of e-mails. To clean your Hotmail account and free space so you can be able to receive new messages you need to download SpringClean. This APKis focus to be installed on smartphones that work with OS Android or even iPhones. SpringCleanis very easy to use and you can select from different par…

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Send compressed photos on Hotmail

If sometimos we tried to send compressed photos on Hotmail through our Hotmail account and some trouble appeared, today we are going to have a solution for that. Enter to Internet Explorer and click on ¨Tools¨. On the menu, click on ¨Internet Options¨. This is an advantage, just choose ¨Security¨. Now you can see many zones. Click on ¨Internet¨. And then click on ¨Personalized Level¨. Now search on ¨Controls and ActiveX complements¨.  Sea…

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New Hotmail Image

During last weeks we have been receiving fresh information about new Hotmail. When this event will happen on October 3. 2011 in San Francisco, apparently a mail revolution will come. The New Hotmail Image says:¨ We´ll Challenger perceptions, and then we´ll Challenger you¨ Chris Jones, who is Microsoft Corporative VP said that Windows Live services will be compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8. New Hotmail is coming soon so do not mi…

Benefits of Using Drag and Drop on Hotmail

For many users, Drag and Drop is very useful and so Gmail and Yahoo understood this concept. Hotmail also. The only thing to say about Drag and Drop on Hotmail is that you will need Exporer 8 or 9. You can´t use Drag and Drop on Hotmail if you are on Chrome or Firefox as many other browsers.   This bothers to many users that wish to use Hotmail with Chrome or Firefox but users with Internet Explorer had not been afected. Using Drag and Drop…

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How to Create a new Hotmail folder

Our hotmail account allows  you to create and manage new folders so you can clasify mails in order to have an easier and faster access. To create a new Hotmail folder just follow these stops: 1.      Start a Hotmail session 2.      Go to Hotmail inbox and go to ¨Folders¨ where by default you will find these folders: not desired mails, sent, erased and draft 3.      These are the default folders but you can create new ones 4.      Put…

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How to import contacts on Outlook.com

If you want to move from your mail, you should know how to import contacts. If you like your information online, this step is very important. Here´s a tutorial to import a contact list from 2 different accounts to Outlook.com platform: Start session on Outlook.com with your username and password On Contacts, click on ¨Manage¨ and then on ¨Export¨ Save the file.CSV on your hard disk Close your session and start a new one with the account you wa…

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